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How does Microsoft approach change management communication? What happens when I have an outage? What is the Service Health Dashboard? What is the future.

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2 How does Microsoft approach change management communication? What happens when I have an outage? What is the Service Health Dashboard? What is the future direction of Office 365 Service communication? What is the communications philosophy? What are the various communication types and channels? What are Post Incident Reports ?

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4 Communications Philosophy One approach, one voice One Office Demonstrate openness and authenticity Transparent Share the details we know Accurate Let customers know what to expect Predictable Centralized information Self-Service


6 Communications Channels ChannelUsage Direct-to-Customer Communications Message CenterContained within the admin console and is used for communicating directly to customers Service Health DashboardContained within the admin console and is used for communicating targeted service status EmailDirect to admin communications via email Outbound Marketing Office 365 Technology BlogUsed to broadly communicate about new features and capabilities of the Office 365 service Office 365 Community (Blogs, Forums, Wikis)Used to broadly communicate greater details and more technical information as well as prescriptive guidance TwitterSocial media channel for amplifying Office 365 messages

7 Additional Channels Primary Channels

8 Service Health Dashboard First and Best Content Regional Updated Hourly Emergency Broadcast System will automatically redirect customers



11 StatusDescription SHD icon Investigating Monitors have indicated a service anomaly and/or Microsoft has received reports of a potential service incident. Microsoft is currently investigating. Service Interruption Microsoft has confirmed that normal services are being impacted. Microsoft is taking immediate action to understand the cause of the failure and determine best course of action to restore service. Service Degradation Services are still active, but service responsiveness and/or delivery times may be slower than usual. Microsoft is working to restore normal service responsiveness. Restoring ServiceMicrosoft has isolated the likely cause of the incident and is in the process of restoring service Extended RecoveryServices are restored and may be slower than usual Service RestoredNormal system services have been restored False PositiveThe service is healthy and a service incident did not actually occur Additional InformationThere is additional information provided Normal ServiceThe service is healthy ?


13 Click on “View history for past 30 days”

14 Click on “Incident ID””



17 RSS Feed Regional Tenant Admin Points to SHD

18 Community Forums are helpful resource Technet or local marketing site is used in countries without full community site.

19 Twitter @Office365

20 To: Customer Email For Limited Set of Service Incidents Explanation of Incident Localized Content



23 Are published for Service Availability issues that span multiple customers Available within 5 business days Downloadable document accessible from SHD A PIR includes: Incident Information Summary Customer Impact Incident Start Date and Time Root Cause Next Steps 30 day historical view in SHD New survey feedback option

24 Click on “Post- incident report published”



27 Focus is on future protection from similar issues Next steps determined Post incident review within 5 days Service review within 30 days Improvement Solid next steps Tracked through delivery 1 immediate next step in PIR 10 additional changes in comprehensive plan

28 TypeDescriptionChannel Planned Maintenance Update 5 business days prior notification of planned service maintenance. Notification includes start and end time. Service Health Dashboard RSS Admin Feed (for subscribed admins)



31 Respond to customer feedback through agile development Deliver new features and valueBuild trust and compliance Monthly release cadence Minor & major updates Up-to-date, no patching Insights to help manage change Direct to customer communications | Organizational readiness content Security comes first Evolving standards Direct feedback Real-time information Common support issues


33 In-product notification of critical changes and new features coming to Office 365. Complimentary to other communications like service alert emails and the Office 365 technology blog. Provides details on changes and highlights required admin actions. Shipped August 2013

34 Primary service alteration communication channel Tailored to your environment: only those actions you must take appear 34

35 Supporting service alteration communication channel Nearly every task has an FAQ covering The technical task required Why the change is important What happens if you don’t take action



38 Upgrade in 2013 Microsoft sets the rhythm and cadence of upgrades Office Deployment Tool available now Communication rhythm Notice at about 4 weeks and exactly 2 weeks prior Must postpone at least 7 days prior to upgrade

39 Primary upgrade communication channel Communicates two important dates: First email includes postpone deadline Second email includes exact upgrade date 39

40 Supporting upgrade communication channel Provides detailed information about the service upgrade experience, including: How postpone works How “Early Upgrade” (a.k.a. pilot) works What to expect during and after the upgrade How to install Office 365 ProPlus pre- upgrade

41 Best experienceLatest version of Internet Explorer RecommendedCurrent and previous versions Internet Explorer Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari Best experienceOffice 365 ProPlus RecommendedAny Office client in mainstream support Not recommendedOffice clients in extended support Commercially reasonable support 12 months’ notice of substantial user experience degradation Best experienceLatest version of Windows or MacOS SupportedAny supported version of Windows or MacOS Web browser Office client Operating system


43 Transparent non-customer impacting service maintenance More detailed information and programmatic approach around service updates and service incidents Tenant Level Reporting Alternate forms of Service Health Notification In Product Notifications

44 Thank you!



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