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Psion Teklogix 8515 Mobile Computer.

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1 Psion Teklogix 8515 Mobile Computer

2 What is the 8515? A Vehicle Mount Computer that
is positioned for Psion Teklogix’ core business: Supply Chain & Logistics, is primary used on fork lift trucks in warehouses and ports, is smaller and more cost effective than the 8525 / 8530, complements Psion Teklogix product portfolio.

3 Secondary Use Fixed mount applications Time and attendance terminal Access control terminal Shop floor data collection

4 Advantages – Size and Weight
Small Footprint Where real estate is at a premium, the Psion Teklogix 8515 with its small footprint is ideal No limit line of site interference Lightweight Can be mounted on surfaces normally too weak to accommodate other heavier vehicle computers 46 mm / 1.8” 209 mm 8.2” 203 mm / 8” 1.3 kg 2.8 lb Screen Resolution: 640 x 480

5 Advantages - Keys Integrated full Alphanumeric Keyboard
Fast and more accurate data entry Less trouble with wear and tear on touch-screens 2 large Enter keys Highlighted Numeric Keys Adjustable LED backlight Easy to clean Elastomer technology with Epoxy coated keys No extra cost for a keyboard 10 dedicated Function Keys Easy to see and access around the display 20 more Function Keys on the second level

6 Advantages – Enhanced Connectivity
Bluetooth 802.11b/g 2 x USB Host 1 x USB Client 1 x RS232 (with 5V) 1 x 3.5 mm jack for a rugged speaker/mic Standard Connectors RS232

7 Advantages – Enhanced Audio Support
The Psion Teklogix 8515 supports a Speaker/Mic with convenient Push-to-Talk function The Psion Teklogix 8515 supports PTXConnect, a platform that enables rich multimedia (Voice, Free Form, Text, Picture) communications With PTXConnect, the Psion Teklogix 8515 replaces a Walkie-Talkie by Voice-over-IP Users can set up or replace a voice network at no extra cost for infrastructure and devices

8 Radio and Antenna Options
Radios RA2041, b/g Antennas Antenna ready Internal antenna External Antenna, stubby, 2 dBi External Antenna, 5 dBi, Mag Mount External Antenna, 0 dBi, Mag Mount

9 Other Accessories 110/220 VAC Power Supply Pre-Regulator for trucks with batteries >24V USB / Ethernet Adapter (WA4010 from the WORKABOUT PRO)

10 Software Same offer as for the 8525/30 G2: Window Embedded CE 5 Tekterm MCC PTX Connect Naurtech Browser JVM

11 Specifications Feature Details Standard Option CPU PXA 270, 312 MHz
Memory Flash ROM (µSD Card) 128 MB RAM Screen 6.4" (16.32 cm) 640 x 480 (Transmissive TFT) Temperature non-condensing -10 to 50 C 14 to 122 F IP Dust/Water 65 Power Supply Range 10 – 24 V  pre-regulator Battery UPS NO YES Real time clock Backup RAM 

12 VMC Product Range 8560/70 8515 8525/30 8580/90 Windows CE Windows CE
Windows XP Thick client applications Big screen (12”) Full screen freezer 8515 Windows CE Small footprint Cost effective 8525/30 Windows CE Rugged magnesium housing 10 to 90 V power supply UPS battery Narrowband Freezer

13 The Competition 8515 LXE MX3X LXE VX3X Intermec CV30 DLoG X7 Remarks
Pure VMT Handheld and VMT IP Rating IP65 IP66 IP54 (IP65 option) Temperature -10 to 50 -30 to 50 0 - 50 Battery No 10.8V, 1800mAh Scanner yes ID Card Reader Option Drop 1.2 m Screen 6.5”, 640 x 480, VGA TFT 6,5“, 640 x 240, 1/2 VGA LCD, Landscape 6,5“, 640 x 480, VGA 7”, 16:9, 480 x 234, Portrait and Landscape Slots µSD PC Card (type 3), CF Card SDIO PC Card (type 2), SDIO Keyboard 58 Keys, QWERTY/ABC, 2 Enter keys, 10 functions keys 63 Keys, QWERTY, 2 scan keys, 10 unction keys 63 Key QWERTY, 2 scan keys, 10 function keys 5 keys on the main unit, dockable keyboard 10 function keys, 0..9, ESC, Enter, external keyboard Dimensions 209 x 203 x 46 203 x 152 x 34 228 x 152 x 34 190 x 177 x 56 227 x 158 x 83 Weight 1.2 kg 979 g 1028 g 1.47 kg 2.5 kg

14 Mounting Options

15 RAM Mounts Same RAM mount offering as for the 8525 / 8530 and the 8580/90 Different plates / clamps on the vehicle side 4” or 12” arm Always VESA plate

16 When use which mount? VESA Plate Circular Plate Clamp Base Rail Base
MT3501 MT3502 MT3505 MT3507 MT3509 MT3510 Off-centre Gives an offset to lengthen / shorten the arm Larger footprint Centered Smaller footprint Clamp the RAM arm on bars with square or rectangular cross section 2 sizes available Clamp the RAM arm on round tubes 2 sizes for tubes with different diameters available

17 Quick Release Mount Model MT3250 Dismount the computer in no time
VESA hole pattern Can be used alone or in combination with the RAM mounts

18 Cable Tie Bracket

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