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KOYAMA BARINDER Offering human oriented production process SINTOKOGIO, LTD.

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1 KOYAMA BARINDER Offering human oriented production process SINTOKOGIO, LTD

2 Who is KOYAMA? Company Name: KOYAMA Co., Ltd. Business Place: Headquarter & Kawanakajima Plant Nagano City, Nagano Pref., JAPAN Establishment: October, 1945 Capital: 98 million JPY Number of employee: 455 (as of December 2012) Major customers: FUJI Heavy Industries, KOMATSU MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries, YANMAR, HITACHI Construction, etc. Establishment : January, 2011 (KBT – KOYAMA BARINDER THAILAND)

3 Who is KOYAMA? KOYAMA has been a developing foundry producing iron casting with established foundry technology under stable management since foundation in KOYAMA’s 4 major business categories Iron Casting Labor-saving Machine (BARINDER) Light Alloy (Aluminum) Machining

4 Who is KOYAMA? BARINDER BARINDER was developed in 1972 for the purpose of labor-saving in the foundry. BARINDER has been loved and used by many foundry customers as a system specialized for qualified finishing of castings, in over 28 different countries in the world.

5 Problem of conventional manual work Problem of conventional manual work for removing burrs and fins of casting –Human error (Uneven quality by workers) –Taking time for preparation –Numerous hazards

6 What is BARINDER? BARINDER is a solution to the conventional manual finishing and de- burring work, realizing automation!! HARD ! HARD ! DIRTY !DIRTY ! DANGEROUS !DANGEROUS !

7 Problem of conventional manual work Hand grinders ■Grinder for small and medium size work ■Grinder for large size work ■Double-end grinder Holding a heavy-weight grinder or work with the same posture is a heavy work, that obstructs high dimensional accuracy finishing.

8 Problem of conventional manual work Safety issues ・ Vibration (White finger disease) ・ Noise ・ Dust flying ・ Injury by accident ・ Heavy work, back pain, etc. Back pain Vibration Noise, Dust Hazards

9 Solution by BARINDER Introducing BARINDER will solve the aforementioned problems and contribute to the following advantages!! –Improved productivity –Improved grinding accuracy –Space saving, Energy saving –Improved working environment

10 Advantages by introducing BARINDER Sophisticated and easy operation Easy programming Long-life tools Reduced running cost and dust generation by diamond tool Easy fixture change and shortened preparation time Quick correspondence to frequent work change Can handle complicated profile Small installation space Excellent durability and maintainability Plural-unit operation by a single operator Improved productivity and quality by high-efficient and high-speed process

11 Advantages by introducing BARINDER Sustained quality and dimensional accuracy of finish ■ Manual finishing work ■ Automatic finishing by BARINDER Non-uniform finish Uniform finish

12 Composition of BARINDER Main Unit Operation panel Front shutter Hood Chip and dust collection box

13 Composition of BARINDER Work clamp bar Small wheel Work Main wheel Work set fixture

14 Break bracket VTR

15 Composition of BARINDER Unique horizontal & vertical work moving mechanism NACR Control System has achieved fast moving of work, by horizontal rotation table, horizontal joint arm and vertical lift mechanism.

16 【 NACR Control System 】 NACR control is a system that converts the motion of the mechanism by polar coordinate to the rectangular coordinate. NACR is KOYAMA ’ s original control software achieving easy operation similar to NC control, utilizing robot arm mechanism. Y-axis X-axis Z-axis A-axis

17 【 Automatic Load control system 】 Grinding speed (work feed speed) is controlled to vary so that the load to the work is sustained same. Advantages: –1. Improved efficiency of tool drive motor (Reduced electricity consumption) –2. Shortened grinding time –3. Improved life of tool and machine (Reduced heat generation from tool) –4. Reduced tool motor size (due to equalized grinding load) –5. Improved grinding accuracy

18 Composition of BARINDER Pallet changer type Main unit Operation panel Change rotation door Hood Safety door

19 Composition of BARINDER Pallet changer type Work Work set fixture Pallet Work clamp barSmall wheel Main wheel

20 【 Work feed mechanism 】 Pallet changer type 2-position Pallet changer or work load/unload system is available as an option, for more efficient work feed. Pallet change is generally used for two same fixture, however, it can also be used for two different fixtures to process different works alternately or randomly.

21 【 Work feed mechanism 】 Pallet changer type Advantage of work feed system 1. Work set or change is possible while the work is processed in the machine. (This system is particularly effective for medium and large size work.) 2. Automated line can be built by adding work transfer system after processing.

22 【 Tool: Wheel 】 Grinding tool: Diamond Wheel –Main wheel –Small-wheel Complex shape can be processed by utilizing two different tools.

23 【 Tool: Wheel 】 Features Diamond grains are bonded to various shape of iron wheel. Tool diameter does not change in large volume. Tool itself has high durability, achieving high-accurate and high-speed finishing. Φ 355xT12x Φ 80 Φ 405xT10x Φ 80Φ 405xT4x Φ 80

24 【 Tool: Wheel 】 Small wheel High-speed (Max. 15,000 rpm) small tool is effectively used to clean narrow and small area where main wheel cannot reach. Various size of tool is available according to the shape of work.

25 Programming Direct teaching using the work is the base of the programming. There are 3 different methods in Direct teaching. Each method has unique features. Combination of each method is also available. Operator hold the work, which is held by the clamp unit and sits on the fixture mounted on A-axis table. Then the operator let the teaching point touch the grinding tool. Coordinate value is input on the touch panel. 1. Hand Teaching (available in F300 & F400 Series Fixture Main wheel Clamp unit

26 Programming 2. Manual pulse generator teaching Manual pulse generator attached to the operation panel has selector switch of axis and job-dial. Work table (fixture) moves by the number of pulse by jog-dial on each axis. Operator moves the work by this dial operation and let the teaching point touch the tool so that coordinate value can be input by 1-push operation. This method is effective for more accurate position teaching.

27 Programming 3. JOG Teaching Operator moves the work by operating by the switches on the touch panel. Coordinate value where work touches the tool will be written to the program. (Equipped as standard in all models) In this mode, only minimum drive force for teaching is required. Teaching can be performed under safe circumstance. (Safe operation control system) ; (Available in F300 and F400 series)

28 Programming Part of the grinding program can be modified by block. ・ Modification or correction of grinding program is easy by only input of moving direction (front/back, left/right, up/down, rotation) and value of movement. ・ Correction of data in the specified block can be done by pointing the range. (NACR control system)

29 Networking of BARINDER 98 (99 for changer type) grinding programs can be stored in BARINDER. If number of programs exceed above, BARINDER can communicate with outer devices such as NACR device, CNC equipment or PC, using NACR Network System via. Hub by Ethernet. Function (1) Upload and download of NACR and CNC programs (2) Input/output of CNC parameters (3) Directory display in PC (4) Printout of grinding program

30 Basic BARINDER Models 300 Series MODELX6-FDS12R-331X6-FDS12R-331GR Max. work sizeΦ300 x H200 mm Max. work weight8kg ToolMain x 1Main x 1, Sub x 1

31 Basic BARINDER Models 300 Series

32 Basic BARINDER Models 400 series ModelX6-FDH22R-443GRX7-FDH22R-455GR-C Max. work sizeΦ400 x H200mmΦ500 x H200mm Max. work weight20kg30kg ToolMain x 1, Sub x 1 ChangerNoneEquipped

33 Basic BARINDER Models 500 Series Model X6-FDH22R- 577GR X7-FDH22R- 56FGR-C X7-FDH22R- 59FGR-C Max. work size Φ700 x H250mm Φ600 x H400mm L750 x W430 x H450mm Max. work weight 50kg100kg ToolMain x 1, Sub x 1 ChangerNoneEquipped

34 Basic BARINDER Models 500 Series

35 Major Applicable Work Sample Caliper body 18 sec/pc Differential case 40 sec/pc Manifold 43 sec/pc Water pump 37 sec/pc Crankshaft 60 sec/pc Cylinder block 120 sec/pc Bracket 43 sec/pc Pipe joint holder 60 sec/pc Gear box 24 sec/pc Differential carrier 70 sec/pc Differential carrier 80 sec/pc Cylinder head 120 sec/pc


37 Major Worldwide Users

38 Awards 7 th “Development Award of Machine for automobile for small and medium size business” in 1976 Technical Award of Japan High Grade Cast Iron Association in 1992 Technical Award of Japan High Grade Cast Iron Association in 2001 GENERAL MOTORS “Worldwide Supplier of the year” in 2002

39 Thanks & appreciate your attention! SINTOKOGIO, LTD

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