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Facebook 101 Yui-Wah (Clement) Lee 李銳華 © Yui-Wah Lee 2008 怎樣在「俾面相簿」拋頭露面 Available from:

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Presentation on theme: "Facebook 101 Yui-Wah (Clement) Lee 李銳華 © Yui-Wah Lee 2008 怎樣在「俾面相簿」拋頭露面 Available from:"— Presentation transcript:

1 Facebook 101 Yui-Wah (Clement) Lee 李銳華 © Yui-Wah Lee 2008 怎樣在「俾面相簿」拋頭露面 Available from:

2 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com2 Motivations An efficient and non-intrusive way to stay in touch with my friends You may be able to meet (or reconnect) with friends that you may not be able to meet otherwise A tool for serious stuff (social causes, station- audience relationship, school-parent relationship, etc) A way to stay young

3 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com3 What are the main things to do (Part 1)? As simple as 1-2-3 … 1.Check your Home Check if there are any Requests Check the News Feed from your friends Check your friends Status 2.Check your Inbox Not answering messages is impolite … 3.Check your Profile Your public image to your circle of friends You can customize the layout

4 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com4 A glossary of facebook terms Profile Picture: choose a good one! Status: an one-liner that you can edit as often as you wish Networks: Regional: you can join at most one Employer, School, etc: verified by email address Mini-Feed / News-Feed: Friends: Video: Information: more about privacy later

5 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com5 A glossary of facebook terms (Cont’d) Photos: Tagging Posted Items: Post URLs with your comments Live Blog (3 rd -Party): Groups: more about this later FunWall (3 rd -Party): A Wall with more fun Super Wall (3 rd -Party): A Wall with more fun Entourage (3 rd -Party): The Wall: Imagine a wall in a dorm … Wall-to-Wall: presenting wall messages of a dialogue

6 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com6 What are the main things to do (Part 2)? Upload Photos You can use the built-in upload function or use Picasa (3 rd -party) The commenting is the fun part Upload Video The commenting is the fun part

7 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com7 What are the main things to do (Part 3)? Many features in facebook are implemented by Applications Applications by facebook Photos Videos Groups 3 rd -Party Applications

8 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com8 What are the things that you can safely ignored? 3 rd -Party Applications: most of them are not that useful, except FunWall Entourage (Live Blog) (My Chinese Name) (Super Wall) (Picasa)

9 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com9 What are the things that you can safely ignored? (Cont’d) 3 rd -Party Applications that are not very useful (IMHO)  Love Ice Cream  Top Friends  What’s Your best Quality  Friends for Sale  …

10 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com10 How to find your friends Direct invite (requires email address) Friends -> Invite Friends Click on someone’s picture and then Add to Friends From someone else’s Friends (list) From Friends -> Find Friends Import Email Addresses (from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, MSN, etc – requires your username/password)

11 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com11 Effective facebooking Reciprocal Principle Observe the News Feed on your Home: Some actions have more effects than others. E.g. Status: A one-line diary! (I keep a local copy too) Commenting on Photos has much effect Writing a Group Post has relatively smaller effect

12 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com12 How about your privacy? (IMHO) Do not show these on your Profile Full birthday Telephone number Street address edit -> Basic -> “Don’t show my b’day” edit -> Contact -> Mobile/Land Phone: Or privacy -> Profile -> Contract Information

13 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com13 How about your privacy? (Cont’d) General Strategies (IMHO) More restrictive in the beginning, relax as you understand more (I prefer this) More friends -- Little Info (I prefer this) A lot of friends / No private info on profile Few friends -- Lots of Info (I don’t prefer this) Close friends only / More private info on profile

14 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com14 E.g. Who can see your photos Settings: Everyone My Networks and Friends Friends of Friends Only Friends Customize …

15 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com15 Wall posting vs message: the privacy aspect Type/privacyPrivate Public (your friends) Wall PostsX CommentsX MessagesX

16 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com16 Facebook for serious stuff Facebook Groups E.g. SaveRTHK E.g. CUHK Computer Science A powerful tool is called Message All Members (use with care) Facebook Causes (3 rd -Party) E.g. Stop Global Warming Can be linked with a Donation feature (US only?)

17 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com17 How to fight facebook addiction? Facebook addiction (facebookaholic) The pitfall: “Let me just spend two more minutes in facebook … ” The solution: “Stop immediately!” Another solution: Set aside a daily timeslot Yet another solution: First thing first

18 facebook 101: leeyuiwah.blogspot.com18 Questions and Answers This set of slides is available on

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