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What’s New - CARIS AML Production Tools

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1 What’s New - CARIS AML Production Tools
NATO GMWG Industry Day Rostock, Germany Speaker: Christian Fellinger October 2005


3 CARIS S-57 AML Application
CARIS HOM AML: S-57 AML Production Support for AML v1.0 and v2.0 CLB, ESB, LBO, MFF, SBO and RAL products Developed in collaboration with the UKHO AML Branch

4 CARIS VPF AML Application
CARIS DOM AML: VPF AML Production Officially supports NGA TOD0 and NATO CLB products; provisional support for ESB, LBO, MFF, SBO, and RAL products

5 Agencies using CARIS AML Production Tools
North America: Canada: Department of National Defence HOM AML US: Naval Oceanographic Office HOM AML and DOM AML Europe: Belgium: Mine Warfare Data Centre Denmark: Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography Estonia: Estonian Defence Forces France: E.P.S.H.O.M. Netherlands: Royal Netherlands Navy Norway: Norwegian Military Geographic Service Poland: Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy Spain: Insituto de Hydrographica de la Marina UK: United Kingdom Hydrographic Office: South Pacific: Australia: Royal Australian Navy

6 CARIS HOM AML 2.0 SP1 Release: November 2004
Service Pack 1: August 2005; contains over 60 fixes and enhancements Highlights: Support for v1.0 and v2.0 of AML product specifications Tool to convert AML v1.0 data sets to v2.0 Object Import Utility now supports ESRI SHP files as a data source and allows coordinate transformations to be done on input data

7 CARIS HOM AML 2.0 SP1 AML v1.0 and v2.0 support
Import, edit, create and update/maintain v1.0 and v2.0 AML data Select and switch between AML product profiles at any time All operations including QC/QA and product creation will be based on the active product profile Select an AML product profile (e.g. CLB 2.0)

8 CARIS HOM AML 2.0 SP1 Intelligent AML v1.0 to v2.0 conversion
Tool to easily convert AML v1.0 data sets to v2.0 Conversion rules are stored in an editable lookup table in XML format Tool can be run on one or more data sets (batch mode) All modifications performed (e.g. ‘Replace object’) are written to a log file for review

9 CARIS HOM AML 2.0 SP1 Enhanced Object Import Utility
Import geometry (point, line, area) and attribution from ESRI SHP files Transform coordinates in input data ‘on-the-fly’ during import Users specify the coordinate system for the input data set. Doing so ensures coordinates being imported are correctly transformed. List of available coordinate systems is stored in an editable ASCII file; new coordinate systems can be defined at any time.

10 CARIS HPD What is HPD? CARIS HPD offers a new and innovative solution to managing digital hydrographic, and other, data in an efficient and integrated multi-user, seamless, database-driven environment (Oracle) CARIS HPD allows for a single copy of source data features to be maintained, from which multiple product types (e.g. S-57 ENC, paper chart, AML) can be derived and managed, at many different scale ranges No suites of separate data files to manage.

11 CARIS HPD Allows a feature to have multiple representations
HPD Data Model Advantages HPD has adopted state of the art data models (S-57, VPF, OGC). Some of the benefits: Allows a feature to have multiple representations Shared geometry Feature generalization relationships Individual object lineage (history and tracking) Data certification and integrity Oracle integrity constraints, referential integrity and data security are leveraged by HPD

12 CARIS HPD and AML Support for AML is being implemented in CARIS HPD
CARIS HPD Source Editor – Compile and manage source data New CARIS HPD AML Editor – Create AML products from source data UKHO test AML data sets loaded in HPD Source Editor Scale band 6 CLB product created in HPD AML Editor RAL product created in HPD AML Editor

13 Thank you…
Christian Fellinger, CARIS BV CARIS BV (The Netherlands) Telephone: +31 (0) CARIS Canada Telephone:

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