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Questionnaire Results LEA Workshop 26-29 January.

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1 Questionnaire Results LEA Workshop 26-29 January

2 Teachers’ beliefs about plurilingualism and pluriculturalism

3 Teachers’ Attitudes

4 Students’ Motivation

5 Minority students’ integration

6 Students’ school language improvement

7 Cross-curricular links

8 Students recognise elements in non-familiar languages

9 Integration into school curriculum

10 Teachers’ motivation and job satisfaction

11 Educational authorities doing their best

12 More homogeneous classes

13 Students’ achievements motivate teachers

14 Teachers allow students choices

15 Teachers build up students’ self- confidence

16 Teachers fully satisfied with job

17 Factor analysis: Factor 1 L1 improvement,703 Non familiar languages - recognition sentences,734 Languages: similarities & differences,845 Influence content & objectives,800 Reference materials use,902 Transfer skills & attitudes,696 Attitudes toward speakers,400 Self-confidence,614 Immigrant families integration,866

18 Factor Analysis Factor 1 Language teaching/learning process; students’ attitudes and self-confidence; immigrant families integration. Factor 2 Students’ attitudes, motivation and self- confidence; minority students integration; teachers’ job satisfaction. Factor 3 Teachers’ job satisfaction; teachers’ use of motivational strategies. Factor 4 Language learning and languages use in class. Factor 5 Teachers’ work atmosphere. Factor 6 Teachers’ job dissatisfaction.

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