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1 Share in the investment opportunities Multi Projects has to offer

2 can be one of the most property investment profitable The correct

3 Established in 1989 Specializing in Property- investment and marketing Multi Projects Focus on Residential and Commercial property investments. Predominantly active in the Western and Southern Cape. Currently involved in property developments worth R1.5 Billion.

4 We monitor market trends We analyze international interest in local property markets. Multi Projects Research We monitor the supply and demand in areas where we operate. We provide property with the best investment opportunities. Provide innovative investment solutions.

5 JSE unstable. Rand/dollar exchange rate stable Current Economic Climate Oil price stable Interest rate cycle – at the near bottom 25% of potential clients are first-time buyers

6 Current Economic Cycle EXCESSIVE PESSIMISM EXCESSIVE OPTIMISM Over Bought Over Bought NEGATIVE NEWS POSITIVE NEWS Credit and Cash Dry Up Bulging Inventories Production Slows Prices Slip A Little Worry Buying Dries Up More Lose Confidence Layoffs Begin More Worry Savings Build Put Off Buying Excessive Fear Panic Scramble to Buy Scramble to Produce Really Positive News Real “Demand” “fear” of Higher Prices Higher Prices More Buying More Hiring More Confidence More Buying “Some Hiring” “Some” more Buying Some Buying Smart Money Buys/Invests Bargain Basement = Some Buying WE ARE HERE

7 Transfers in the Deeds Office It is clear that the property market in South Africa is through the worse. Monthly transfers have been climbing steadily from the low in August this year. The gap between last year and this year’s monthly transfers reduced from 45% in Jan to 6% by Dec 2009. The information is based on all transfers done in all the deeds offices in South Africa.

8 Transfers in the Deeds Office

9 Why invest in property now? Construction costs is estimated to rise between 8-10% during 2010 The Market has bottomed Best value in decades Prices are negotiable

10 Best opportunity in a new property development Share in the capital gain of the development Multi Projects Objectives Maximize profits Minimize risk To provide property investors the opportunity to invest in new property developments and achieve the following:

11 Right location Right price Investment Philosophy Right time Right product

12 C apital growth and income potential Investment Principals L ow risk investment V alue for money L ow capital outlay

13 Buy a property at a fixed price Pay monthly instalments that are pure capital repayments How does it work? Payment terms – 24 months Full usage of the property Rent to Own

14 All income generated during the first 24 months until transfer are for the buyer No rates and taxes during the 24 months How does it work? No hidden costs Should you partake in the accommodation rental pool – VAT back option (conditions apply) Rent to Own

15 Fully furnished Mont Blanc two bedroom apartment: Purchase Price R700 000 (All costs included) DepositR 25 000 Monthly occupation rental x24 months offset against purchase price R 7 000 24% Paid at Transfer R168 000 BondR532 000 Potential Monthly Rental income R 3 200 (Long-term) Income received over 24 monthsR 76 000 Should VAT be claimed an additional R85 965 will be repaid by SARS after transfer. Example:

16 Complete the required documentation Supply copy of ID document Procedure to secure your investment Company reg. no. / Trust deed (if required) Pay deposit / supply proof of payment Supply copy of utility bill (FICA) Complete Debit Order for occupation Rent

17 No hidden costs Fix price now, only take transfer after 24 months “Pros” Market is recovering No bond application now, only after 20 months of signature All repayments are capital (no interest)

18 No rates, taxes or levies payable during the period Immediate usage “Pros” Full usage and income for the Buyer Much better option than normal rental (no lost capital) May sell during the period and profit is yours

19 You must be able to take transfer after 24 months “Cons”

20 Be ready for

21 Make the right choice now!

22 Questions?

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