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ZLÍN. Contents history, profile, education system, Baťa, business wooded ship, hospital, houses, ZOO, skyscraper.

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2 Contents history, profile, education system, Baťa, business wooded ship, hospital, houses, ZOO, skyscraper

3 History Zlín was named Gottwaldov during First written record of Zlín dates 1332 Zlín grew rapidly after shoe factory in 1894 Baťa has a plane crash in 1932 In 1990 was Gottwaldov renamed into Zlín

4 Profile of Zlín number of population: administrative center along the river Dřevnice dynamic business place birthplace of the founder of the Bata Shoe Factory – Tomas Baťa Zlín called city of greenery pleasant places to have a rest and fun with family numerous opportunities for recreational sports

5 Education system TBU was founded in 1960, named in honour of Tomas Baťa TBU was established on January 1st 2000 On 14th November 2000 Václav Havel signed the law on establishment of TBU TBU consists of 3 faculties TBU has more than 7000 students, 940 computers connected TBU has student residents, library, dining facilities Academia centrum TBU organizes events, presentations, seminars, congresses, conferences

6 world´s largest shoe company world ´s largest family – owned company operates in 68 countries founded in 1894 in Zlín by Tomas Bata spread throughout Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa in 1932 Tomas Bata died in a plane crash his son Tomas J.Bata became head of the company Baťa-shoe factory

7 Business activities rubber and plastic machine manufacture metal works chemical industry pharmaceutical industry electric machinery and equipment food and radion television technology communications technology furniture manufacture glass ceramics materials construction material leather

8 The Ice Stadium Adresa: Březnická 4068, Zlín Zlínský kraj Web: Novesta The sport hall Address: U zimního stadionu Zlín

9 The hotel Moskva

10 Accomodation 120 double rooms, 10 single rooms and 5 suites Room accessories : satellite TV, phone (direct calls abroad), radio-alarm clock and minibar.

11 Bohemia resaurants –open: monday - friday: 08: :00 saturday: by order sunday: closed Czech Restaurant –open: monday - friday: 06: :00 sunday and holiday: 11: Mexican Restaurant –open: monday - friday: 11: :00 Grecian Restaurant –open: monday - saturday: 11: :00 sunday: 11: :00

12 Services fitness centre with whirlpool and sauna solarium hairdresser cosmetics nail studio bowling - 3 tracks tennis court souvenir shop minimarket patisserie

13 Contact Address: Interhotel Moskva Nám. Práce Zlín Czech republic Telephon: Fax: Mobil:

14 The Grand Cinema VELKÉ KINO náměstí Práce 2511, Zlín tel./fax:

15 The History the first performance 1944 – the cinema was bombed 1960 – Film festival for Children and Youth 1974 – the padded seats (capacity 1010) cultural monument of The Czech republic 2004 – the total reconstruction of hall

16 The shopping centre

17 The Gallery Open hours: Tuesday – Sunday Entrance 20 Kč for adults,10 Kč for children

18 Dům umění náměstí T. G. M Zlín telephone: fax: IČO:

19 The swimming poolThe swimming pool  Monday 07, ,00  Tuesday 07, ,00  Wednesday Wednesday 07, ,00  Thursday Thursday 07, ,00  Friday 07, ,00  Saturday Saturday 09, ,00  Sunday Sunday 09, ,00

20 There is: 50 and 25 m pool (60 Kč per 75 minuts) The pool for children (30 Kč for children) The steam bathouse (free) The sauna (60 Kč per 75 minuts) The massages (180Kč per 75 minuts, 120 Kč per 60 minuts)

21 Wooden ship On the Zlin’s reservoir Under reconstruction ; in future restaurant

22 The Tomas Bata Hospital Dates from 1927 One of the biggest hospital in CR

23 Bata’s half-houses The red-brick style Town memory zone

24 ZOO and Zámek Lešná More than 200 species of exotic animal Free exhibitions in modern style Zámek Lešná dates from 1887

25 Crossway Dlouhá Street And Tř. T. Bati The Commercial Bank, The Town Theatre, Church Zlíňanka, Archa, Potrefená Husa

26 Náměstí Míru The Christmas Trade 15. – The Town Hall, The Information Centre, The Post Office

27 Zlín’s Zámek, No. 21 Zlín Skyscraper The Hanzelka and Zikmund Museum No. 21 Zlín Skyscraper – special elevator The Shoe Museum

28 Thank you for your attention…

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