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Trina Condo Bureau Chief, Community Colleges and Technical Centers MIS Division of Accountability, Research & Measurement.

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1 Trina Condo Bureau Chief, Community Colleges and Technical Centers MIS Division of Accountability, Research & Measurement

2 FLDOE leads the nation in collecting, storing and disseminating actionable student-centric statewide longitudinal data via a comprehensive multi-faceted PK-20 Education Data Warehouse (EDW 2.0); Consistently meets information interests of public education stakeholder transparently with a selective set of data tools, analytics and easy access to key centrally-administered applications via a single gateway; and, Efficiently facilitates data-driven decisions with timely data to improve student learning and research toward closing achievement gaps.


4  Data Governance  Formalize Data Governance  Metadata Management Tool  Implement a modern MDM tool to:  Track data managed by Data Governance  Maintain systems

5  Researcher’s Sandbox  Provide approved data to researchers in a more efficient manner  Automated Approval Process  Provide data more efficiently to external data requestors and FLDOE staff

6  Report Building Tool(s)  Provide data to stakeholders in a user friendly format via the web  Data Mining Tool(s) (internal capability only)  To assist the FLDOE in applying business analytics to identify best practices and problem areas quicker and more accurately

7  Portal and Single Sign-On  Central point to access data  6 systems identified for initial SSO; 3 year deployment  Dashboards and Pre-defined & Customizable Reports  Provide user-friendly views to aggregate data

8  Professional Development  Research  Other Components Relevant to K12 Only  Local Instructional Improvement Systems, etc.

9  Integrate disparate and independently developed/operating PK-12, CCTCMIS and Workforce Education data systems into a comprehensive Education Data Warehouse (EDW 2.0) while concurrently facilitating collection, storage and dissemination of staff and student specific data in a seamless manner.  Data Governance (SLDS R3)  Data Systems Upgrade (SLDS R4)  Unique ID (SLDS R4)

10  Improve the quality of data maintained and provided by FLDOE with upstream edits and downstream analytics  Metadata management tool (SLDS R3)  Data mining tool (SLDS R4)  Support evidence based education decision making through widespread access to an improved statewide longitudinal data system  Automated approval process (SLDS R3)  Sandbox (SLDS R3)  Dashboards and reports (RTTT and SLDS R4)  Single Sign-On (RTTT)

11  Supports Both Current and Longitudinal Data  Modeling Underlying the Modernization is Scalable Allowing for Easy Adaptation for Future Changes  Integrated and Conformed Data  All source data will be represented however the data will be homogenized to meet the structural and business requirements  Enforces Temporal Integrity  Allows Responses to Questions Requiring a Point-in-Time  Provides a Single Version of the Truth  Supports Accountability Analyses  Supports Policy Analyses  Supports Financial Analyses

12  Inventories  Memorialized System and User Interfaces  K12, WDIS and Colleges  Memorialized All Existing Reports  K12, WDIS and Colleges  Completion of the Desired Architectural Design  Conceptual Diagram of the New System

13  Data Modeling Efforts  Logical Data Modeling  K12, CCTCMIS, WDIS and EDW 1 Data Systems Representatives Meet Regularly to Model Existing Systems (Modeled so far – K12, CCTCMIS, WDIS)  Validation of the Modeling Efforts have been Completed for K12 and WDIS Systems  Colleges Validation will Resume Once Data Modeling Modifications are Complete  Only Select Data from the EDW 1 will be Incorporated into the EDW 2  1 st Version of EDW 1 was based off of a selective extraction process;  Only those components that were fully enveloped within the EDW will be re-used.


15  Release 1 Will Occur as a Pilot, with Production Implementation Shortly Thereafter  Existing Record Formats and Transmission Methods will be supported during the Pilot and After Full Production Deployment Until A Point in Time is Reached for Appropriate Transition …. You liked that part didn’t you…?

16 Q&A

17 Kit Goodner 850-245-0072 Or Trina Condo 850-245-9572

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