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Mid-Atlantic Soil Testing & Plant Analysis Work Group

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1 Mid-Atlantic Soil Testing & Plant Analysis Work Group
Hybrid Gas Streaming Sandy Hughes elementar Americas, Inc.

2 Elemental Analyzer Technology and Operation
Who is Elementar? Hybrid Gas Streaming offerings in 2010 Core Operations Combustion Gas separation Gas detection Chemistry Details of the Hybrid Gas Streaming 2 2

3 elementar Organization
Manufacturing, Research and Development elementar Analysensysteme GmbH Elemental analyzers (CHNS/O) Located in Hanau, Germany (30 minutes from Frankfurt Airport) R&D, applications and training lab, manufacturing, administration Subsidiary - Isoprime Ltd Isotope Ratio Mass Spectometers Located near Manchester, U.K elementar Americas Inc Sales, Service, Applications & Supplies - USA and Canada opened in 1998 in Mt. Laurel, NJ (30 minutes from Philadelphia ) 18 employees 3 3

4 elementar Americas Elemental Analyzer Product Line
Micro scale CHNS/O vario MICRO cube vario EL cube Macro scale CHNS/O vario Macro cube vario Max rapid N cube & rapid CS cube TOC LiquiTOC vario TOC cube 4 4

5 Macro N/CN Elemental Analyzers
vario MAX CN vario MACRO CN cube rapid N cube 5 5

6 Sample Preparation rapid N cube and vario MACRO cube
60 position open carousel - add samples at any time during run - optional 80 or 120 position carousel Variety of foils/capsules Sample Pressing Tool 6 6

7 Vario Max Sample preparation
7 7

8 Elemental Analyzer Core Operations
Combustion Sample combusts in furnace at 950 deg C to 1200 deg C Sample drops into crucible Jet injection of oxygen via lance right over/at sample Creates turbulent flow around sample like blowing on a fire 8 8

9 Elemental Analyzer Core Operations
Gas Separation Helium carrier gas pushes combustion gases through analyzer. Argon is alternate gas. C, H and S combustion gases are trapped in separate columns, then sequentially released (aka “purge and trap”). N2 gas is not trapped. It flows straight thru columns. 9 9

10 Elemental Analyzer Core Operations
Gas Detection TCD – Thermal Conductivity Detector. Combustion gases and reference gas have different thermal conductivities. R3 and R4 are thermistors (resistors whose resistance changes with temperature). TCD creates voltage signal which is integrated over time and calibrated to elemental mass. The voltage signal is created as follows: Electric current in R3 and R4 thermisters increases their temperatures relative to TCD metal mass surrounding path of gas flow. R3 thermister is cooled by thermal conductivity of column gas. R4 thermister is cooled by thermal conductivity of reference gas. R3 vs R4 temperature difference creates difference in thermister resistance which creates voltage signal. 10 10

11 Elemental Analyzer Chemistry
Combustion R-N + O2 ----> N2 + NOx + O2 + CO + CO2 + CH4 + X- + SOx + H2O Post Combustion CO + CH4 ---CuO & Pt --> CO2 + H2O Reduction NOx+O2 +SO2--tungsten--> N2+WO3 +CO (trace) CO + CuO > CO2 11 11

12 Elemental Analyzer More Chemistry
Removal of other gases X- via reaction with silver wool H2O via condensation, membrane dryer and Sicapent Tr S02 via reaction with tungsten Nitrogen detected by TCD Carbon Dioxide rapid N – “fades” into carrier gas Max and Macro – separated on purge and trap column, then released and detected by TCD. 12 12

13 Continuous Flow Hybrid Gas Streaming Technology
This option enables elementar CN and N analyzers to stream only a portion of the combustion gases to the reduction tube for reduction and subsequent detection. The reduction tube accordingly has a longer life. POST COMB REDUCTION COMB GS Stream to Reduction Column To Exhaust

14 Continuous Flow Hybrid Gas Streaming Features and Benefits
Operator control Operator turns on gas streaming and defines the streaming ratio User can optimize analyzer performance for customer’s mix of samples Turn off gas streaming for very small samples or low concentrations Turn on gas streaming for long runs of larger samples Continuous Process The gas steaming process uses a mass flow controller. There is no ballast tank and no aliquot loop. Maintenance is very low. Reduction tube life is extended Up to three times longer life for reduction tube. Depends on streaming ratio Lower Consumables cost. Fast payback – depends on samples per day, see attached. Longer runs. Less downtime.

15 Continuous Flow Hybrid Gas Streaming Equipment

16 Continuous Flow Hybrid Gas Streaming Financial Payback

17 Mid-Atlantic Soil Testing & Plant Analysis Work Group
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