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Darryl Symonds / Jim Rogers 11Jun2014

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2 Darryl Symonds / Jim Rogers 11Jun2014
Outline Teledyne Overview New Product Development Status Sentinel V ADCP & Velocity Software Pioneer & Pathfinder DVL RiverPro & Q-View Software Presented By: Darryl Symonds / Jim Rogers 11Jun2014

3 Teledyne Technologies
US Based Company ~$2B in sales Over 8,500 employees world wide Over 6,000 scientist, engineers and professionals Over 2,000 international employees 4 Main Segments Instrumentation Digital Imaging 32% 18% 16% 34% Engineered Systems Aerospace & Defense Electronics

4 Teledyne Marine Structure
Teledyne Technologies Engineered Systems Digital Imagine Aerospace & Defense Electronics Instrumentation Teledyne Marine Teledyne Marine Sensors/Systems RD Instruments Geophysical Instruments Benthos Gavia TSS CDL Webb Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Reson Odom Hydrographic BlueView Teledyne Marine Interconnect DGO’Brien Impulse ODI Corporate Divisions Consolidated Business Units Platforms Companies Teledyne Oil & Gas Teledyne Water Quality Teledyne Nuclear

5 Teledyne RDI Founded: 1982; acquired by Teledyne in Aug. 2005
Products: Premium supplier of: Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL) Flow Measurement Products CTDs Employees: 200+ Locations: Main Office: Poway, CA, USA La Gaude, France Shanghai, China Certifications: ISO9001: 2000, CE Marine Measurements Water Resources Navigation Products for Applications from the Coastline to Open Ocean An Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) measures currents, waves, and backscatter A CTD measures Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth ADCPS are used in: Physical Oceanography: Modeling: Geophysical: Biological Oceanography: Fisheries Studies: Climate Studies: Coastal Engineering: Port and Harbor: Cable Laying and Rock Dumping Vessel Operations: Offshore Oil Platforms: Renewable: CTDs are used in: Sea surface temperature and salinity Oceanographic studies and modeling Surface fresh water plume tracking Speed of sound profiles Aid Military operations Correction for Sesmic operations Correction for Bathymetric operations Correction for Sidescan and Multibeam ranges Salty water versus fresh Coastal environmental management Fisheries site assessment and operations management Physical Oceanography Water masses and flow environment Model input Satellite ground truth Products for Inland Water Applications (rivers, streams, canals, lakes, water pipes, etc) An Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) measures current flow, calculates discharge, and backscatter Hydrology: Discharge Sediment transport Damns and Locks: Flow rate Flow structure Sediment load Power Plant: Closed Pipes: Fisheries Studies: Flow structure around fish ladders Habitat characterization in spawning areas Products for Underwater Vehicle Navigation Applications A Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) to measure vehicle motion over the bottom and through the water Autonomous Waypoint Navigation of UUV’s Station Keeping for ROV’s Velocity Feedback and Control of ROV’s Direct Positioning Dead Reckoning - Tracking of route traveled (UUV, Diver, ROV, Surface Vessel) Stabilization of platforms for Hydrographic Survey and Imaging (Side Scan) Obstacle Avoidance Terrain Following Diver Waypoint Navigation Vessel Speed/Direction and Depth

6 Marine Measurement ADCP Products
WorkHorse ADCP Remote and Real Time Current and Wave Measurements Doppler Volume Sampler ADCP Remote and Real Time Current Measurements Ocean Observer / Ocean Suveyor ADCP Real Time Current Measurements Sentinel V ADCP NEW! Remote Current and Wave Measurements

7 Sentinel V ADCP New Features
EZ Connectivity: Wireless Interface for setup, test, and data download Hassle Free Hardware: Captive Bolts and O-rings Over the counter battery or battery pack options Connector Type Choices Worry Free Deployments: Flood resistant battery chamber Record single ping raw data Worry Free Post Processing: Velocity S/W 2D and 3D graphics Basic and advanced data processing algorithms

8 Sentinel V Developments
Currently Available Self-contained Current and Waves Deployments Post processing Software Package - Velocity Summer 2014 Release 30% Power Savings for Longer Deployments Fall 2014 Release Additional Waves Processing Elements Release Real Time Interface: Serial and Ethernet Release an optional secondary removable memory card Release Velocity Software package without dongle 4000m and 6000m Pressure Rated Systems 2015 Release Bottom Tracking Release Pulse to Pulse High Resolution Mode

9 Navigation Product Family
Navigator DVL Industry standard Doppler Velocity Log Explorer DVL Small, light weight Doppler Velocity Log for small, littoral vehicles Pathfinder DVL NEW! Piston Doppler Velocity Log – next gen Pioneer DVL NEW! Phased Array Doppler Velocity Log – next gen

10 Pioneer Family Family of products based on the Newest Generation “NGSP2” electronics. Two variants – high and low voltage Began as the “PAVS-150” Now includes 300, 150, and 38 kHz systems with 600 kHz in 2014 All Phased Arrays

11 Pioneer Phased Array, 1000m rated High Voltage 24-48 VDC Long Range Systems
150 kHz 550 Meter Bottom Track Medium and Large AUV and ROV Pioneer 38 – 38 KHz DVL Oil-filled, Depth rated to 1000 meters 2900+ meter range bottom tracking and meters range water current profiling Pioneer 300 HP – 300 KHz Phased Array DVL 275 meters Bottom Track Range All use SAME base electronics

12 Pioneer Phased Array, 1000m rated Low Voltage 10
Pioneer Phased Array, 1000m rated Low Voltage VDC Medium Range Systems Pioneer-300 LP – Small Form Factor Aluminum 300 KHz Phased Array DVL with 275 M Bottom Track Range Available NOW! Pioneer 600 – 80+ meter range Round Board Stack Available after September 30, 2014 Configurations Integrated Electronics and transducer with or without housing Remote Head (Available late2014)

13 Pioneer Active Developments
Validation of Current Profiling capability Increased Depth rating to >4000m “Pioneer” 600 kHz Anticipated Release beginning of Q4, 2014 Compass Integration Power Management Internal Recorder Release Date To Be Determined Later in 2014 Pioneer Future Developments

14 Pathfinder Piston Array Medium and Short Range Systems 10.4-36 VDC
1200 600 300 Pathfinder 300, 600, and 1200 kHz Piston Janus Array systems Depth rated to 4000 and 6000 meters Aluminum and Titanium 35 to 217 m Bottom Track range Integrated AHRS (attitude heading rate sensor) Swappable transducer heads Configurations Navigator Upgrade with new boards Pathfinder (new transducer and housing_ All use SAME base electronics

15 Pathfinder Active Developments
Completion of H/W – F/W - S/W DVT Anticipated Release beginning of Q4, 2014 Modular Beam Integration Release Date To Be Determined Later in 2014 Pathfinder Future Developments

16 Water Resources ADCP Products
WorkHorse Rio Grande ADCP Current and Discharge Measurements 0.7 – 75m StreamPro ADCP Current and Discharge Measurements 0.1 – 6m River Ray ADCP Current and Discharge Measurements 0.4 – 60m Channel Master Horizontal ADCP Current and Discharge Measurements 1 – 300m

17 So what’s new? Q-View – Data QA/QC Software RiverPro ADCP

18 NEW! Q-View Software Confirm the integrity of your ADCP data – either in the field or back at the lab with NEW Q-View software!

19 NEW! RiverPro ADCP Unique to RiverPro is:
a 20 degree beam, allowing users to collect data closer to the bottom a 5th beam that collects true vertical velocity with a calibrated RSSI (return signal strength indicator) to conduct sediment studies embedded GPS for geo-referencing a manual override, which allows advanced users the ability to fully customize their system setting.

20 RiverPro ADCP Developments
Release August 2014 Q-View Software Developments Release August 2014

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