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Alliance Lite2 & SWIFT Connectivity

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1 Alliance Lite2 & SWIFT Connectivity
Middle East Regional Conference Javier Pérez-Tasso, Head of Products & Services

2 Customer Functional Requirements
New 2012 Portfolio Cloud On premises Network layer Tailored Solution SWIFT Integration SWIFT Interface Multi-Network Messaging Hub Customer Functional Requirements AMH Alliance Access Alliance Integrator Alliance Lite2 Arkelis Outsourced Messaging Alliance connect Alliance connect-nternet Alliance connect Non-Top 50 Top 50

3 Application-to-Application
What is Alliance Lite2? Easy, cost-effective, direct connectivity to SWIFT Messaging Applications (MIs, Accord...) Services & Applications Alliance Lite2 Alliance Connect Internet Optional Network @ Interface & PKI RA* MQ/WS* Browser AA/AE (Multi-BIC) AutoClient User-to-Application Application-to-Application *Q4’2012 MERC-connectivity-march 2012 WS: Web Services

4 Alliance Lite2 – An Evolution of Lite
From... To... Messaging Applications Alliance Lite2 Messaging Applications Alliance Lite Alliance Connect Optional Internet Internet Services @ @ RA* MQ/WS* Browser (Single-BIC) AutoClient Browser AA/AE * (Multi-BIC) AutoClient GUI for all MT & all MX Automated file transfer (RJE & XMLv2) for all MT/MX/FileAct RA, MQ and web services (*) Multi-BIC High availability Optional Alliance Connect VPN Building on Lite’s success while expanding the feature set, the core technology and fine-tuning the pricing ( *) Q4’2012 MERC-connectivity-march 2012

5 Alliance Lite2 as LifeLine Service
Affordable insurance against disaster Alliance Connect Customer’s Private Infrastructure HSM Interface @ Alliance Lite2 Application Browser AutoClient Internet Alliance Lite2 as LifeLine Service Optional: Alliance Connect MERC-connectivity-march 2012

6 Roadmap Confirmed Tentative Pilot Live Important note:
Q1’12 Q2’12 Q3’12 Q4’12 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Pilot RA (AA/AE) MQ/WS Live RA (AA/AE) MQ/WS Important note: We will stop actively selling Lite as of general availability of Lite2. Lite will still be supported until further notice (beyond 2012). Alliance Lite2 - Feb PUBLIC

7 Alliance Lite2 Pricing Structure
Messages sent are charged as per standard SWIFT prices Plus a banded monthly subscription fee including: Customer identification: BIC & Logical terminal Documentation: UHB and BIC online Security: tokens, security officers and RMA Standard Plus support (24*7) Optional: Alliance Connect (VPN) Band pricing available on quotation One price for everything you need to connect MERC-connectivity-march 2012

8 Alliance Lite2 & Services Bundled service offering
Business processes and architecture review Requirements assessment Configuration design and customised implementation Installation and configuration Training Project Management Relationships set-up and implementation Integration assessment and implementation Alignment with Business Continuity best practices Setup Services Maintenance and Support Services SWIFT customer support Fully managed and resilient operating centre Handholding Remote support Monitoring and alerting Change request assistance and implementation RMA management Distribution of message archives Message printing solution

9 Alliance Lite2 – Reap the benefits
Low TCO Peace of mind Low entry barrier Easiest way to use SWIFT MERC-connectivity-march 2012

10 Alliance Connect : evolution
Alliance Connect: resilient, secure, best in class network access to SWIFT for our On premises or Cloud Based (Lite 2) connectivity Connectivity choice Best in class TCO reduction MERC-connectivity-march 2012

11 Alliance Connect: evolution
BT network extension in ME-2012 Connectivity choice Increased connectiviy options: Internet Managed connectivity through multiple Network Partners Wireless in the local loop-2012 VSAT or other wireless technology: Wireless alternatives through local ISP VSAT through Network Partners when no fixed alternatives Protection against internet attacks Best in class Innovative & unique method using cloud resources to defend against internet attacks Benefits all customer using internet connectivity Patent pending Pro-active detection of degraded services Pro-active detection of connectivity failures MERC-connectivity-march 2012

12 Alliance Connect: evolution
Load sharing Optimize your bandwidths: Split your traffic over both connectivity lines For all Alliance Connect products TCO reduction Silver Plus Use your low cost/high bandwidth internet as prime connectivity: Keep Network Partner line as reliable back-up Allows to tweak your bandwidth in combination with Load sharing Portabilty Transparently changing between network connectivity products/technology/network partners Without changing the SWIFT footprint Your cost savings: >2,425 USD MERC-connectivity-march 2012

13 Thank you MERC-connectivity-march 2012

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