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Enterprise Content Meets Information Lifecycle Management Welcome… David Warner Product Sales Representative Documentum Cell:

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1 Enterprise Content Meets Information Lifecycle Management Welcome… David Warner Product Sales Representative Documentum Cell: (301)412-5356

2 Presentation Agenda Documentum Update EMC’s Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Documentum Records Manager Overview Product Development Roadmap EMC Storage Solutions Live Demonstration

3 Documentum: A History of Innovation 1990 1993 1995 1996 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Full Suite of Enterprise Integrations Digital Asset Management Web-based Document Management 1 st Distributed EDM system available Internet Architecture Web Content Management XML Component Management Generalized Document Management Company founded 2003 RM & eRoom EMC Acquisition 2004

4 Analyst Views on Enterprise Content Management Performance Leader: Documentum “Documentum 5 is an exceptionally robust and comprehensive package. It has an impressive breadth of functionality from WCM to digital asset management. Documentum has a very strong vision, and has clearly demonstrated its commitment to the enterprise content management (ECM) market. Documentum is further seen as a web content management (WCM) leader, and a leader in core document management (DM) functionality.” - ECM METASpectrum, 01.04

5 Key Challenges of Information Management Relentless Information Growth Business Continuity Regulatory Compliance Cost Containment 1234 Information is data and content Information is more strategic than ever Information management is the key to organizational excellence

6 The Lifecycle of Information Information has a lifecycle, and its value and required service levels fluctuate over time

7 What is Information Lifecycle Management?

8 The Process of Information Lifecycle Management Classify information based on its value Identify Information Groups and their current service levels Verify that each Information Group is receiving the correct level of service Monitor, evaluate, and align service levels on an ongoing basis Assess the value of the information to the organization. Information Groups constitute the basic unit of management in the ILM process. You may be paying too much or exposing your organization to risk. 123 4 Adjust to changing business requirements.

9 Requirements for Information Lifecycle Management Tiered Storage Integrated Protection and Recovery Dynamic Infrastructure Active Information Management Unified Management Environment Flexible Recovery Levels Meta-Data & Policies Structured Semi-structured Unstructured Business Processes and Applications CRM ERP Proj. FX VMware Virtual Storage Layer App OS Virtual Layer Compute App OS App OS Storage Virt. Vol. Virtual Infrastructure App OS Virtual Layer Compute App OS App OS Storage Virt. Vol. App OS Virtual Layer Compute App OS App OS Storage Virt. Vol. E-mail Web 1 2 3 45

10 What the Analysts Say… “In 2004-2006, IT organizations will increasingly connect the technical elements of storage management with the business requirements of content management…ECM applications provide the content knowledge to enable a more intelligent and automated ILM.” —Meta Group, January 2004 Information Lifecycle Management and Enterprise Content Management: The Confluence of Technology and Business

11 Benefits of Information Lifecycle Management Reduced storage hardware costs Reduced IT administration costs Improved alignment between business objectives and IT spending initiatives Application infrastructure optimized for business continuity at lowest possible cost Compliance risk avoidance through managed retention and disposition of ALL information 12345

12 Documentum Has the Capability to Provide Visibility Into, and Manage, All Unstructured Enterprise Content… Enterprise Content Management EDMWCMDAMERMCCM Documents Spreadsheets Contracts Drawings HTML SGML WML XML Code Forms Images Sound Video Presentations Reports Records Scanning Imaging Final Form Storage eMail Project Discussions Desktop Sharing Online Meetings eMail IM Universal Content Repository Infrastructure Software Networked Storage Platforms Storage Mgt. Services Information Management Software Data Management

13 Importance of Managing Records Corporate Scandals: Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Andersen drove Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) to enforce Corporate Governance International and Industry Specific Standards: DoD 5015.2, ISO 15489, MoReq, PRO, VERS, SEC 17a, GLB, 21CFR11, etc. Enterprise Email Management 84% of the cost of doing business relates to paperwork, which is now electronic in nature 30-40% of all recorded information is simply unneeded and should be deleted

14 A Complete Content Management System Includes Records Management StaticLow High Information CentricPolicy Centric Traditional Content Management Traditional Records Management Structure & Process Collaboration Library Services and Workflow RenditionsVirtual Documents CM and RM solve different but overlapping problems The real requirement is to manage the complete lifecycle of content Integration provides a complete solution and is a required aspect of ECM RetentionDispositionFreeze HoldsAudit Trails

15 De Facto Standard - DoD 5015.2 Developed by U.S. DoD as a result of lost records and litigation after the first Gulf War Endorsed by NARA for use across Federal government Well defined standard with formal certification process Serves as the de facto standard in the U.S. Federal, S&L and Commercial Markets Documentum assisted in defining the requirements – meets all requirements Specifications: How a retention schedule is implemented How documents are filed as records How email is collected and stored What classification tools end-users must have How records are stored (physical storage repository) The records retrieval process What security control must be in place How the retention/disposition screening process must work What audit trails must be kept Chapter 4 – classified records management

16 Documentum Records Manager Heritage Founded 1989Provenance Systems - ForeMost® Renamed 2001TrueArc Acquired 2002Documentum Business FocusRecords Management Market Share ERS Leader CertificationsDoD 5015.2, UK-PRO VERS (Planned) DoD Certification 1997 – First Vendor Most EDMS Pairings Technology N-tier with Full API Internet First Web Based ERS Ease of Use Office, Email, EDMS Innovation Automatic Categorization Records Services for Email Long Term Preservation Project XML Based Technology Leverage Documentum*

17 Declaration of Records Automated by Workflow, Life Cycle or an End User Right Mouse Click

18 Viewing the Metadata Profile and Enforcing Retention Rules

19 Completing Content Life Cycle Document Creation Collaboration Properties Workflow Object Becomes A Record Author Control Records Management Corporate Control Store/ Transfer Expunge Legal Rules Regulatory Compliance Business Rules Access Control Retention Disposition Documentum ECMDocumentum Records Manager Time Activity Declare Classify

20 Managing Electronic Messages Businesses Use Electronic Messages In Several Ways E-Mails Instant Messages Short Messages (SMS) On-Line Presentations Voice Over IP (VoIP) Voicemail

21 Point Solutions in the Email Management “Stack” Storage Email/System ConsoleAnti-Spam, Anti-VirusEmail ServersEmail ArchivingStorage Management “Point Solution #1” “Point Solution #2” “Point Solution #3” Open View

22 Email Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management Storage Email/System ConsoleAnti-Spam, Anti-VirusEmail ServersEmail ArchivingStorage Management Open View Information Lifecycle Management

23 Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition with Records Services for Email Email Archiving Deployment Options Server Side or Client RecordsActivators Invisible Capture to Selective Interactive Use DoD 5015.2 Compliance Client RecordsActivator Public/Private Folder Monitoring for Drag ‘N Drop Filing Copy vs. Move Option, Save.MSG Format Option Intercept on Send Captures Outbound Messages Declare Button for Inbox Messages Search Button for Repository Retention/Disposition Rules with Expunge

24 Documentum Records Services for Email Monitor and CAPTURE: email and records & attachments To From CC Subject Key terms, etc… Repository Storage TIMELY ACCESS to indexes, metadata and archived records MANAGE: Enterprise policies for indexing, content checking, classify, security, audit, notification, retention and disposition ARCHIVE: duplicate copies to non-erasable, non-rewritable appropriate medium


26 Records Administration Features File Plan Management File Plan Re-Organization Retention and Disposition Paper File Control Active/Inactive File Migration Box Management Bar-coding Report Writer

27 Records Administration Features File Plan Management Alpha/Block Numeric Unlimited Series Hierarchical Structure Inheritance From Parent Prefix, Section, File Case/Subject Files Folder/Doc Location File Number Validation File Restrictions

28 Records Administration Features File Plan Re-Organization Copy, Move, Delete File/Branch Progress Logging and Status Display Visual File Plan Display Optional Inclusion of File Contents In-Progress File Plan Lockout

29 Records Administration Features Retention/Disposition Chronological/Conditional/Unknown Aging Evaluate, Review, Dispose Stages Post-Disposition Audit Trails Final/Interim Disposition (7 Stages) Authority Enforcement Electronic, Non-Electronic, Folder Handling Reports, Exceptions, Cutoffs Freeze/Hold, Scrub, Physical Transfer Vital Records Review via Tasks

30 Records Administration Features Paper File Control Manual, Automatic Folder Numbering Control Unlimited Folder Series Wallets/Temporary Dockets File/Folder Charge-out and Reports Recall Notices, Summary Reports Configurable Folder Label Printing Charge-out Returns, Pass-Along

31 Records Administration Features Active/Inactive File Migration Forward/Reverse Migration Box Inactive Records Accessioning Custom Box Fields Ad-hoc Migration Processing Multi-stage Auto Migration

32 Records Administration Features Box Management Automatic Barcode Assignment Box Numbering Control Labeling Box Charge-Out/Reservation Box Scheduling Bar-coding Folders, Boxes, Documents, Charge-Outs Auto Barcode Assignment Batch Bar-coding, Label Printing

33 Records Administration Features Report Writer Report Query and Results Leverages Canned or Ad Hoc Reports Access to All Fields Security Driven Integrated with Crystal Reports Export Data to Other RW Products Customizable and Extensible

34 RM Product Development Roadmap Q4 2002 DoD Certification via Desktop Client 4i and 5 Platform Transfer and Synchronize Options Q2 2003 RM 3.1.1 Uses a Docbase for RM Paper Enhancements Q4 2003 RM 3.2 Rebranded Product Replaced Fulcrum with Verity Paper Enhancements

35 RM Product Development Roadmap Q1 2004 RM 3.2.1 Office 2003 Support New Viewer RM 4.0 New WebTop/WDK Interface Enhanced Paper Functions Barcoding, Warehouse Mgt. Certifications – UK-PRO2 and partial VERS Product End of Support – ForeMost Enterprise Standard support policies apply

36 RM Product Development Roadmap 1H-2004 RM 5.2 Platform, Repository, Metadata, UI Unification Full Function RM Capabilities in Docbase Web Based Documentum Administrator with RM Functions Virtual Documents Supported as Records Enhanced Single Search Capability API Exposure (DFC and WDK) of RM Functions Migration Tools for Pre 5.2 RM Versions RM Standalone Mode Continued Space Management – Physical Records DoD 5015.2 Chapter 4 Certification with Oracle DoD 5015.2 Chapter 4 Certification with Microsoft SharePoint

37 RM Product Development Roadmap 1H-2004 Record Services for Email 5.2.5 User and Admin UI Improvements Mailbox Shortcuts Migration Tools for.PST,.OST, Backup Tapes Existing Mail Stores Full Lotus Notes Support Support for IM Policy Management Tools – Monitoring 2H-2004 RM 5.3 Support for all DCTM Supported Databases and Platforms Recertification Against DoD 5015.2, UK-PRO, VERS Standards

38 Storage Infrastructure Completes the Content Lifecycle Unified Content Services Create and Manage Deliver Archive Capture Documentum Repository EMC Storage Infrastructure Symmetrix CLARiiON

39 Centera Compliance Edition Purpose-Built Magnetic Disk Records Storage to Overcome Current Media Limitations and Facilitate Records Retention & Compliance Non-Overwritable, Non-Erasable Assured Content Integrity & Availability Seamless Scalability Self-Managing, Self-Healing Future-Proof Architecture Improved Service Levels DoD 5015.2 Certified Superior TCO

40 How Centera Compliance Edition Works with DCTM Application Software CAS System  Centera stores record and Verifies Authenticity Using Fingerprint  User Retrieves Record and CAS Authenticates  Record is created or used by application  Record is stored in Centera and Fingerprint is Calculated MANDATORY USER DEFINABLE

41 What does EMC Centera provide for Documentum? Revision-safe content store that provides authenticity and immutability Record-level retention, protection and disposition Record-level auditability Non-rewriteable Automated business continuance & disaster recovery Local and remote content replication Immediate access with no user intervention Provides on-line access to archived content Faster record retrieval Significant reductions in TCO Content Address maps to Documentum Object IDs

42 Complete end-to-end compliance solution Records Management Enterprise Content Management Content Addressed Storage Lower liability exposure in regulated industries Configurable retention periods Expiration dates (no smoking guns) Superior total cost of ownership (TCO) Increased customer satisfaction by providing online access to content Joint Documentum and EMC Centera Solution: Compelling Business Value

43 Enterprise Content Management: USAA Key Requirements  Performance, Scalability, Availability.  Store and view multiple format types.  Document level security.  DOD 5015.2 records management.  Integration to legacy systems.  Standards based platform and development.  Member owned.  Fortune 500 financial services company.  $66 billion in assets.  Headquartered in San Antonio, TX.  Offices throughout U.S. and Europe.  Serving military community and its families.  5+ million members.

44 ScannedDocuments FaxedDocuments ComputerDocuments CorporateEmail DigitalPictures WEBContent ClaimsDocuments Documentum InternetChannel IntranetChannel CRMApplications PortalApplications EMC Centera 45,000 /day 5,000 /day 28,000 /day (inbound + outbound) 300,000 /day 1,200,000 /day (sent & received) 50,000 /day Manage 6,000+ Pages Users 15,000 Users Retrievals 250,000/day Enterprise Content Management: USAA

45 Content Management Solution  Solution set: Documentum, Captiva, EMC, IBM, Sun, Oracle, Websphere, Snowbound.  Implement Investment Management Company for all in-mail processing.  Implement storage & records management for Corporate Email.  Implement WCM solution.  Access legacy documents.  Conversion from Optical to Centera. “… the beginning of a four year journey …” Expected Business Impact  “360 degree” view of customer.  Maintain document “relationships.”  “Roles” based security.  “Automated” records management.  “Automated” workflow.

46 Solution: Documentum Enterprise Records Mgt. Helps Customers… “ ” … by applying records management procedures to manage large volumes of records and email in compliance with statutes, regulations and best practices for good governance. leverage information assets across the enterprise reduce the risk of non-compliance control the cost of litigation and operations

47 Who Benefits?  End Users – search and retrieval of official information for compliance and decision-making, organization supports productivity  System Administrators – means of applying consistent information lifecycle management that was never before obtainable or ubiquitous  IT Managers – storage management, policy check box, enterprise deployment, low maintenance once configured  Executives – risk management, enterprise perspective for control and awareness of official information, and low TCO

48 Demonstration

49 Uniting The World Through Content

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