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RS407 Introduction February 2007 Synology Inc..

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1 RS407 Introduction February 2007 Synology Inc.

2 RS407 Highlights File Server Printer Server FTP Server Download Server
CIFS+FTP+AFP Printer Server FTP Server LPR+CIFS+AppleTalk Encrypted+Hack Prevention Download Server iTunes Server BT+HTTP+FTP Web Server Backup Server PHP+MySQL Network+Local+Desktop Multimedia Server UPnP: Music+Photo+Movie Synology Inc. Synology Inc. 2

3 Product Photos Synology Inc.

4 Product Photos 44mm 457.5 430.5mm Synology Inc.

5 File Server Instant sharing with few clicks of setup
USB Drive Instant sharing with few clicks of setup For Windows users and Mac users Supports CIFS/FTP/AFP Supports Windows ADS Internal Disk Supports up to four 750GB SATA disk External Disk Expansion Via USB port Hibernation supported 4 x SATA Drive RS407 Switch/Router Mac User Windows User Synology Inc.

6 Windows ADS Support Supports ADS and NT4 domain
Supports cross-subnet ADS User quota management for domain users Shared folder access control for domain users Domain users login via CIFS/AFP/FTP Domain Controller File Photo Check Active Directory Web Authentication Multimedia RS407 Access Granted etc. Windows Domain Users Synology Inc.

7 RAID Management Volume Type: Upgrade Non-RAID to RAID 5
Adding another HDD at a latter time Volume Type: Non-RAID RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 Upgrade Non-RAID to RAID 5 Expand RAID 5 with Larger Hard Drives Volume Auto-rebuild after Abnormal Power Failure HDD1 HDD1 HDD2 80GB 80GB 80GB Non-RAID RAID 1 Replace with larger HDDs at a latter time HDD1 HDD2 HDD1 HDD2 80GB 80GB 750GB 750GB HDD3 HDD4 HDD3 HDD4 80GB 80GB 750GB 750GB Synology Inc. RAID 5 RAID 5

8 FTP Server Flexible Management Hack Prevention Security Enhancement
Upload/Download bandwidth control Anonymous login Configurable PASSIVE mode port range Hack Prevention Automatically blocks repeated attempts of uninvited IP Security Enhancement FTP over SSL (explicit) FTP over TLS (explicit) Synology Inc.

9 iTunes Server Play music stored on RS407 with iTunes
No need to download the music before playing Manageable play list with web-based management UI Synology Inc.

10 Backup Server PC Backup Network Backup Local Backup PC Backup Network
Using Synology Data Replicator II Automatic backup / Scheduled backup Restore files easily PC Backup RS407 Switch/Router Network Backup Scheduled backup / Incremental backup Encrypted backup IP-based Internet backup Network Backup RS407 Local Backup Scheduled backup / Incremental backup Local Backup USB Drive 4 x SATA Drive Synology Inc.

11 Multimedia Server Music, Movie, and Photo are instantly sent to your Stereo set and TV set when a DMA is hooked up. Supported Music Format: aac, ac3, FLAC, LPCM, m4a, mp1, mp2, mp3, mpa, ogg, raw, wav, wma Supported Movie Format: asf, DivX, avi, dat, mov, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, vob, wmv Supported Photo Format: bmp, gif, icon, jpg(jpeg, jpe), png, psd, tif(tiff), ufo Supported Playlist: WPL, M3U RS407 Stereo System Switch/Router Digital Media Adapter TV Set Synology Inc.

12 Web Server (Web Station)
Apache+PHP+MySQL Supports HTTPS connection Editable HTTP Error Page Internet Web Page RS407 Switch/Router View Web Pages Upload Web Pages Synology Inc.

13 Photo Station 2 A pre-installed Web Photo Sharing Application
Access Control for Visitors Editable Title and Description for Photo Albums and Individual Photos Changeable Album Cover Internet Photo Station 2 RS407 Switch/Router View Photos Upload Photos Synology Inc.

14 Download Server (Download Station)
Continuous download without PC Drop download links to Synology Download Redirector and the download will start right away Supports BT/HTTP/FTP links Configurable upload/download bandwidth and port range Drop Files Here! 1 Bit Torrent Link FTP Link HTTP Link Internet 3 Download Files from Internet Download Redirector RS407 2 Send Download Tasks Windows or Mac PC Switch/Router Synology Inc.

15 Web Download Manager The web-based Download Manager can further assist you to manage download tasks remotely with a web browser Endless Download No Matter Where you are Internet Download Files from Internet 2 School RS407 Manage Download Tasks Remotely 1 Office Web Download Manager Home Synology Inc.

16 Printer Server Supports a variety of USB printers*
Supports LPR/CIFS/AppleTalk protocols# Windows User RS407 Printer Switch/Router Mac User ___ * Check for most updated support list # Mac users should use USB printers with PostScript support Synology Inc.

17 Other Features User quota management Smart FAN speed adjustment
USB-interface UPS support Read-only NTFS external disk support 3rd-Party Backup Support Acronis True Image Symantec Backup Exec 11d2 EMC Retrospect 7.5 LaCie SilverKeeper 1.1.4 Setup Utilities Synology Assistant Synology Download Redirector Synology Data Replicator II (PC only) Add Printer Wizard Synology Inc.

18 Awards To be updated Synology Inc.

19 Summary High-performance, Low-cost 4-bay SATA NAS Server with Advanced Data Protection and Windows ADS Authentication for Small Business and Corporate RS407 is designed with hot-swappable HDD and RAID 0/1/5 protection, as well as Windows ADS authentication, USB printer sharing, dynamic website hosting, and data backup. RS407 keeps business data available 24/7. Synology Inc.

20 About Synology Founded in April of 2000
An international company that produces new generation Network Attached Storage servers. Aims to provide people a creative way of storing and sharing digital content. Synology products are stylish in outlook, have small footprint, energy efficient, and appliance-like in usage. Users investment is protected with free software upgrade and 24/7 online support. Synology products are ideal choice for users from Home, Small Workgroup, Small Business, and Corporate. Synology Inc. Synology Inc. 20 20

21 Product Roadmap Small Business And Corporate Home and Small workgroup
RS-407 CS-407/e DS-207 Home and Small workgroup DS-107+ DS-107 DS-107e DS-106j USB Station Personal iUSB 2005 Q4 2006 Q2 2006 Q4 2007 Q2 Synology Inc.

22 Patents Granted Patent No.: US 7,055,010 B2 (2006/04/25)
The US Patent & Trademark Office revealed that Synology was granted a patent for "SNAPSHOT FACILITY ALLOWING PRESERVATION OF CHRONOLOGICAL VIEWS OF BLOCK DRIVES." Patent No.: US 7,051,156 B2 (2006/04/25) The US Patent & Trademark Office revealed that Synology was granted a patent for "RAID-5 DISK HAVING CACHE MEMORY." Patent No.: US 7,035,974 B2 (2006/04/25) The US Patent & Trademark Office revealed that Synology was granted a patent for "RAID-5 DISK HAVING CACHE MEMORY IMPLEMENTED USING NON-VOLATILE RAM." Patent No.: US 6,952,794 B2 (2005/10/04) The US Patent & Trademark Office revealed that Synology was granted a patent for "METHON, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR SCANNING NEWLY ADDED DISK DRIVES AND AUTOMATICALLY UPDATING RAID CONFIGURATION AND REBUILDING RAID DATA." Patent No.: (2004/04/06) The Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. revealed that Synology was granted a patent for "METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY SCANNING NEWLY ADDED DISK DRIVES AND REBUILDING RAID DATA ON FAULT-TOLERANT RAID VOLUMES." Synology Inc. Synology Inc. 22 22

23 Copyright Notice Information in this document is provided in connection with Synology products. No license, express or implied, is granted by this document. Synology may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at anytime, without notice. Copyright © 2007, Synology Inc. All rights reserved. Synology, the Synology logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Synology Inc. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Synology Inc. Synology Inc. 23 23

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