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Pompeii By: Isabel Diaz.

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1 Pompeii By: Isabel Diaz

2 Pompeii e situato sotto Roma.
Mappa di Italia

3 La Storia Monte Vesuvio Erupted without warning on august 24, 79 AD.
A thick cloud of gray ash soon covered the sky Tragically, a lot of people were not able to escape fast enough.

4 Le Persone Famose Pliny the elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus) was a natural philosopher, military commander and provincial governor. Sadly, he died on August 24, 79 when mount Vesuvius erupted. Pliny the younger (Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus) was a politician and author. He was Pliny the elder’s nephew and he also died on August 24.

5 Luoghi storici (historical places)
Temple of Jupiter (Tempio di Giove) House of the Vettii Luoghi storici (historical places) Casa del Fauno Forum

6 Piu luoghi storici Building of Eumachia Pompeii Amphitheater
Large Theatre Basilica

7 These paintings (pittura) were recovered (ritrovato) after the eruption (eruzione) of mount Vesuvius so most of the painters (pittore) are unknown (ignoto). L’arte Pompeii was also known for the sex (sessuale) scandal (scandalo) so it reflects on the paintings

8 Fonti Fonti

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