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Mt. Vesuvius By: Arielle Lupkin.

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1 Mt. Vesuvius By: Arielle Lupkin

2 What Happened? The eruption from Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD was one of the most deadly explosions in history. After about a month of mini quakes, the people of Pompeii continued with their daily lives. But on April 24, disaster struck. A huge explosion was heard from Mt. Vesuvius. The people of Pompeii and Herculaneum watched in awe as the mountain made a pillar of ash. Pompeii was hit first. Within minutes, the entire city of Pompeii was covered in volcanic rock and no one survived. In Herculaneum, people took precaution and fled the city. About 300 people stayed and were destroyed.

3 What kind of volcano was Vesuvius?
Vesuvius was a Strato volcano

4 Was there any documented writings from Pompeii?
Pliny the Younger

5 A quote from one of his letters
“...some were praying to die from the very fear of dying. Many were lifting their hands to the Gods; but the greater part imagined that there were no Gods left anywhere, and that the last and eternal night was come upon the world.” - Pliny the Younger, 79 AD

6 Resources: all Discovery Channel N/A, N/A http://dsc. discovery

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