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Technology Transfer from the University of Oxford.

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1 Technology Transfer from the University of Oxford

2 Las Relaciones Universidad – Empresas: Un Nuevo Paradigma

3 Knowledge Based Economy Every country in the world wishes to develop the Knowledge Based Economy. The question is asked: Where is the Knowledge? And the answer in part is inside the universities, and research institutes, and hospitals. And the question then becomes: How do we transfer the knowledge out from the research base into industry to create innovation?

4 Towers

5 Making Connections & Doing Business University entrepreneurial culture Industry, Business & Professional environment University technology transfer resource

6 Chalk and Cheese Universities and Businesses are very different A university is not trying to be like a company A company is not trying to be like a university Why should Universities want to engage with Businesses? Why should Business want to engage with University?

7 University & Business Interactions Educated workforce Advisory Boards Lectures Exchanges Collaborative Research Contract Research Donations Consulting Licensing technology Spin-out company formation Entrepreneurship

8 Oxford University Oxford University is the oldest university in the English-speaking world (founded c.1188) A leader in learning, teaching and research 26 British Prime Ministers educated at Oxford Including current Prime Minister David Cameron Royal Society founded from Oxford in 1640 47 Nobel prize winners

9 Isis Innovation Ltd Oxford Technology Transfer IP, Patents, Licences, Spin-outs, Material Sales, Outcome Questionnaires, Seed Funds, Isis Angels Network, Isis Software Incubator, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust Oxford Expertise Consulting, Services @isisinnovation A profitable company 100% owned by the University of Oxford Isis Consulting Business Technology Transfer and Innovation Management

10 Isis Innovation, year-ending March 2013

11 Isis Innovation, year-ending March 2013

12 Isis helps researchers who wish to commercialise the results of their research

13 Technology Transfer Group (38) Linda Naylor Isis Innovation Team Oxford University Consulting(7 ) Andrew Goff Project Managers Susan Clark Gurinder Punn Dr Josef Walker Kerry Antcliffe Administrators Magda Bezdekova Selina Woodcock Dr Adam Stoten Dr Carolyn Porter Dr Alex Marshall Dr Christine Whyte Dr Ruth Barrett Dr Richard Reschen Dr Louis Pymar Dr Paul Ashley Dr Angela Calvert Andy Self Dr Sarah Deakin Dr Matthew Carpenter Dr Nikolaos Chalkias Dr Brijesh Roy Medical Sciences Dr Linda Maxwell Evert Geurtsen Rakesh Roshan Dr Jon Carr Dr Bharti Ranavaya Dr Andy Robertson Dr Andrew Bowen Dr Richard Holliday Chim Chu Dr Fred Kemp Dr Mark Gostock Dr Weng Sie Wong Team Leader Vacancy Dr David Churchman Dr Jamie Ferguson Roy Azoulay Dr Manjari Chandran-Ramesh Staff & Associates: 87 MBAs: 14 PhDs: 40 Managing Director Tom Hockaday Business Support (18) Central Administration Jenny Bailey Philip Priest Nissar Mohammed Ricky Allain Isabel Lavis HR Carolyn Hall Alex Allan Viv Parry Marketing Simon Gray Renate Krelle Dr Chandra Ramanujan Dr Fiona Story Barney Cullum Finance Janeen Wilson Gemma Allnutt Amanda Thornton Legal Paresh Jasani Technology Transfer Teams Isis Enterprise (24) Consultants Dr David Baghurst (Hong Kong) Ya-hsin Shen (Hong Kong) Dr Jimmy Wang (Hong Kong) Dr Wenming Ji Renchen Liu Kenji Aiba (AC-Japan) Xiaowei Hu (AC-China) Dr Costas Chryssou Dr Sarah Bond Dr Andrew Barber Dr Mireya McKee Dr Steve Cleverley Elena Andonova Dr Alexandra Bush Dr Sarah Macnaughton Gaurav Misra Bruno Reynolds Eva Baltar, Manuel Fuertes (AC-Spain) Dr Tim Hart (AC-UK) Dr Chris Moody Dr Salvador Venegas (AC-Mexico) Operations Shelagh Harrison, Chloë Cairns Operations Patent & Licence Dr Mairi Gibbs Steven Bayliss Zuzana Weberova Seed Investment Kate Spanchak Andrea Alunni Administration Kristin Hayes

14 Academic axis £ -> Research 3D – Spin-out 2D – Licence, Consulting Isis Innovation StaffActing as Multi-dimensional Intermediaries Investor axis £ -> £££ Commercial axis Research -> £

15 Intermediaries – 4 th Dimension Intermediaries - International

16 Intermediaries – 4 th Dimension

17 Isis Impacts The impact of Isis activities is seen through the take- up of new technologies and ideas that form the basis for new products and services.

18 Publications Isis on Twitter LinkedIn Facebook @isisinnovation Isis E-News & IAN E-News Chinese Isis E-News

19 Oxford University Technology Spin-outs (post 2000) Total external investment to date in 68 spin-outs since 2000: £506m £46m 1st round Seed/Business Angels – £460m follow-on Investment Capital TT * Stock exchange listing

20 Spin-outs – The Players Shareholder, Director, Consultant Isis - licence, University shareholding, director (OSEM) Lawyers Accountants Shareholder, Director CEO, Shareholder Bankers Advisers Shareholders INVESTMENTINVESTMENT Founder Researchers Isis Technology Transfer Manager Lawyers Accountants Manager (1) Manager (2)? Investor (1) Investor (2) ? Bankers Time TT

21 Investment Sources Oxford University Challenge Seed Fund Launched with £4m in 1999 University provided £1m; HM Treasury, Wellcome, Gatsby £3m £5.7m invested in 102 projects – development, seed equity Resulting in Equity stakes in 31 spin-outs, 4 completed licensing deals & 33 active technology projects. These 31 spin-outs have attracted £80m seed/venture investment Oxford Invention Fund Donations to the University of Oxford as part of Oxford Thinking, the University’s overall fund raising Campaign Invest in development of new technologies and innovation from Oxford Isis Angels Network Business Angels, Seed/Venture Capital 100 members Events, No Charges

22 Isis Software Incubator, established in 2010 Support for early-stage software ventures from Oxford University Assists the creation and development of a software business opportunity, whether or not a company has yet been incorporated Isis provides commercial mentoring, negotiation support, services, desk space, access to business networks Projects that have a credible business concept and need: Substantial work to develop IP and build a realistic commercial prospect With entrepreneurial founders But do not need patents, investors, full-time management

23 Investment Gap

24 Piers & Bridges Business is over here !

25 Building Bridges

26 Vision for Isis Technology Innovation For People From Oxford and elsewhere Successful exploitation of new ideas Health & Wealth of Society

27 Conclusions – How Isis Works Universities Technology Transfer is a good thing Part of University purpose; may make money for University and researchers It does not happen on its own You need to invest resources in People, Patent budget, Proof-of-Concept You need a policy framework Who owns the inventions; who shares the rewards It takes a long time … So start and do not stop. Business Access to technologies, resources and expertise Help understand universities Help your business innovate Investors Source of investment opportunities Home for entrepreneurs Government Stimulates innovation and enterprise Improves society

28 Elements


30 Elements Research Base Universities Research Institutes Research Hospitals Government Tax Grants Business Industry Finance Commerce

31 Elements – Research Base Supportive Vice-Chancellor, Rector, Provost, Director & Senior Researchers Research Activity High volume & quality Researcher engagement University Policies IP Ownership / Revenue sharing / Spin-outs Disputes Research Services Office Manage relationship with Research funders Access to Proof of Concept / Seed funds To accelerate technology transfer Technology Transfer Office Adequately resourced Policy Patent Budget People Proof of Concept Leadership Stories Resources

32 Nothing beats a good story

33 Publications Isis on Twitter LinkedIn Facebook @isisinnovation Isis E-News & IAN E-News Chinese Isis E-News

34 Elements – Business & Finance Business Networks Innovative Technology companies As Licensees Business Angels Seed & Venture Capital Entrepreneurs Professional Advisers Banks / Accountants / Lawyers / Property

35 Innovation Funnel Professor Henry Chesbrough Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology (HBS Press, 2003).

36 Oxford incubators & science parks Isis Software Incubator Oxford Centre for Innovation Oxford Magnet Begbroke Science Park Oxford Science Park Oxford Entrepreneurs Incubator Oxford Low Carbon Hub Oxford Hub Milton Park Oxford BioEscalator Harwell - European Space Agency's Business Incubation Centre Science Vale Enterprise Zone Source: Google Maps

37 Oxford Science Parks

38 Oxford Entrepreneurs Incubation Centre

39 Elements - Government Tax incentives SME Benefits CGT & Income Tax Tax credits & Tax relief ‘Patent Box’ Grant programmes Technology Transfer capacity, proof-of-concept Businesses Legislative framework Intellectual Property Company law Public procurement Support & Clarity & Consistency

40 Elements – A fourth area ? Non Governmental Organisations Charities Foundations Not-for-Profits Social Enterprise

41 Elements Research Base Universities Research Institutes Research Hospitals Government Tax Grants Business Industry Finance Commerce

42 Elements Government Business Research Base

43 The Innovation System Recruitment, head-hunters Angel Networks Students Angel Investors Investment Funds Accountants Bankers Lawyers Technology Transfer organisations University Researchers Commercial property managers Journalists Consultants Public Relations Local Government Hospitals Government Labs Research Institutes Members of Parliament Incubators Business networks Science Parks Other universities Industry Technology companies Business Start-ups ‘City deal’ Local Enterprise Partnership

44 [Isis] helps researchers - and students - who wish to commercialise the results of their research

45 Themes … Impact Change Benefits Academic view of relationships with industry TT is smaller part of a bigger picture Specialisation Vanity subjects … ? Convergence Technology Transfer Entrepreneurship – Social & Business Distributed Young people

46 Isis Innovation Ltd, Ewert House, Ewert Place, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7SG T 01865 280830F 01865 280831E Register to receive Isis E-News at: Follow us @IsisInnovation

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