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Marketing Technology incubators: The Singapore Science Park Experience By Mun Hou CHEW CEO iAxil Pte Ltd.

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1 Marketing Technology incubators: The Singapore Science Park Experience By Mun Hou CHEW CEO iAxil Pte Ltd

2 Asendas – At a Glance Asia foremost business space solutions provider
Principal markets in Singapore, China, India & the Philippine presence in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chennat, Bangalore, Hjderabad, Manila & Yokohama Total assets of US$ 1.2 billion Total space of 1.2 million square meters.

3 Asendas – At a Glance Business Life style Successful regional projects, strong regional network & territorial in sight. Provider of world class life style environments for business. Pioneer of the technology park concept – Singapore Science park High tech environment Maltitenant RBFs Ready built facilities

4 High tech & industrial Parks Ready built facilities
Science Park It Parks High tech & industrial Parks Ready built facilities Built – to – suit facilities Specialized facilities

5 iAXil Who are We? An incubation solutions company of Asendas providing a one - stop service to Technology based Start-up companies to help them launch and grow their ventures by providing affordable Start-up facilities, business and accelerator services.

6 iAXil Full service incubator
Started operations in 1996 Total area - about 3000 sm. Total of 5 quick start-up units. Size of incubator unit – 20 to 120 sm. Total no. of start-up admitted so far –111 Currently 38 start-ups at iAxil

7 iAXil Full service incubator
Accelerator services: Business & financial planning Deal structuring Corporate communications & PR HR, recruitment & accounting Market research Access to seed and venture capital Assistance with negotiating investment term Legal services It services

8 iAXil Full service incubator
Basic incubation services Development of Business model Mentoring & handholding Access to seed Funding Advice with grants & intellectual properly Business support services


10 Marketing objective To promote and market the incubator as one-stop center Providing affordable start-up space as well as accelerator and business support services to help technology based start-up companies develop and commercialize their innovations

11 Marketing objective 2 components :
One-stop center providing affordable start-up space and services Technology based start-ups

12 Marketing Strategy Is formulated based on the following:
What constitutes a potential entrepreneur/Start-up company? Where do these entrepreneurs come from? What are their needs?

13 Potential Entrepreneurs
Who are they? Research Scientists and Engineers (RSEs) Technical professionals Domain experts from various industries ( The founders are usually not technologists)

14 Market Segments This is based on market analysis
Potential entrepreneurs who have yet to launch their ventures Spin-offs from research and tertiary institutes Existing start-up companies

15 Marketing Tools (1) Potential Entrepreneurs:
“Market thru” relevant membership associations and university alumni Use the internet Thru elevator pitch events and investment forums Spin-offs from tertiary institutes Tap on linkages with tertiary institutes to recruit spin-offs

16 Marketing Tools (2) Existing start-ups:
Market thru enterprise development centers and innovators assistance centers Set up booths at exhibitions, technology showcases, conferences Press campaigns

17 Conclusion There is no single correct way to promote and market your incubator The marketing strategy We have presented here is based only on the followings: Who is the potential entrepreneur? Where is the entrepreneur from? What are he/her needs?

18 For future discussion The other factors that you need to consider are:
New venture creation trends and opportunities Business environment The incubator industry in your country Your incubator’s competencies

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