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Knowledge Exploitation Presentation by John Thompson Director of Knowledge Exploitation 29 th April 2009.

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1 Knowledge Exploitation Presentation by John Thompson Director of Knowledge Exploitation 29 th April 2009

2  What is Knowledge Exploitation?  QUB IP Portfolio  Exploitation of QUB IP  KEU  Our Role  Our Structure  Our Team  Our Process Presentation overview

3 Knowledge exploitation is the process of the commercialisation of new discoveries and innovations resulting from research. Knowledge captured in patents, copyright material or know how.....taking the research into the commercial domain. Intellectual Property Guidelines captured in the THEROS guide. Available from Derek Weir ext 4180 What is Knowledge Exploitation

4  IP usually generated as result of significant Research Council, Charity or Government funding Strategic relationships with some funders  Early stage in development process. High risk, protection and development is capital intensive A commercial focus is paramount from the start  Exploitation needs to take account Full economic cost –v– returns, revenue potential QUB Intellectual Property

5  QUB own the IP. The policy is to share the returns with the inventors  Currently managing 119 active patent families (not including QUB Ionic Liquids Laboratory)  43 in analysis / drafting  13 at Provisional Application stage  25 at PCT stage  38 at National / Regional Phase  28 individual patents granted  159 individual patents pending QUB IP Portfolio

6  Options available are Licensing, Assignment, Spin-outs.  Case dependent based on commercial potential  QUB active in all areas  65 active licences and assignments  22 mainly pharmacy & mechanical engineering related  43 in Green Chemistry  Licensing revenue approx £500k QUB IP Exploitation

7  Spin-out Activity  One of the first UK universities to spin-out  Qubis Ltd established in 1984  52 companies created  1 st in UK & Ireland in revenues of spinout  Spin-out sales of £89M  £60.2M from outside investors  Employ 1029 people, mostly NI  3 new last year, 3 predicted this year QUB IP Exploitation

8  Capturing intellectual property (IP) and providing advice to the inventors  Assessing the IP  Technical viability  Commercial viability  Protectability  Protection of the IP with Patent Agents  Commercialisation of the IP  Managing the returns from the IP KEU - Our Role

9  IP training and awareness  Proof of Concept translational research funding  Management and advice for all research contracts  Industry interaction,seek partners and present value  Negotiations with companies of contract terms and licensing  Consultancy  KTP programmes  Innovation Voucher scheme  Northern Ireland Technology Centre KEU - Our Role

10 KEU – Our Structure UMB / UOB KEIG KEU Contracts, Patents & Licences Business Development & Commercialisation Consultancy & Technical Services Knowledge Transfer Centre QUBIS Knowledge Exploitation Implementation Group Members -Bursar James O’Kane -Profs Gerry McCormac -Heads of School David Wolfson, Richard Harrison Robbie Burch. -Finance Director. -QUBIS CEO -Research and Regional Services Director

11 KEU – Our Team John Thompson Director Kerry McCormick Jennifer Curran Derek Weir Head of Contracts, Patents & Licences Paul Donachy Head of Bus Development & Commercialisation Tom Edgar Head of Consultancy & Technical Services Mary Flynn Head of Knowledge Transfer Centre William Montgomery RoisAine Hamill Vincent Farrelly Paschal McCloskey Michael McCleave vacant Lorraine Marks Joan Grieve Jane Marcus June Feeney

12  Innovation Disclosure Form.  Analysis of patent potential  Analysis of commercial potential  Protection  UK provisional application  PCT  National / regional phase  Develop/Licence / assign or spin out KEU - Our process


14 Key Contacts John Thompson ext Derek Weir ext Dr. Paul Donachy ext Dr. Mary Flynn. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Fusion Mr. Tom Edgar. Consultancy and Technical Services Thank you for you attention

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