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Prime time unit one project BY Thomas Grade 6, Block G

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1 Prime time unit one project BY Thomas Grade 6, Block G
My Special Number Prime time unit one project BY Thomas Grade 6, Block G G not g

2 My #’s Background I Chose My Number Because :
If You Add a 19 to the beginning, it will become the year of D-Day Also, it has two even digits –lucky – and they are both the same –even luckier! My # manages to do all this AND be very near to Fifty – The Universal Symbol of half – the benefits of which (in Special Number Status Terms) I will relate to you at the end of the presentation.

3 Factor info The Prime factorization of my number is:
2 * 2 * 11 (An asterisk is the multiplication sign) My # has five proper factors (six factors) that are also known as divisors (44 is their dividend) One of my #’s factors, 22, is also a double-same-digit #. To reach 44, it is multiplied by two!! Including improper factors, 44 essentially has three factor pairs – six if you decide to count the pairs that have the same factors as the first three, just switched around What are the factors, proper factors, factor pairs? Abundant/deficient??

4 More Factor info and GCF
I Chose to Compare the Common Factors And GCF of My # and 66. The Common factors are: 1, 2, 11, 22I Chose to Compare the Common Factors And GCF of My # and 66. The GCF is: (aside from 1) 2 With 44, one could make six factor rectangles ( the dimensions in square units): 44 by 1, 1 by 44, 11 by 4, 4 by 11, 2 by 22, and 22 by 2 My # is not a square number; none of its factors are multiplied by themselves to reach 44. Investigation???

5 Multiples/ multiplication and LCM
If you multiplied my # by two (added it onto itself), the sum/product would be 88, another number with two equal even Digits Some of the multiples of my # are: 88, 132, & 176 I Chose to Compare some common Multiples and LCM of My # and 132. Some Common multiples Are: 264, 392 The LCM is: 132 What are the factor squares?

6 Even/odd; basic classifications
44 is a composite number 44 consists of two even digits that are equal If My # was added onto another even #, the sum would also be even 44 is deficient So what would you and your opponent score in the F Game? Investigations, not inventions.

7 Factor/Product Games My Number would be an okay but not great first move in the Factor Game, because It is deficient – but not by very much. I would score 44 points, while my opponent would score 40 points. In the Product Game, it would be impossible to have 44 as a move. This is because no two factors in the factor list can be multiplied to have 44 as their product ???

8 Societal/Cultural Info
There is a rock/alternative/Indies band called +44, named after the UK’s Country code The .44 Magnum and earlier .44 Special rounds became very popular among gunmen – almost a stereotype There is a web logging site called 44Suburbia – it seemed rather artful to me In a time so ancient Christ had not been born, in the Jewish religion, there was a biblical message from god; Jeremiah 44. It told of the lord’s wrath on those Jews in Egypt who had converted to a different religion.

9 My # in real life +44 is the Country Code telephone number of the UK
44 is in the range of common numbers used to describe calibers of bullets, such as the .44 Magnum round. There is an interstate highway 44 in the U.S.A. There also a route 44. The Jagdverband 44 was an elite group of German Jet fighter pilots in the latter part of WW2. (Also fits in history)

10 My #’s History Year 44 was a leap year starting on Wednesday of the Julian Calendar. On year 44: Consuls are Titus Statilius Taurus and gaius sallustius Crispus passienus' The Emperor Claudius returns from his British Campaign in triumph, the southeast part of Briton now held by the Roman Empire, but the war will rage for another decade and a half. Mauretania becomes a Roman Province. Pomponius Mela writes De situ orbis, a geography of the Earth.

11 My #’s History (cont.) The Isle of Rhodes returns to the Roman Empire.
With the death of Herod Agrippa, who may have been poisoned by the Romans, Judea is controlled by Roman governors. Cuspius Faddus, governor of Judea (44–46), suppresses the revolt of Theudas, who is decapitated. Saint James the Great (Martyrdom) Agrippa I of Judea Claudia Julia, executed niece of Claudius and Messalina (or 43/45) Wu Han, general of Han Dynasty The names starting at Saint James are all those deceased in the year 44

12 My # is important to me (and you, too)
One of the main reasons I believe that 44 is the most important number between 10 and 100 is the reason I chose it: it describes which year in the 20th century D-Day was conducted. World War Two has always fascinated me, and I believe that making 44 special would honor that historical year and the brave young men who gave their lives In hope that the world would see freedom again after those years of darkness. If not for their ultimate sacrifice, the morning sun would not seem as bright and uplifting as it does today. Very moving, Thomas.

13 The Importance goes on! As I said earlier in the presentation, 44 benefits from being close to the number 50. It is a known fact that 50 represents equality, balance, and compromise. Good things, all in all. And, a 50% discount doesn’t sound too bad. Then why didn’t I choose 50, you ask? Because 50 has been represented and used so much that it is almost becoming a stereotype. I try to differ. Anyway, 44 is quite close to 50 and is an even number (also can mean equality, luck)

14 Vocabulary definitions
Even: A number that is divisible by two; A multiple of two (no jutting bits in factor rectangles/models Composite: a number that has more than 1 proper factor/divisor (more than two factors) Proper factor: a factor OF A NUMBER OTHER THAN THE NUMBER ITSELF (YOU ONLY USE PROPER FACTORS TO FIND WHETHER A # IS PERFECT, ABUNDANT…ETC.) Factor: A # THAT “FITS INTO” ANOTHER LARGER # THROUGH MULTIPLICATION WITH A SECOND FACTOR

15 Vocabulary Continued Divisor: The same thing as a factor, just reached through division from a dividend to reach the other divisor as the quotient, or answer to the division problem Multiple: A multiple of a # is something that can be reached by multiplying that # by another #. Dividend: The # being divided in a division problem; It’s the same as a multiple because the 2 divisors are its factors Factor rectangle/model: A representation of 2 of the factors a number has (I factor pair) through the dimensions of the rectangle; e.g. a model of 44 is 11 by 4 squares – 4 long and eleven high

16 More vocab. Square: A square # is a number that has a factor pair consisting of two identical #s Deficient #: A # whose factors, when all added up, have a product less than the number LCM: (lowest common multiple) the smallest multiple that two specified numbers share GCF: (greatest common factor) the largest factor that two specified numbers have in common Prime Factorization: the prime factorization of a number is the longest factor string possible for that number; all the factors in it are prime

17 Oral Quiz Each Question is worth 20 pts. Make 4-5 groups. For each question, each team must agree on an answer. Any team that has 100 pts. By the end wins! Q.1: What number must you put before my special number to reach what special year? Why is that year special? Q.2: What other significant number is 44 close to? Why is it significant? Q.3: country code? Q.4 What is the rock band named after the UK’s : What is the prime factorization of my number? Q.5: What two types of bullets have a caliber of .44? Excellent Thomas. Can you do a final slide, just add any missed vocab and maybe re-order slides so you have all math facts that are related following each other - eg, prime factorisation goes with factors etc. I’d get rid of the Reflections headings I think, because people from other places who visit our wiki won’t know what you mean - just give the info in an organised fashion. We will mount these to the wiki after hols. Well done! 18/20

18 Reference Section The Sources I used were: Wikipedia Google
Connected mathematics 2: Prime Time: factors and multiples

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