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Royal Naval Air Stations

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1 Royal Naval Air Stations

2 Fly Navy Heritage Trust.
The idea for this slideshow is based on the map on the left produced by the Fly Navy Heritage Trust. One hundred years of Royal Naval Air Stations. Maps used in our production are prior to the 1974 boundary changes. While every care has been taken in the preparation of this slideshow, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

3 Royal Naval Air Stations Over The Past 100 Years
The Admiralty ordered its first airship on 7 May 1909 and it is from this single standing point that naval aviation progressed so rapidly. The first four naval pilots learned to fly on the Isle of Sheppey in 1911, home of the first Royal Naval Air Station at Eastchurch. Once their wings had been awarded, naval pilots put their new skills to use very quickly. The Fleet experienced its first take offs and landings to mention just one aspect of aerial warfare and by the end of World War 1 in 1918 the Royal Naval Air Service could boast 67,000 officers and men, 2949 aircraft, 103 airships and 126 coastal stations. Many of these coastal or naval air stations along with those that came into being during World War 2 still exist today, a few still in use by the Royal Navy. Others have become civil airports or have been taken over by the RAF and Army whilst some have, sadly, fallen into disuse and either left to fall down or have become industrial estates, business parks, leisure facilities or supermarkets; one has even become a reservoir. The Fly Navy Heritage Trust has identified and is keen to identify even more of these former sites and to formally designate them as Naval Aviation Heritage Sites. Gill Charles 2010

4 SCOTLAND Airfields Argyllshire DNB - Dunbartonshire
HMS Tern II, Skeabrae, Dounreay, Hatston 11944 – To Air Ministry 1954 HMSSparrowhawk, Hatston, Orkney , Became Tern II Orkneys HMS Robin, Grimsetter Kirkwall, Orkney , Ex RAF - tender toSparrowhawk - back to RAF Airfields HMS Tern, Twatt, Orkney Satellite to Sparrowhawk 1941 Smoogroo, Scapa Flow Caithness 1 Sutherland HMS Fulmar Lossiemouth Ex RAF and returned to RAF HMS Owl Fearn/Evanton, Ross-shire Transferred from RAF 2 HMS Fulmar II Milltown Ex RAF and returned to RAF – satellite of Fulmar 2 1 Ross & Cromarty Morayshire Nairn HMS Merganser Crimmond/Rattery Known as Crimmond until 1945 then Rattery 2 Banffshire 2 Aberdeenshire HMS Condor, Arbroath, Angus, , Became RM Barracks 2 Inverness-shire Kincardineshire HMS Fieldfare Evanton Ross-shire RNAS lodger between the wars HMS Peewit East Haven Angus Was to have been named Dotterel 3 Angus Perthshire Leuchers Fife Then to RAF - lodger basis & 3 HMS Sanderling Abbotsinch Lodger basis from 1939 -transferred from RAF - to Min of Av Argyllshire 3 HMS Jackdaw Crail, Fife RNAS Fife CLK KRS 3 . DNB Stirlingshire HMS Jackdaw II Dunino, Fife Ex RAF 3 WL East Lothian HMS Landrail II Campbeltown Renfrewshire Mid Lothian 3 Berwickshire HMS Merlin Donibristle, Fife , Ex RAF between the wars Lanarkshire 3 Peebles HMS Landrail Campbeltown Civil airport requisitioned by Air Ministry Roxburhshire Selkirk HMS Nighthawk Drem/MacMerry, E Lothian Tender to Merlin - on loan from RAF and both returned Ayrshire HMS Gannet Prestwick, Ayr 1971-Lodger airfield 1940/41 Dumfries Turnhouse, Midlothian -1918 RNAS - RAF lodger Wigtown Kirkcudbrightshire HMS Wagtail Heathfield, Ayr Transferred from RAF on loan DNB - Dunbartonshire CLK - Clackmannanshire KRS - Kinross-shire WL - West Lothian

5 Was also Kite Balloon Station RNAS - Seaplane station
SCOTLAND Steness, Scapa Flow Catfirth Zetland, Shetlands -1918 RNAS Seaplane Balloon Airship Airship Sub Stations Orkneys Caldale Scapa Flow Caithness Ross & Cromarty 1 Houton Bay, Scapa Flow Was also Kite Balloon Station Sutherland 2 Strathbeg Aberdeen -1918 2 1 Ross & Cromarty Morayshire Longside Aberdeen Nairn 2 Banffshire 2 Aberdeenshire Auldbar, Angus, , To RAF 2 Inverness-shire Kincardineshire HMS Condor II Dundee, Scotland 3 Angus Perthshire Hawkscraig, Fife RNAS - Seaplane station 3 Argyllshire 3 Fife CLK KRS Stirlingshire DNB North Queensferry Forth Balloon station 3 WL East Lothian Renfrewshire Mid Lothian 3 Berwickshire Lanarkshire East Fortune East Lothian RNAS Rosyth Forth Peebles 3 Selkirk Ayrshire Roxburhshire Dumfries Luce Bay Wigtownshire RNAS Wigtown Kirkcudbrightshire DNB - Dunbartonshire CLK - Clackmannanshire KRS - Kinross-shire WL - West Lothian

6 Additional Information…
Lerwick Shetlands RNAS - To RAF Scapa Bay Scapa Flow RNAS *** HMS Icarus Houton Bay Scapa/Caldale Central depot for air services Orkney Swarbacks Minn Scapa Flow RNAS *** HMS Campania Used as Scapa seaplane base, sunk in 1918 Orkneys HMS Siskin Dounreay, Caithness 1944 Ex RAF transferred to RN but little used Caithness Ross & Cromarty 1 Sutherland Fort George Cromarty RNAS - Closed 1916 2 Rattray, Aberdeen WW1 RNAS *** HMS Rattray Crimond Ex Merganser Banff, Morayshire   Lent to RNAS for bombing 1947 - presumably Lossiemouth 2 1 Ross & Cromarty Morayshire Nairn 2 Banffshire Lossiemouth Morayshire WW1 RNAS - Combined station 2 Aberdeenshire HMS Dotterel East Haven, Angus 1943 Original name selected but opened as Peewit *** Stannergate Dundee, RN seaplane site 2 Inverness-shire Kincardineshire 3 Angus HMS Sanderling II Macrihanish 1946 Landrail paid off and re commissioned as tender to Sanderling *** HMS Landrail Strabane/Machrihanish Strabane replaced by Machrihanish -Transferred to Air Min Macrihannish Argyll RNAS HMS Waterrail Campbeltown   RNAS Campbeltown was Landrail? Perthshire 3 Argyllshire 3 Fife CLK KRS HMS Bruce Crail, Fife Ex Jackdaw - listed as reserve air station until at least 1960 *** Leven, Fife 1913 Naval airfield and camp HMS Merlin III Dunino, Fife 1945 Ex HMS Jackdaw II Stirlingshire DNB 3 WL East Lothian Renfrewshire Mid Lothian 3 Berwickshire Lanarkshire Peebles 3 Selkirk Ayrshire Roxburhshire Dumfries Kirkcudbrightshire Inchinnan Renfrewshire WW1 RNAS Wigtown Roxburgh, Kelso, Roxburgshire WW2 Transferred to Air Ministry 1942 DNB - Dunbartonshire CLK - Clackmannanshire KRS - Kinross-shire WL - West Lothian

7 ENGLAND Airfields Part 1 From Northumberland across to Lancashire,
New Haggerston, Northumberland WW1, RNAS Seahouses Northumberland WW1, RNAS Airfields Part 1 From Northumberland across to Lancashire, to Berkshire in the south. Ashington Northumberland WW1, RNAS Northumberland HMS Nuthatch Anthorn, Cumberland , RN lodger unit NATO radio station from 1964 Tynemouth Northumberland 1918, RNAS Cumberland Durham Seaton Carew ,Co Durham WW1, RNAS Redcar, Co Durham RNAS West Ayton, Yorkshire WW1, RNAS HMS Urley Ronaldsway, IOM Ex civil airport Westmoreland IOM 1 Atwick, Yorkshire RNAS Yorkshire HMS Nightjar, Inskip, Lancs, Originally called RNAS Elswick - later became radio station HMS Ringtail Burscough, Ormskirk RNAS 1 Lancashire Owthorne , Yorks, 1917, RNAS Greenland Top Lincs RNAS HMS Ringtail II, Woodvale, Formby Ex RAF on indefinite loan North Coates, Lincolnshire RAF lodger Cheshire Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire HMS Blackcap Stretton, Lancs Facilities no longer required by RAF, transferred to RN Derbyshire Holt , Norfolk RNAS - Night landing ground Staffordshire HMS Godwit Ollerton/Hinstock, Salop Known as Ollerton until 1943 then as Hinstock Leicestershire Bacton, Norfolk Night landing ground RUT Shropshire Norfolk HMS Godwit II Peplow/Weston Park, Salop Ex RAF - satellite landing ground at Weston Park Warwickshire Cambridgeshire HUN HMS Flycatcher Ludham, Norfolk Returned to RAF in 1945, exchanged for Middle Wallop Northamptonshire Suffolk Worcestershire BDF Covehithe, Suffolk RNAS Herefordshire HMS Gamecock Bramcote, Nuneaton Ex RAF - transferred to Army (Royal Artillery) Oxfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire Essex Pulham, Norfolk RNAS - Airship station Gloucestershire MDX London HMS Sparrowhawk Halesworth, Suffolk Transferred from RAF and returned to them Berkshire HMS Hornbill Culham, Berkshire 1944 – 1953 Wiltshire Surrey Kent Hampshire Somerset Sussex Aldeburgh ,Suffolk RNAS Bush Barn Berkshire Out station airfield for Kestrel Devonshire Dorset IOW Butley, Suffolk WW1 RNAS Became RAF Bentwaters then to USAF Cornwall Chingford Essex RNAS - Now a reservoir RUT – Rutland HUN – Huntingdonshire BDF – Bedfordshire MDX - Middlesex

8 ENGLAND Airfields Part 2 From the South East across to the South West
RUT – Rutland HUN – Huntingdonshire BDF – Bedfordshire MDX - Middlesex Airfields Part 2 From the South East across to the South West Northumberland Cumberland Durham Westmoreland IOM 1 Yorkshire HMS Dipper Henstridge, Somerset Early 1950's re-opened as satellite to Heron 1 Lancashire HMS Humming Bird Zeals, Wiltshire Ex RAF HMS Flycatcher Middle Wallop, Hants HQ MONAB Org.- returned to RAF HMS Heron II Charlton Horthorne To RAF in exchange for Zeals Cheshire Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire Derbyshire Walmer Kent -1918 RNAS HMS Heron, Yeovilton Somerset 1940- RAF Merrifield used as satellite Staffordshire Eastchurch, Sheppey RNAS Leicestershire Norfolk RUT Merryfield, Somerset ,1972- RNAS out field for Heron - also RAF Merryfield Shropshire Dover Kent Also RNAS Guston Warwickshire Cambridgeshire HUN Northamptonshire Suffolk Worcestershire HMS Buzzard Lympne, Kent 1939 Ex 22 Gp RAF - handed back to RAF May 1940 BDF Westward Ho, Devon WW1 RNAS Herefordshire Oxfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire Essex Gloucestershire MDX Cowdray Park, Sussex 1941 Out station airfield for Daedalus HMS Vulture II Treligga, Cornwall RNAS London RNAS Trevose Head Padstow, Cornwall Berkshire Somerset Wiltshire Surrey Kent Hampshire Telscombe Cliffs, Sussex WW1 HMS Vulture, St Merryn, Cornwall Renamed Curlew in 1953 Sussex Devonshire Dorset HMS Peregrine Ford, Sussex Ex RAF - returned 1940 with RN as lodger - back to RN 1945 IOW HMS Seahawk Culdrose, Cornwall 1947- Was to have been named Chough Cornwall HMS Heron II Haldon, Devon Ex RAF HMS Siskin Gosport, Hants Was to have been named Woodpecker, lent by RAF originally Bembridge Isle of Wight WW1 RNAS HMS Raven Eastleigh, Southampton Included lodger facilities at RAF Christchurch HMS Kestrel Worthy Down , Hampshire Ex RAF - included airfields at Bush Barn, Haslemere, Jersey Chickerell ,Dorset WW1 RNAS and between the wars Predannock, Cornwall 1958- Satellite to RNAS Culdrose Prawle Point Devon RNAS

9 ENGLAND Seaplane Balloon Airship Combined Airship Sub Stations
RUT – Rutland HUN – Huntingdonshire BDF – Bedfordshire MDX - Middlesex Chathill Northumberland WW1 RNAS Seaplane Balloon Airship Combined Airship Sub Stations Northumberland Seaton Carew Co Durham WW1 Ramsay Isle of Man WW1 Durham Kirkleathan Yorks WW1 RNAS Cumberland Lowthorpe Yorks WW1 RNAS Hornsea Mere Yorks , to close 1919 and transferred to Killingholme Westmoreland 1 IOM Yorkshire Howden Yorks RNAS - Airship station HMS Daedalus Lee-on-Solent, Hants , 39 back from RAF - renamed Daedalus 1965 ex Ariel Tipner , Portsmouth -1918 Balloon station Closed 1919 and not required by Air Ministry 1 Lancashire Killingholme Haven , Lincs To USN vacated by USN 1919 - RAF station WW2 Immingham Lincolnshire Cheshire Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire Derbyshire Cranwell Lincs Transferred to RAF Calshot, Hants To RAF between the wars Hickling Broad Norfolk Staffordshire Leicestershire Norfolk RUT South Denes Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Lowestoft Suffolk WW1 Torquay Devon 1918 Shropshire Warwickshire Cambridgeshire HUN Suffolk Shotley Suffolk Northamptonshire Cattewater Laira, Plymouth 1918 Worcestershire Merifield, Cornwall 1919 At Wilcove with detachment at Torquay BDF Herefordshire Felixstowe Harwich Suffolk Seaplane station - Became radio station in 1920 Oxfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire Essex Isle of Grain, Medway Laira, Devon WW1 Sub station for Mullion Gloucestershire Bude Cornwall To RAF - out station to Mullion MDX Sheerness Medway Not required by Air Ministry London Wiltshire Berkshire Kingsnorth,Kent RNAS Surrey Kent Mullion Cornwall To RAF - First known as Lizard Airship Hampshire Westgate, Kent 1916 Somerset Dover/Marine, Kent WW1 Sussex Godmersham Park Kent WW1 Devonshire Dorset West Mersham Kent WW1 RNAS Lands End Newlyn, Cornwall To RAF IOW Slindon, Sussex WW1 Newhaven Sussex RNAS Capel Nr. Folkestone, Kent RNAS Cornwall Bridport, Dorset Upton, Dorset WW1 HMS Osprey (Sarepta) Portland, Dorset To RAF as seaplane base - closed 1919 Tresco, Nr New Grimsby, Scilly Is Transferred to RAF HMS Daedalus II Sandbanks, Dorset Richmond Park Surrey WW1 Polegate,Sussex Transferred from Dover to Portsmouth Command 1917 Bembridge Harbour Isle of Wight St Mary's Scilly Is RNAS

10 Additional Information…
HMS Ariel II (Culcheth) Warrington, Lancs J ul-Dec1952 RNAS *** Barrow in Furness Lancs Cramlington Northumberland WW1 RNAS not completed *** Whitley Bay Northumberland 1916 RNAS Barlow Nr Selby, Yorkshire Airship construction station RNAS *** Scarborough RNAS Sedgeford Norfolk Night landing ground To RFC 1917 *** Narborough Norfolk To War Office - later became RAF Marham Burgh Castle Norfolk -1918 Night landing ground - RNAS Ramsay Isle of Man WW1 Airship sub station Northumberland HMS Humming Bird, Zeals, Wiltshire WW1 RNAS *** Stonehenge Wiltshire 1918 Cumberland Durham HMS Hornbill II Beccles/Halesworth, Suffolk Ex RAF - lodger facilities Westmoreland IOM 1 Mount Batten, Plymouth To RAF - Used by RN between wars *** Teignmouth Devon 1940 RNAS RNAS Tregantle Ft Plymouth 1917 Tregantle & Withnoe Plymouth 918 Fairlop, Essex Sub station to Chingford - Now a Leisure Centre *** Chelmsford, Essex RNAS Yorkshire Cardington, Cambs WW1 RNAS 1 Lancashire Stratford London To be Admiralty Establishment *** HMS Victory VI Crystal Palace, London 1918 RNAS Roehampton London 1918 Wormwood Scrubs London Cheshire Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire Derbyshire HMS Heron II Henstridge Marsh Som. Commissioned as HMS Dipper - tender to Heron Staffordshire Leicestershire Norfolk Eastcote, Ruislip WW1 RNAS RUT Shropshire Warwickshire Cambridgeshire HUN Northamptonshire Suffolk Worcestershire Fort Grange Gosport, Hants RNAS - Became No 1 Naval Air Squadron *** HMS Ariel Worthy Down , Hampshire Jul Transferred from Warrington HMS Daedalus III Lee/Bedhampton, Hants Also release centre - known as Bedhampton Camp Arnold House Farnborough, Hants RNAS HMS Woodpecker Gosport, Hants 1945 Name proposed for RNAS Gosport but Siskin used instead *** HMS Ariel Lee-on-Solent, Hants Daedalus renamed Ariel when ground training moved there Lee-on-Solent Portsmouth -1918 RNAS Gosport Portsmouth RNAS  BDF Herefordshire Oxfordshire Hertfordshire Essex Gloucestershire Buckinghamshire Lympne Kent RNAS *** HMS Daedalus II Lympne, Kent EX RAF and transferred back to them Rochford, Kent WW1 Transferred to War Office 1916 *** Detling Maidstone, Kent to Military 1917 RAF lodger RNAS HMS Pembroke II Eastchurch, Sheppey Transferred to RAF *** Folkestone Kent RNAS - Also naval base during WW1 - closed 1919 HMS Bluebird III Folkestone, Kent Ex Air Sea Rescue Folkestone Wittersham, Kent WW1 RNAS Ramsgate, Kent MDX London Berkshire Wiltshire Surrey Kent Hampshire Somerset Sussex Devonshire Dorset IOW Moreton, Dorset WW1 RNAS - Not completed Cornwall Lands End Nr St Just, Cornwall 1940 Temporary RNAS HMS Curlew St Merryn, Cornwall Transferred to Air Ministry HMS Chough Culdrose, Cornwall Name whilst under construction, changed on completion RUT – Rutland HUN – Huntingdonshire BDF – Bedfordshire MDX - Middlesex

11 WALES Airfields Seaplane Balloon Airship Additional Information…
Conway Anglesey 1916 RNAS Additional Information… Bangor Caernarvonshire WW1 RNAS Anglesey Flintshire Denbighshire Caernarvonshire Merionethshire Fishguard ,Pembs RNAS HMS Goldcrest Brawdy, Pembrokeshire Ex Goldcrest II - transferred to RAF Montgomeryshire HMS Goldcrest Angle, Pembs 1943 Ex RAF and transferred back to RAF *** HMS Goldcrest II Brawdy, Pembs Ex RAF - Satellite to Goldcrest (Dale) Cardiganshire Radnorshire Brecknok Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire HMS St David Pembs Relief airfield for Brawdy Monmouthshire Glamorgan Pembroke Dock Pembrokeshire WW1 Milford Haven Pembrokeshire 1916 HMS Goldcrest Dale, Pembrokeshire From Angle to Ex RAF Station - became Harrier in 1948 HMS Daedalus II Lawrenny Ferry, Pembsrokeshire Ex RAF and detached from Pembroke dock

12 IRELAND Airfields Balloon Airship Sub Stations Additional Information…
HMS Gannet II Maydown, Londonderry Ex HMS Shrike *** HMS Sea Eagle Eglinton, Co Londonderry Ex Gannet HMS Sealion Ballykelly , Londonderry   RNAS Ballykelly (Sea Eagle?) Ballyliffan Co. Donegal WW1 RNAS HMS Shrike Maydown, Co .Down Ex RAF - became Gannet II Rathmullan Co. Donegal -1918 HMS Gannet Eglinton, Co. Londonderry Lent by RAF, transferred to RN 1947, reopened as Sea Eagle Londonderry Antrim Donegal Larne Co. Antrim RNAS Lough Foyle Co. Donegal RNAS HMS Corncrake Ballyhalbert, Co. Down 1945 Transferred to RAF in 1946 with RN lodger facilities Tyrone Lough Neough HMS Gannet II Sydenham, Co. Antrim Ex HMS Gadwall - to RAF Down Fermanagh Armagh Sligo Monaghan HMS Corncrake II Kirkistown, Co. Down On loan from RAF Leitrim Cavan Lough Neough N Ireland WW1 RNAS Not completed Mayo Louth Roscommon HMS Gadwall Sydenham, Ex RAF Became Gannet III Longford Meath HMS Mermaid Dublin Closed 1919 Westmeath Malahide Co. Dublin WW1 RNAS HMS Pintail Nutts Corner, Crumlin From RAF - to RAF transport command Galway Dublin Offaly Wexford Ireland WW1 Used by USN Kildare HMS Mermaid Co. Dublin Closed 1919 Laois Wicklow Clare Carlow IRELAND Queenstown Co. Cork WW1 Used by USN not returned 1919 closed 1921 *** Whiddy Island Used by USN Tipperary Kilkenny Limerick Wexford Airfields Balloon Airship Sub Stations Waterford Kerry Cork Additional Information… Under the Government of Ireland Act 1920, "Home Rule" institutions were created in two divisions of Ireland, 26 counties forming Southern Ireland and six counties forming Northern Ireland. This partition was copper fastened by the 1922 Anglo-Irish Treaty, under which Ireland left the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland rejoining two days later. Southern Ireland, which had never functioned as a separate entity, became the Irish Free State, now the Republic of Ireland. Killeagh Co. Cork WW1 RNAS

13 Researched and compiled by Gill Charles.
Royal Naval Air Stations throughout the rest of the world. Researched and compiled by Gill Charles. Mobile Naval Operating Air Bases, MONABs, were a series of mobile, self-contained units able to repair, and prepare for service, aircraft, engines, and components as required for ships of the British Pacific Fleet. Each were initially assembled at the MONAB HQ at HMS Flycatcher (Ludham then Middle Wallop). In total 10 MONABS were established and one Transportable Aircraft Maintenance Yard (TAMY)

14 RNAS ‘The Rest of the World’
HMS Seaborn Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Pre-war RCAF station - transferred to RCN --- HMS Saker Dartmouth, Ex Seaborn HMS Force Profit Iceland 1940 Comprised aircraft at Iceland - on books Daedalus Murmansk Russia Transferred to Royal Marines 1917 Dunkirk France Closed RNAS St Pol, France 1917 RNAS Boulogne France RNAS Marquise France RNAS Cherbourg, France RNAS RNAS Saker Brunswick Maine RN/USN Vendome La Rochelle 1918 RNAS HMS Moga Jamaica RNAS Hyeres Toulon France RNAS HMS Buzzard Kingston, Jamaica Naval Base became HMS Morgan, RNAS remained Buzzard HMS Queen II Taranto, S. Italy Parent Ship RNAS Southern Italy at Pizzone HMS Goshawk Piarco, Trinidad Originally known as Malabar II HMS Cormorant II Gibraltar RAF North Front, transferred to RN then back to RAF Gibraltar   Seaplane base - To RAF Kite Balloon station evacuated 1919 HMS Eleusis Maleme, Crete WW2 RNAS --- RNAS Imbros Aegean Abandoned and then closed in 1919 RNAS Tafar Oui Oran 1943 Under Cormorant II RNAS Calafrana, Malta To RAF - Seaplane base --- HMS Falcon Hal Far, Malta Ex RAF- Shore base for a/c of Med Fleet 1923-RN use WW2 HMS Goldfinch Takali, Malta Civil airport pre WW2 RNAS Kalafrana, Malta To Air Ministry HMS Wara , Komenda Takoraal, G. Coast RNAS HMS Spurwing, Hastings, Sierra Leone Transferred from RAF HMS Grebe, Dekheila, Alexandria Returned to Egytian control in 1946 RNAS ‘The Rest of the World’ PART 1

15 RNAS ‘The Rest of the World’
PART 2 HMS Vairi, Sular, Coinbatore, India Transferred from RAF HMS Bambara Trincomalee, Ceylon Transferred to RAF known as RNAS Trinco RNAS Kantali Ceylon Returned to RAF Langata Nairobi, Kenya WW2 RNAS HMS Rajaliya Puttalam, Ceylon Transferred to local civil authority HMS Kipanga II Voi, Pt. Reitz, Mackinnon Rd 1942 -1944/45 RNAS HMS Rapax, Hiswa, Aden RNAS at RAF Station HMS Flycatcher Kai Tak, Hong Kong 1947 Ex Nabcatcher (MONAB VIII) --- HMS Nabcatcher Middle Wallop/Kai Tak, Hong Kong MONAB VIII HMS Maraga Addu Atoll RNAS HMS Kipanga Killindini, Kenya Depot for RN air personnel ashore in East Africa HMS Kilele, Tanga, Tanganyika RNAS HMS Nabaron Ludham/Manus, Adm Is MONAB IV HMS London Zanzibar -1918 Closed given in exchange for Heligoland in 1890 HMS Bherunda Colombo, Ceylon Was Colombo racecourse, RAF Station taken over by RN HMS Nabstock Middle Wallop/Marybrough MONAB VI HMS Nabreekie Middle Wallop/Meeandah 1945 MONAB VII HMS Malagas Wingfield/Wynberg, SA Ex Union Government airfield which was developed HMS Ukussa Katakurunda, Ceylon RNAS HMS Nabberley Ludham/Bankstown, Sydney MONAB II --- HMS Nabthorpe Ludham/Schofields, NSW MONAB III HMS Sheathbill Pt San Carlos, Falkland Is 1982 Unofficial name for Forward Operating Base HMS Rajawali Morib, Malaya --- Sembawang Malaya RNAS RNAS Selangor Malaya WW2 HMS Albatross Nowra, New South Wales Used by Nabbington & Nabswick then to RAAF & RAAN --- HMS Nabbington Ludham/Nowra, NSW MONAB I HMS Nasar Sembawang, Singapore , RNAS --- HMS Simbang Sembawang, Singapore Administration transferred to ANZAV Force 1971 Morib Malaya WW2 RNAS HMS Nabswick Ludham/Jervis Bay/Nowra MONAB V

16 Acknowledgements ‘Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy’ by Lieutenant Commander Ben Warlow R.N. Fly Navy Heritage Trust. Research and Map of the World - GWC Compiled on behalf of Cloud Observers by MIS 2010

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