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GRADE 10 CANADIAN HISTORY MS. MAHARAJ Leading up to WW2: The 1930’s.

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1 GRADE 10 CANADIAN HISTORY MS. MAHARAJ Leading up to WW2: The 1930’s

2 Framing the Issues: EconomicalPoliticalSocial Deals with MoneyDeals with government/powerDeals with the people Germany is suffering because of the TOV Germany is looking to new leadership to lift them out of depressive situation Germans are very poor, hungry, jobless and feeling very helpless Germany has no money and is borrowing money to pay reparations *damages to other countries (TOV) -Hitler is gaining popularity because creating jobs (building roads etc) League of Nations not as effective anymore: -Japanese Army invades Manchuria (1931) --Italy (Mussolini) and his army invades Ethiopia, LON does not intervene, afraid that Mussolini and Hitler would declare war on France/Britain. -Tokyo + Italy and Germany become allies against USSR (communism) -Hitler and Mussolini realize that LON are afraid of them! - People are afraid of communism

3 Framing the Issues- Political continued… Hitler wants German’s everywhere to be united- he looks at the population at Austria  Austria is mostly German speaking– Hitler want Austria to be a part of Germany now  Austria cannot defend against Hitler/Germany’s army  France and Britain don’t intervene (afraid)  Hitler has his eye on Czechoslovakia next (3 million German speakers)– he claims the Germans there are oppressed and need to be freed  Britain, France and Soviet Union said they would help the Czech’s – they met with Hitler, they gave in to him (to avoid another war)  Hitler claimed this was his last demand, they believed him  Germany conquers the Czech within months (1938)

4 The German Empire--- through Hitler Hitler wants to create a large Empire Strength by power and numbers!

5 Poland Soviet Union Hitler goes against his word and decides he wants Poland France and Britain finally decide to take a stand against Hitler, and guarantees Poland their support Hitler hopes that the Soviet Union won’t want to conquer Poland, he thinks he may have to give in and create an alliance with the Soviet Realizes that the LON won’t help them if Hitler invades It is scared now because of Czech and Austria taken by Hitler Soviet and Germany go into secret talks- decide to form a secret alliance to not fight each other- this is called the Non-Aggression act of 1939  Part of the agreement is that if they conquer Poland, they will split it Hitler’s Politics of the 1930’s continued

6 Canadian Perspective Are afraid to stand up to Hitler and Mussolini– another war might occur When the Ambassador to the LON spoke out against Mussolini, the Canadian Gov’t made it clear that they didn’t feel the same as the Ambassador!  Drama, drama, drama!  McKenzie King (PM) met Hitler before, thought he was not a threat  He had an autographed Photo of Hitler!  Canadians also felt another war would further divide English and French Canadians

7 The Discrimination in Germany So, Hitler is busy on the political front among the LON and European nations  At home in Germany, the mass forcible movement of Jews to camps are occurring at rapid speed  Why didn’t the nations or the LON help?!  Anti-semitism is occurring in varying degrees across Europe  Hitler is building his reputation as a FORCE to not mess with  He has tied up a lot of the other nations in worrying about a potential war… they aren’t paying attention

8 War is declared! AGAIN!? On Sept. 1 st 1939 German tanks invade Poland and flattens their great city (Warsaw) Sept. 3 rd, France and Britain declare war on Germany 1 week later, Canada declares war (un-willingly) on Germany 1 st Canadian victim: Margaret Hayworth of Hamilton Ontario– 1o years old   German submarine (violation of TOV) attacks a passenger ship

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