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By James Braimbridge 9 Fisher

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1 By James Braimbridge 9 Fisher
WW2 By James Braimbridge 9 Fisher

2 How the bombing in Perl harbour effected soldiers and civilians.
The bombing raid was organised by the Japanese to stop American war vessels from defeating the Japanese's army. It took place in broad daylight and the Japanese massacred a large amount of American ships and the Americans were not ready for the attack because they said it was impossible to attack Perl harbour.

3 Continuing Perl harbour
This effected many civilians because the Japanese killed vast amount of civilians also a hospital and three churches, most people were killed instantly. The soldiers were devastated because the crew had many friends trapped inside the ship and they all drowned. This type of warfare is very different to WW1.

4 Images of Perl Harbour

5 The difference between WW1 and WW2
The weaponry was very different a gun in ww1 could go almost a mile now they could kill anything the eye could see. Planes have evolved in to massive bombing planes and fast fighter planes. This is very helpful because they could fly across the channel drop tons of bombs on occupied France or Germany and then fly home with out much danger apart from the very modern anti aircraft guns are used to protect the city's.

6 Fighting Planes of ww2 British and allies Spitfire Hurricane
Lancaster bomber P 51 mustang P 47 thunderbolt

7 Enemy fighter planes of WW2
ME163B Komet  Stuka fighter bomber Messerschmitt Mitsubishi Ki-51

8 The difference between WW1 and WW2 planes
Well the difference is massive from little biplanes to 300mph fighter planes that could fly across the channel and back. I WW1 the planes could carry a though small bombs and one small machine gun and WW2 you could have a flying tank a Lancaster bomber which was surrounded my massive machine guns and could carry tonnes of bombs.

9 WW1 and WW2 planes

10 Weaponry from WW1 WW1 weapons were basic but effective the rifles could kill a man from a mile away and were quite accurate but could be unreliable if the get wet or muddy they could jam and that could lose your life in a war. There machine guns were most effective in the trench battles the most iconic was the vicars' machine gun this was a water cooled machine gun so when it over heated you could have a cupper and were deadly accurate and could fire hundreds of bullets in a matter of seconds.

11 WW1 weapons Vicars machine gun Le Enfield rifle luger pistol
Salvator-Dormus M1893 machine gun

12 WW2 weapons In WW2 the weapons were much more advanced with one man operated fully automatic machine guns which were brilliant and rifles that could kill anything you can see down your scope. Even grenades were evolved to have time delays to terrify the enemy and were a lot bigger explosions but smaller.

13 WW2 guns MP40 Thompson Bren machine gun Sten

14 Politics in WW2 The Nazi party run by Adolf Hitler was a soldier in WW1 and was livid that Germany lost the war Hitler blamed Jewish people Gays and disabled people. This sparked one of the biggest horrors in history the Holocaust were millions of Jew’s disabled and gay people killed because of there beliefs and conditions.

15 Politics and battle of Britain
Hitler was a tactical genius he captured many countries with out killing anyone. The only thing that stopped Hitler from concurring Brittan was the English channel and the battle of Brittan started it was between the British RAF and the German Luftwaffe the fighting was incredibly dangerous but the British pilots had better faster stronger planes the German fighter basically went on suicide missions.

16 Battle of Britain These images show how under equipped with broken planes and the Germans had not learnt how to balance multiple carburettors so the planes would not function effectively.

17 Fighting for Berlin The Russians had been fighting in some of the worst winters in history. This was terrible for the Germans because they weren't use to condisens the vehicles weren't up to it and there cloths were ruined on top of all that the Russians were at home in these condicens. Many Germans frozen to death at there posts.

18 Russian fighting

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