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By Henry Green. PM Neville Chamberlain announces Britain is at war.

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1 By Henry Green

2 PM Neville Chamberlain announces Britain is at war

3 On September 1939 the German army invaded Poland. The skies were swarming with German planes and the fields with powerful Tanks known as the Blitzkrieg, or in English the ‘lightning war’ but because the attack happened so quick it caused so much damage.

4 In 1940 the German Air force,the Luftwaffe, fought the RAF the English air force over the skies of Brittan but if the Luftwaffe had destroyed enough British planes they would have been able to invade Britain without being attacked from the air. One of the German aircrafs were Messerschmitts and some of the RAFs planes are called the Spitfire and the Hawker Hurricane. The RAF have a mascot called Errol the goat the pilots believe it brings them luck. Did you know the RAF used 3D photos to help them win the war.

5 Brittan was under attack night after night The Luftwaffe dropped bombs on the cities all over the country. The air raid warden sounds the air raid siren for enemy approaching and all clear. the air raid siren should sound like this… Air raid siren these are some of the pictures of the Blitz.Air raid siren

6 At the Sahara desert in north Africa a group of allied troops got stationed at a walled town. The Italian and German forces surrounded the town hoping that the people inside would surrender when they ran out of food.

7 The Gurkhas, who came from Nepal served in the British army they fought the Japanese in Burma southeast Asia. The Nepal's were experts at jungle war especially when it came to camouflage, and used their Kukri Knives to cut through the thick undergrowth.

8 On January 1943 the Axis tried to (and failed) to capture the snowy Russian City of Stalingrad. The Russian Sniper hides on rooftops ready to fire at the enemy below. The sniper is normally an expert rifle shooter and they used to wear a white suit with hood for camouflage and it kept him warm.

9 In 1943 most of Europe (from parts of Russia in the east France in the west had been under German control. There was many groups of people called the Resistance fighters, were secretly working to cause trouble for the German invaders. This is the Polish Resistance flag

10 On the Atlantic ocean, German submarines, known as U-Boats tried to stop Allied supply ships from getting through. They attacked using underwater missiles known as torpedoes. The Royal British Army captured many U-Boats in the war. The British officers searched the U-Boats and found lots of top secret German documents that the U-Boat was carrying.

11 On June 6, 1944 (codenamed D-Day) the Allies landed on the beeches of northern France they hoped to free Europe from German control. It was a huge operation. Soldiers known as paratroopers parachuted down behind enemy line, to take control of important roads and bridges. The Americans targeted Omaha beach northern France whilst The British and the Canadians on Normandy. But what happened on Omaha beach was a natural disaster. The Germans were prepared for them they upgraded there beech with a massive fort. The US Air force were meant to deliver a massive supply of bombs but they were told to bomb 30secs later so they would not harm their own people on the beech but because they were told to bomb 30secs it meant the were a mile off their target, so for every 5secs they are late they a quarter of a mile off.

12 On summer 1945 the war was drawing to an end. After many months of fighting, the allies forced the German Troops back to Berlin. The Germans surrendered. Nazi Germany signs unconditional surrender




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