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STATE OF THE DISTRICT Frank Gornick, Chancellor August 16, 2013 West Hills College Lemoore.

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1 STATE OF THE DISTRICT Frank Gornick, Chancellor August 16, 2013 West Hills College Lemoore

2 Capital Investments Welcome to the Fall 2013 Semester!

3 Capital Investments New Hires Spring and Summer 2013

4 Capital Investments New Hires/Changes in Assignment – WHC Coalinga David Castillo, Interim Director of Farm of the Future Jay Darnell, Food Service Manager/Cook Pedro Garcia, Equipment and Event Coordinator Kerri Hesseltine, Secretary Sylvia Leyva, Student Services Assistant Sandy McGlothlin, Interim Vice President of Student Services Stefan McGovern, Interim Baseball Coach/Instructor

5 Capital Investments New Hires/Changes in Assignment – WHC Lemoore Hope Canales, Custodian Dave Gejeian, GED Prep Instructor Rita Herghelian, Advising Specialist Samantha MacFarlane, Administrative Assistant Lauro Macias, Custodian Andre Robinson, Custodian Debbie Rose, Senior Secretary Hollie Valdiviez, Secretary

6 Capital Investments New Hires/Changes in Assignment – Off Campus Sites & District Office Maria Battisti, Accounting Services Technician Becky Cazares, Director of Human Resources Joy Cowden, Coordinator of Special Grants Rozanne Hernandez, Interim Coordinator of Special Grants Adriana Ochoa, Administrative Assistant Robert Pimentel, Director of C6 Project Gabe Riofrio, Student Help Desk Coordinator Ken Stoppenbrink, Deputy Chancellor Robin Uribe, Accounting Services Technician Stu Van Horn, Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Workforce Development Tammy Weatherman, Associate Vice Chancellor of Business Services Anita Wright, Interim Director of Grants

7 Capital Investments Retirees Truc Nguyen – April 30, 2013 Adrienne Simas – May 3, 2013 Jeff Jeffery – May 25, 2013 Linda Jacobus – June 1, 2013 Glenda Oliver – August 14, 2013 Upcoming… Cherie Mitchell – January 2, 2014

8 Capital Investments Achievements and Milestones

9 Capital Investments Brian Abela, Chemistry Instructor at WHC Lemoore, became the father of a baby girl in February. Derek Lopez, WHC Lemoore Women’s Head Soccer Coach and part time DSPS Counselor, and his wife, Barbara, had a baby girl named Gianna Lopez. Tiffani McGee, Counselor at WHC Lemoore, got married…she is now Tiffani Gonzalez….and she and her husband are now expecting their first child. Amanda Stone, Financial Aid Assistant at WHC Lemoore, received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development from CSU East Bay. Oscar Villarreal, Math and Science Outreach Specialist at WHC Lemoore, received his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Cal Poly.

10 Capital Investments West Hills Community College District Mission, Vision, and Goals

11 Capital Investments Background and History The current mission, vision, and goals for the West Hills Community College District were approved by the Board of Trustees on February 15, 2011. The goals were developed as part of the District’s Strategic Plan. In April 2013, the Board of Trustees participated in a conference on the Role of Trustees and CEOs on the Goal of Student Success. At that conference, the WHCCD Board decided to make a change with regard to student success. The new faculty contract is reflective of our intent to have a more focused response to student success. We have adopted changes with regard to our priority registration process and this has been recognized by the State Chancellor’s Office, which has also implemented the Student Success Initiative of 2012. We introduced the topic of a revised statement of the District’s mission, vision, and goals at the Board meeting in June 2013. Proposed changes were subsequently discussed at Chancellor’s Executive Cabinet meetings in July and August. The proposed changes will run through our governance process and will be reflected in a new Board Policy with regard to the District’s mission.

12 Capital Investments Proposed Mission and Vision Vision Mission A trusted steward, tThe West Hills Community College District, a trusted steward, actively engages, encourages, enriches and empowers students, faculty, staff, and the communities served to reach their full potential academically, socially, and economically. Mission Vision The mission of the West Hills Community College District is to enhance student learning and enrich the lives of the populations we serve. The relentless pursuit of student success.

13 Capital Investments Proposed Goals Goals The West Hills Community College District has, essentially, five goals to meet or exceed college and statewide indicators in college success and achievement: Goal 1 - West Hills Community College District will maintain its Achieve student success indicators above the California Community College statewide average, placing emphasis on basic skills and goal attainment. Goal 2 - West Hills Community College District will mMeet or exceed FTES and efficiency targets and will remain preeminent by strengthening its financial position. Goal 3 - West Hills Community College District will increase Meet or exceed service area adult and high school graduates participation rates and maintain them above the California Community College statewide average.

14 Capital Investments Proposed Goals (continued…) Goal 4 - West Hills Community College District Distance Education will Through the use of technology, increase access to educational programs and services that focus on contribute to student success and strengthening the economic, social, and cultural life of its our diverse community communities. Goal 5 - West Hills Community College District will iIncrease and coordinate Workforce and Economic Development activities that are designed to meet the needs of employers and improve student employment and success in Career Technical Education programs.

15 Capital Investments WHCCD Setting the Trend in Enrollment Trends

16 Capital Investments More Full-Time Students Data as of 8/12/13

17 Capital Investments Enrollment Trends

18 Capital Investments FTES Trends

19 Capital Investments Degrees and Certificates Awarded

20 Capital Investments Online Enrollment Trends * Source: I. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman, “Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States” 2013

21 Capital Investments Math Placement – All Local High Schools

22 Capital Investments Writing Placement – All Local High Schools

23 Capital Investments Writing Placement by High School

24 Capital Investments Educational Plans

25 Capital Investments High School Priority Registration – Success Rates

26 Capital Investments The Future of Education

27 Capital Investments Recent Articles in Education Report: Students Taking Online Courses Jumps 96 Percent over 5 Years By Joshua Bolkan, Campus Technology (digital magazine) Published: June 24, 2013 Lawmakers May Add Muscle to College Transfer Program By Hannah Furfaro, The Fresno Bee Published: August 3, 2013 Massachusetts to Tie Community College Funding to Performance By Ronald Roach Published: August 13, 2013 Dan Walters: California Higher Ed Resistant to Change By Dan Walters, The Sacramento Bee Published: August 14, 2013

28 Capital Investments Trends in Higher Education Greater Accountability Access/Technology Control Costs Student Success

29 “We are in the middle of a Copernican revolution as it becomes even more apparent that the learner constitutes the center of the universe, and that teaching no longer drives learning; instead, teaching responds to and supports learning.” - Michael G. Moore, Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning. 2013

30 “It is no imaginary dream to picture the school of tomorrow as an entirely different institution from that of today, because of the use of radio in teaching.” - 1927 Testimony to Federal Radio Commission by Pitman


32 The Future is Now

33 THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION Commentary July 22, 2013 The Future Is Now: 15 Innovations to Watch For By Steven Mintz

34 wat/2013/04/24/














48 The Future is Now

49 Capital Investments Coming Attractions

50 Capital Investments Title V Grant Highlights A Title V grant has been awarded to West Hills College Coalinga in the amount of $3,248,837 over a five year period. The Title V grant will expand options for instruction and support by training faculty in effective distance course development and delivery, revising or developing 25 key distance courses with links to web-based tutoring and research resources, and creating web-based distance orientation/readiness, career/educational assessment and planning, advising, probation support, and progress tracking services to support distance and on-campus students’ success.

51 Capital Investments Title V Grant Highlights (continued...) To achieve this goal, critical new positions will be hired: – Associate Vice Chancellor of Connected Learning (who will also serve as the Title V Project Manager) – Activity Director/Distance Instructional Design Specialist – Web-Based Services Specialist – Student Data Specialist – Distance Delivery Technical Specialist Also included in the grant is equipment; “virtual receptionists”; Smarthinking (online tutoring); a distance learning resource lab; and @One trainers.

52 Capital Investments More Coming Attractions… Lumina Foundation (WHC Coalinga) – What is the value of a West Hills College to a student and a potential employer? Achieving the Dream (WHC Lemoore) – Encouraging a courageous dialogue about student success Two Additional Days for Professional Development – Organizational and college focus on student success and professional development Closing the Gap – Partnership with our K-12 colleagues to share expectations Accreditation – Continuous quality review to maintain our leadership position in the Valley

53 Capital Investments In Summary What is the state of our District? As a District, we managed the fiscal crisis of the state in a way that puts us in a better place than we were when the crisis began. Through it all, we became stronger financially and academically because we are a community of learners focused on a common vision and we care about the people we work with and the students we teach.

54 Capital Investments California Community College Board of Governors Meeting September 9 & 10, 2013 West Hills College Lemoore

55 Capital Investments Questions?

56 Capital Investments Have a great semester!

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