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Building on a Foundation of Success Strategic Planning 2007 – 2012.

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1 Building on a Foundation of Success Strategic Planning 2007 – 2012

2 Vision: A world class technical college, training students for a quality workforce. Mission: Our mission is to provide education leading to the competencies that meet business and industry standards for the diverse workforce of today and tomorrow. Throughout the past five years, the Clover Park Technical College community has worked diligently to achieve an ambitious, visionary and inclusive Strategic Plan. The 2002-2007 Strategic Plan is comprehensive in its effort to build up our instructional programs while enhancing our workplace excellence standards and strengthening our community engagement. The 2002-2007 Plan set a high bar for Clover Park Technical College staff and students to reach including updated vision and mission statements and eight Strategic Leadership Goals. From our 2004 Accreditation Visit, we learned that we are on track to fulfill our mission and incorporate aspects of the Strategic Plan into our daily routine. We also learned that there is continued work to be done to ensure that Clover Park Technical College is a world class college. This summary of the progress we have made toward achieving our Strategic Leadership Goals illustrates that the 2002-2007 Strategic Plan has empowered the college community to construct a strong foundation of success for our future. This is also an appropriate time for the college community to reflect upon how far we have come as an institution and the direction in which we want to proceed in the next five years. We can be very proud as an institution that we will continue Building a Foundation of Success.

3 On Solid Ground Major strides have been made toward strengthening our College by either achieving or partially achieving the following Strategic Leadership Goals: Customized and contract training courses are offered through the Economic Development Department (established 2003) and the Center for Business Development. The Economic Development Department was established to create an impetus for entrepreneurship, economic development and program development. Highlights: Model Workforce Development Plan (2006), Model WorkFirst Plan (2006), Center for Business Development opened (2006), growth of South Hill Campus. This Department also cultivates many business partnerships. Established International Education program. Highlights: international FTE growth, expanded contracts for international student exchanges, presidential visits to sister colleges abroad, and participation in Governor’s Trade Mission to Korea. Active participation in Lakewood’s Sister City Association. Resource development growth includes grant expansion, expanded financial support. Highlights: Title III Grant ($1.3m), Opportunity Grant pilot ($1.25m), High Demand Registered Nurse ($250k), High Demand Histology Technician ($120k). Foundation support highlights include, $70,000 annually distributed to students for scholarships and tuition, $650,000 endowment, $1.3m raised for Hayes Child Development Center. Strategic Leadership Goals 2002 - 2007 We provide training on demand We demonstrate instructional excellence We promote program innovation and renewal We are the choice for business and industry We maximize our resources We continuously improve We are customer driven We foster a collegial environment that embraces diversity

4 Under Construction Partial progress has been made toward achieving these goals however work remains before the goal is achieved. Increased evening and weekend program offerings, highlights include evening Registered Nurse, Early Learning and Histology Technology programs. On - line classes developed in the areas of Emergency Management, Retail Clerk and “hybrid” academic offerings, to name a few. Expanded certificate options include for example, Horticulture, Chemical Dependency, Swedish and Clinical Massage Practioner. Access to higher education resources for professional associations, publications have been encouraged in all programs, notable examples include national Surgical Technician and Early Learning accreditation and professional certifications. Return to industry opportunities are provided to interested faculty. Incentive programs for instructional excellence include annual Foundation awards to include the Puget Sound Energy Distinguished Faculty Award, the Exceptional Faculty Award and the Fund for Excellence. Additional funds have been made available for continued staff education and training. Organizational structure to support instructional excellence is under regular review as the College continually evaluates the most effective model to serve staff and students. Multiple revisions to the administrative structure have been made to accommodate growth in new program development and program expansion. Five year marketing plan for economic development and entrepreneurship has not been officially developed yet progress has been made on branding and advertising the Center for Business Development and Institute for Business and Industry (IBI). Human Resources organization plan is in progress. Develop a comprehensive continuous improvement model for the College—the Nichols Plans- continues to serve as a model for the College to continually improve. College wide models for continuous improvement and systemic tracking of such models are in progress.

5 In the Pipeline The plans to complete these goals are still on the drawing board and may be considered for the 2007-2012 Plan. Revitalized Teaching and Learning Center Compensation system for full time faculty that rewards for innovation and entrepreneurship. Identify and integrate teaching abilities standards in hiring criteria Develop a comprehensive, systemic continuous improvement model for the College

6 Construction Bonus Accreditation Information and New Construction Manager Construction Bonus: 2004 Accreditation Commendations 1. Board of Trustees for its advocacy and service to the College. 2. Student Government for dedication to diverse student programs and supporting student learning. 3. Faculty and staff for creating a supportive learning environment. 4. Capital expansion and beautification. 5. Commitment to continuous improvement in the area of capital development, curriculum development and use of technology. Caution! Proceed with Care: 2004 Accreditation Recommendations 1. Incorporate systemic evaluation activities timed so to improve allocation of resources, instructional programs and services. 2. Explore a more inclusive shared governance structure. 3. Expand library support. 2007 Annual Presidential Goals Enrollment Growth. Continuing Education Expansion. Conference Center Roll-out. Outreach to Underserved Students. Expanded Equipment Funding.

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