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OH&S Management System

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1 OH&S Management System
Risk Assessment Based on Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series 18001

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Organizations are responsible for risk that arises out of their own workplaces. * Management need to be committed to OH&S:- - The old assumption that workers are responsible for causing accidents are not entirely valid. * Self-regulated * Proactive management approach

Identify regulatory requirements – compliance to local and national laws. Identify hazards and risks – pertinent to current work activities. Manage risks – introduce controls to manage risks to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Establish a policy and objectives – introduce plans to manage the risks that has been identified. Implement the plans. Monitor performance – obtain feedback and make the necessary changes to the policy or objectives if required.

SYSTEM ?  Voluntary management system  Integrates OH&S hazards into business process  Identify, assess and control hazards relating to business  Anticipates and meets OH&S performance expectations (national / international level)  Applicable to any organization, regardless of size, type, or level of maturity

Assess risk, identify applicable regulations * Do Identify responsibility and accountability, training, communicate, control and prepare for emergencies. * Check Monitor, Record, Audit (Check, Examination, Review,Assessment) * Act to improve

7 Elements of successfull OH&S Management
OH&S Policy Management Review Continual Improvement Planning Checking & Corrective Action Implementation & Operation

Overall process of estimating the magnitude of risk and deciding whether or not the risk is tolerable SAFETY Freedom from unacceptable risk of harm TOLERABLE RISK Risk that has Commitmentd to a level that can be endured by the organization having regard to its legal obligations an its own OH&S policy

9 (One of the elements of OHSAS 18001)
4.3 PLANNING 1 (One of the elements of OHSAS 18001) 4.3.1 Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control. The organization shall establish and maintain procedures for the ongoing identification of hazards, assessment of risks and the implementation of the necessary control measures.

10 4.3 PLANNING 2 Activities shall include routine and non-routine of all personnel having access to work place or it facilities including subcontractors and visitors. Results of assessments must be documented and kept up to date ( in the event of new equipment or change of process).

11 Methodology For Hazard Identification And
Risk Assessment Relevant to job activity. Proactive rather than reactive. Need to uncover hazards. Able to classify risks. Risks can be identified, controlled or eliminated. Control measures need to be specified.

12 How do we do it ? Set up sub-committees in each individual work section. Get them to make a list of all current work activities ( routine and non-routine). Use a Risk Assessment Matrix to conduct an initial assessment to determine activities that constitute highest risk to employees, subcontractors or visitors.

13 How do we do it ? 4. From the initial assessment, conduct a detailed risk assessment on the highest risk activity by breaking the activity into the basic job sequence. 5. From basic job sequence, determine the inherent hazards (with current controls in place) and the controls required to mitigate them.

14 How do we do it ? 6. Plan and allocate resources to ensure controls are effective. Place priority on activity with highest risk to safety. 7. Person responsible to be nominated to administer controls effectively in the agreed time frame.

15 How can we succeed ? Management must give endorsement. Set performance standards – use industry and current legal standards. Education and Training – provide training to the risk assessment sub-committee members.

16 How can we succeed ? 4. Task selection (prioritize) – Take action on job activities with the highest risks. 5. Group involvement – Risk assessment sub-committee is to submit their findings to the OSH Committee. OSH Committee to submit to management for approval. 6. Documented, acted upon and reviewed.

17 How To Prepare A Job Safety Analysis
How to determine the hazards in a job activity. List down all work activities with the highest risk. Break each work activity into sequential steps. Identify all hazards. Conduct initial risk assessment. RISK = probability x severity.

18 How To Control Hazards 1. Specify Control Measures. Eliminate hazard.
Engineering Controls / Isolation. Administrative Controls. Personal Protective Equipment. 2. Implement and Monitor.

19 JSA / JSA Assessment Form

20 Risk Assessment Guide

21 Safety & Health Committee Org.

22 The Need For OSH Committee
Section 30, OSH Act 1994 Establishment of a safety & health committee is mandatory for places of work employing more than 40 workers. Gazetted on 1 January 1997

23 Composition Of Committee
OSH Committee consists of : Chairman Secretary Representatives of employer Representatives of employees

24 Representatives This Regulation Requires that :
Less than 100 employees - 2 from management. - 2 from employees. More than 100 employees - 4 from management. - 4 from employees.

25 OSH Committee’s Commitment
Assist in the development of safety and health rules and safe systems of work. Review the effectiveness of safety and health program. Carry out studies on trends of incident & report to management. Review & make recommendations on Safety & Health Policy.

26 Workplace Inspection Inspect the workplace at least once in 3 months.
Develop programs for corrective actions. Evaluate effectiveness of corrective actions. Report & record unsafe acts and conditions. Advise management on improvement of safety.

27 Accident Investigation
Assist the Safety Officer when he is conducting accident investigation. Obtain additional shop floor information pertaining to the cause of the accident. Provide recommendations to prevent recurrence.

28 Accident Investigation cont’d.
Communicate cause of accident and recommended actions to prevent recurrence of the accident to his/her colleagues once results are made public. Follow up on the implementation of corrective measures.

29 Investigate Into Complaints
Committee members must maintain an open communication system for employees to report on OSH issues. Members will then take immediate action to look into any complaints or suggestions. Members can refer to the safety & health committee if immediate management is incapable of taking any action.

30 Complaints & Committee
If the Committee receives any complaints, they must; investigate immediately make a report Make a recommendation to eliminate or reduce the risk.

31 Complaints & Employer Employer must implement the recommended actions immediately after receiving report from the committee. Reasons must be given if management cannot implement the recommended actions. If the committee does not agree with the reasons given by the management, they can refer the case to DG DOSH for further investigation.

32 Other Activities Involving OSH Committee
The OSH committee should assist management in activities pertaining to OSH; Safety and Health Awareness Campaign Safety and Health awards Safety and Health exhibition Conduct Safety and Health Surveys


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