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How I make a Peace Drum by Fred Haga in Clark County, Washington.

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1 How I make a Peace Drum by Fred Haga in Clark County, Washington

2 First, get a buffalo rawhide. The hide has not been tanned into leather.

3 Then select some boards for frames and stands. I mostly use western red cedar boards similar to this one. Smaller, lighter drums can be framed with one inch lumber. Some of the largest drums are made using two inch by eight inch by ten foot cedar boards.

4 Miter cut the frame boards to length.

5 Drill the lacing holes. This is more accurate and quicker with a drill press.

6 Rout the lacing holes and edges with a round over bit. Now I have my router mounted in a table and it works much better.

7 Sand the lacing holes, edges, and faces. Then sand some more.

8 Glue the frame pieces together, strap them tightly, and let them set over night.

9 Add sausage dowels to frame joints top and bottom.

10 Putty some frame joints. Avoid twisted, warped, or cupped boards.

11 Sand, and sand, and sand some more. With power and by hand.

12 Finish the frame with oil or wood stain or hand rubbed poly.

13 Plan the drum head layout for best sound, avoiding holes.

14 Cut lacing from the leftover rawhide – about 30 feet of lacing per drum.

15 Lace the drum head to the frame.

16 Add manila rope for suspension from the stand.

17 Build a drum stand while the drum head is drying.

18 Label and date the completed drum.

19 I use beaver gnawed sticks and sheepskin to make beaters.

20 Sew a drum bonnet and carrying bag – I have mine made by Cedar Creek Designs in Vancouver.

21 These Peace Drums, including shape, suspension, lacing, stand, beaters and bungee are all my original inspiration, design, and creation. Enjoy.

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