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2 Design  Draw a quick sketch of the your workstation with all measurements to give you a brief overview.

3 Cutting List  Make a cutting list of the main piece so you know how much to buy and cut.

4 Table Saw and Router Table Top  Mark and draw out all the lines and sections that need to be cut. Make sure your tables saw fence runs along the factory cut edge so its perfectly square. Table Saw Top Router Table Top Fence Guide

5 Table Saw and Router Table Top  Use a straight edge to make a perfect cut. Take your time because anything else you build on this table saw will only be as accurate as you cut these lines!

6 Aligning the Circular saw  Using two straight edges center your circular saw so its parallel to one edge and perpendicular to the other.

7 Aligning the Circular saw  Add pieces of scrap wood on all 4 edges of the circular saw to hold in place.

8 Router Table Insert  Mark the perimeter of the area for the router table insert.

9 Router Table Insert  Align straight edges for router to run along.

10 Router Table Insert  Router out the area for router insert. Make sure you set the depth of the router bit to ½” or a hair more then your router insert!

11 Router Table Insert  Using your jigsaw cut the center part out of the router area.

12 Router Table Insert  Notch out the corners of the router insert area.

13 Router Table Insert  Cut out a router insert from ½” ply, a hair bigger then the area you routed. Then sand it down so it fits snug.

14 Router Table Insert  Find the center of the insert and center the router according to it. Then screw the router base in place.

15 Jigsaw Table Insert  Do the same procedure done on the router table insert except with the jigsaw.  This contraptions can do the same work as a scroll saw. Rockwell actually sells a similar tool called the Blade Runner.

16 Connecting the Tables  Attach table saw top to router table top with hinge. Make sure the edges are parallel or else your fence will not be square to the blade.

17 Connecting the Tables  Align the table saw fence guide exactly 2” from the edge.

18 Connecting the Tables  Cut a section out of the table tops so the table will hinge down.

19 Connecting the Tables  “Optional” You can also add a T track along the bottom for a fence locking mechanism to ride along.

20 Workstation Base  Next you'll need to make a rectangle base with half lap joints.

21 Workstation Base  Cut 8 32” long 2”x4” for the legs and connect them together. Use something as stop block so all the legs are cut exactly the same length!

22 Workstation Base  Connect the base to table top after its centered and squared.

23 Workstation Base  Add supports around the base for extra strength and to form a shelf.

24 Workstation Supports  Cut 2 2”x4” at 45 degree angles to support the router table. Make sure the tables are level so the fence on the foldable section will still be square to the table saw.

25 Table Saw Installation  Remove blade guard from circular saw.

26 Table Saw Installation  Place circular saw in guides. Drill holes in the saw base and screw it in place. You may have to shim your saw because it will probably not be perfectly square the first time. You may need to add nuts to your screws so they don’t go all the way through the table. Turn saw on and plunge it through the table. When your done the saw should be square to the fence guide. A jack works great for holding the saw in place.

27 Table Saw Fence  Cut several pieces of melamine to build a table saw fence. 2” wide and a little bit short then table. 11” wide and a little bit short then table. 12” long and 2” wide You can cut off the excess to lighten the fence.

28 Shelves and Wheels  Cut a piece of Melamine to the size of the base. Then screw it to the legs along with casters.

29 Shelves  Cut several slats of wood to make shelves on the middle supports. I used salvaged pallet wood and it worked great.

30 Optional Extras  You can also mount a power strip on the side which is very handy.  Along with an extension cord holder made from dowels.

31 Optional Extras  You can also make drill holders made from 4” PVC pipe.

32 Optional Extras  You can wire a light switch up to your table saw to make it much more effective. I filled the cavity and wires with hot glue to protect them. I would recommend using an actual electrical box.

33 Optional Extras  I built a small tool box out of pallet wood and ½” ply. It works great for holding all the tools I often use.

34 Optional Extras  I built a fence locking system that slides on the T- Track I mounted earlier. 3/8” T nut 3/8” Carriage Bolt

35 Finished Product  When your done it should look like this. Table Saw Plenty of room for tool storage.

36 Finished Product Dill holders

37 Finished Product

38 Router Table Scroll Saw Thing A router table fence can be built the same way as the table saw fence just put the fence on the right side.

39 Finished Product THATS ALL

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