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European Funding Streams Francesca Anderson European Business Development Manager Business Services Office 20th July 2007.

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1 European Funding Streams Francesca Anderson European Business Development Manager Business Services Office 20th July 2007

2 Why get involved in European-funded research? Prestige International aspect of research Access to funding opportunities that don’t exist nationally RAE and international benchmarking Sharing expertise and facilities

3 Why not to get involved in European-funded research? Low success rates Working with pan-European partners Hugely bureaucratic Financial viability – low intervention rates/overheads Often brilliant science not enough – focus on implementation and impact

4 EU Policy Backdrop “Never go to Brussels looking for money for research. Only go there to solve a problem that the European Commission has identified…..Understand European policies” (Sean McCarthy, How to write a competitive proposal for FP7,2007) “To meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs (Bruntland Commission, 1987) Lisbon Strategy 2000 – economic sustainable development (relaunched 2004) Gothenburg Strategy 2001 – environmental sustainable development (relaunched 2006 as the EU Sustainable Development Strategy)

5 Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) CO-OPERATION Fostering collaboration between industry and academia to gain sustainable leadership in key technology areas 10 Thematic Priorities IDEAS Supporting individual basic research at scientific frontiers European Research Council PEOPLE Supporting mobility and career development for researchers both within and outside Europe Marie Curie Actions CAPACITIES Helping develop the capacities that Europe needs to be a sustainable knowledge-based economy SME Research/Research Infrastructure/RoK/INCO/Policy Research

6 FP7 (cont…) FP7 is the European Union’s main instrument for funding research in Europe Budget 2007-2013 €53.2 billion First calls issued 22 December 2006 UoB partner in 31 calls submitted under the first call (mainly collaborative projects under Co-operation strand) Not for the faint hearted – big budgets/hugely bureaucratic/require extensive European networks Second calls in ICT, Health and Food now open Next major calls in the fields of Environment and Energy unlikely before late 2008

7 Breaking News: ERA-Net SKEP Joint Research Call - Sustainable Consumption and Production The Environment Agency’s ERA-Net SKEP (Scientific Knowledge for Environmental Protection) has launched a joint call for calls in the field of sustainable consumption and production –Review of environmental accounting approaches associated with imported goods and services –Assessment of the interplay between environmental regulation and market forces with respect to building and construction industry Proposals must include at least 3 independent legal entities from 3 SKEP partner countries Closing date: 14 September 2007 Further information:

8 Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) 2007 - 2013 Budget €3.6 billion ICT Policy Support Programme: accelerate the development of a sustainable, competitive, innovative and inclusive information society –Current call deadline 23/10/07 Intelligent Energy Europe Programme: promote energy efficiency and new and renewable energy sources –Current call closes 28/09/07

9 LIFE+ LIFE+ “promoting a sustainable Union 2007-2013” (DEFRA web site) Supports the implementation of the 6th Environmental Action Plan and policy development at a European level Budget of roughly €300 million per year Draft application guidelines to be available by the end of July 2007 The first call for proposals is expected to be published in September 2007

10 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Convergence Objective: SE not eligible Competitiveness Objective: –SE budget c.€3million/year (likely to be matched by SEEDA) –Theme 1: Promoting the knowledge economy –Theme 2: Promoting sustainable production and consumption –Cross cutting themes: Environmental sustainability/Equality –Projects must be pan-regional, but do not have to involve European partners –‘Must avoid a proliferation of projects which would lead to loss of impact and direction’ = large projects! –Intervention rate likely to be 50% so will need matched funding –Draft OP now available and awaiting Commission approval –First SE calls likely to be in Autumn 2007

11 ERDF (cont…) Co-operation (Interreg) –Cross Border (IVA) See map (North/South areas – UK eligible for both) UK budget €88.5 million Up to 75% eligible costs Draft Ops for both programmes available, first calls early 2008 Lisbon/Gothenburg Agenda focussed –Transnational (IVB) North West Europe Programme (see map) Total budget €500 million Up to 50% eligible costs First calls early Autumn 2007 Themes: capacity for innovation/sustainable management of natural resources/ICT solutions/prosperous communities Information/ideas/partner searching web site: –Inter Regional (IVC) RDA led (lobby SEEDA) UK budget €375million Still at very early stages of development

12 Interreg IVA Quadrilateral Maritime Cross-border Co-operation Programme

13 Interreg IVB North West Europe Programme

14 European Social Fund (ESF) “To help workers and companies to adapt to change and encourage the development of labour markets that award priority to social inclusion” (SEPBO Funding Guide) Budget for SE 2007 – 2013 €202million 2 Priorities: –Extending employment opportunities –Developing a skilled and adaptable workforce HE ESF unit currently lobbying for the support of “higher level skills” through RDA co-financing (sectors identified Digital Media, Construction/Built Environment, Marin technologies, Health technologies, Environmental Technologies)

15 Who can help with European funding? Is your idea related to “Economic and Social Engagement”? –BSO (Francesca Anderson) Do you plan to work with SME/Industrial partners? –BSO (Francesca Anderson) Is your idea not related to “Economic and Social Engagement” and you hope to work with HE/Academic partners? –VRU (Katharyn Lanaro)

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