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Going Mainstream Data Access Europe Nick Nikijuluw.

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1 Going Mainstream Data Access Europe Nick Nikijuluw

2 Reporting & DataFlex DFQuery Report Intelligent Query MReport FlexQL WinQL Winprint Crystal Reports VDFQuery List & Label Virtual Print Engine Visual Report Writer Dynamic AI

3 Reporting, the Future Dynamic AI Visual Report Writer

4 Release points  Version July 2010  Version September 2010  Version February 2011  Version May 2011  Version April 2012  Version August 2012

5 What is in V2.1 DataFlex and SQL Data Full drag & drop design capabilities Filter Expert & Function Grouping, Sorting Function Editor  VB-Like Syntax, Expressions, Statements, Built-in Functions External Library Functions, Parameters 5

6 What is in V2.1 Stored Procedures Sub reports Integration  Column, Data Source, Export  Filter, Function, Language  Parameter, Preview, Print  Progress, Report, Sort Runtime Data Source  Create Report on RDS Create Report on RDS  Integrate with Visual DataFlex, sampleVisual DataFlexsample

7 What’s next? Visual Report Writer version 3.0  Scheduled: 2 nd quarter 2013  Standard & Developer Edition  Enterprise Edition (New!) 7

8 What’s Next? April 2013  Library for V2.1  3.0 Alpha I – Developer (English/No Lib) Q  3.0 Standard  3.0 Developer Q  3.0 Enterprise

9 Enterprise Edition Security  Authorized access to reports  Viewer vs. Author Productivity  Facilitate Centralization  Enhance re-usability  Reduce duplicity Compliance  Activity Logging and Statistics  Versioning

10 Enterprise Edition Centralized storage  Reports stored  Connections  Functions Users/roles/rights XML in/out

11 V3 project - Overview Re-factoring  Performance, caching strategy  Allow for new functionality  General Maintainability Usability – Enhancements, YAFR’s New Features, New Edition Fix Bugs Web Framework Readiness

12 V3 New Features Interactive preview Web Framework Preview HTML, XLS/XLSX export Gradients Embed image in report Function Editor improvements  Report Fields/summaries in editor  Status bar Ellipses on clipped objects Sum() functions Previous() and Next() functions Size to font Align to baseline Printer-tray selection Arrange Objects Copy formatting Distinct Count Average summary type New locking method Suppress if zero Change Data source

13 Interactive preview New layout engine  Performance, caching  Page formatting (format once, cache)  More efficient execution of functions  Interactive Preview Search in Preview Events Previewer, Integration PreviewerIntegration

14 Version 3, New features Export type  PDF (not new)  XLS Export, Data Only, FormattedData OnlyFormatted HTML based  Export (Single file, Multi file)  Web Preview (no file)  Web Forms  See Live demo’s here! See Live demo’s here!

15 V3 – YAFR’s Show ellipses Suppress if zero Size to font Function Editor improvements Align to baseline Arrange Objects. Copy formatting Previous() and Next() functions Sum() functions

16 V3 – New Features Gradients Embed image in report Printer-tray selection. Average (summary type) New locking method. Numeric masks (formatting functions). Change Data source

17 Deployment Reduce the number of components  No more dfapi30.dll  No more dynapdf.dll

18 Deployment What you need  The Visual Report Writer OCX  VRW.db Optional (if non English)  Df_collate.cfg  Language.db

19 Deployment Setup.exe  Copy files  Set location  Registry free (?) Web Deployment License

20 So… When? April 2013  Library for V2.1  3.0 Alpha I – Developer (English/No Lib) Q  3.0 Standard  3.0 Developer Q  3.0 Enterprise

21 Questions/Comments? Thank you!

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