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Welcome! Were Glad Youre Here!. Whats New In Version 5.1b-100 Welcome to The Annual Information & Records Associates, Inc. User Conference May 20, 2009.

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1 Welcome! Were Glad Youre Here!

2 Whats New In Version 5.1b-100 Welcome to The Annual Information & Records Associates, Inc. User Conference May 20, 2009 Your Hosts Dan Beery Pete Bryant

3 Whats New! What well discuss during this session: –New Features Available In The Administration Utility. –New Features Available In The Web Client. –How These New Features Can Help You Achieve Easier Management And Implementation of Your DocuWare Installation. –We will touch on these features during this session. Further explanation or details can be pursued during the breakout sessions or by calling our support department.

4 Administration Additions DocuWare has added the ability to define search criteria via SQL statements. –This feature allows users to add intricate SQL queries for filtered criteria within profiles of file cabinets. –Greater flexibility to define more intricate access to your DocuWare data.

5 You must first turn on the SQL query option at the DocuWare System Level for it to be active throughout the system. Turning On SQL Query Options

6 Assigning A SQL Query To A Profile Create a file cabinet profile to use the SQL Query Name the profile Check the Use Index Filter Box Click the Open General Search Dialog.

7 SQL Query Implemented in File Cabinet Profiles. In the Open General Search Dialog click the Free SQL Statement tab. Type your query in the window. Continue through the dialog.

8 Administration Additions Select lists via ODBC connections to external database data. Allows creation of select lists without having to export or retype information. This allows quicker implementation, securer data lists and less errors.

9 Administration Additions Synchronization workflows can be assigned to any user. This assigned user can initiate the workflow from their client workstation without logging into DocuWare Administration. The Administrator can define the workflow but another may run it.

10 Synchronization Assignment Synchronization workflows are then able to be initialized from the user thick client session. They are prompted to login when initiated. Check the box and click synchronize to begin.

11 Administration Additions Status Monitor For File Cabinets –Service Information DocuWare Document and Page Number Information for a file cabinet –Catalog Information Full text Detailed Information

12 Administration Additions Saving Cabinet Settings in XML File Format –Allows copying file cabinet settings in a standard file format –Allows copying or moving a file cabinet easier Right Click the File Cabinet and select Export. For those that have used previous version of DocuWare you may remember the older file cabinet settings in a ADF file.

13 Administration Additions Variables Within Administratively Created Baskets Paths –Docuware allows system variables to be used to create paths for baskets created at the Administrative level. Example: –(\\servername\docuware\ba skets\%USERNAME%) –You can also use a local path, i.e. (C:\docuware\baskets\%USERNAM E%)

14 Administration Additions Copy a Full Text Workflow –You can copy a full text workflow to a new file cabinet that has full text enabled. Saves time in setting up workflow jobs. –Right Click the Workflow and choose to copy it to another file cabinet.

15 Administration Additions Lock Fields –Individual fields in search and store dialogs can now be locked individually even without a fixed entry. Allows safe and secure entry or retrieval to restricted users. Just click the box to activate.

16 Administration Additions Export Logging Files –Allows exporting of the logging entries as XML files –Logs can easily be captured and examined for detailed information or support calls. Prior, extracting logging reports was time consuming and required a lot of user intervention.

17 Administration Additions REPORTING TOOL –This utility is one of the most important tools added to DocuWare Version 5.1b-100. –This utility creates a Adobe Acrobat PDF formatted file with all Administrative system and organization information. –This can be for reference or for submission of compliance to IT, Government or other certification regulations. –Saves time in writing or print screen creation of system settings, profiles, groups roles or file cabinet configurations.

18 Administration Additions REPORTING TOOL There is no shortcut for this program. To access it go to the \local install\adminTool\D W5Report.exe Login to the utility. Click the options wanted, reporting directory location and click The Create Report button.

19 Administration Additions REPORTING TOOL Two files will be created if both options are chosen. Each is a PDF file with the name of Systemsettings and the Organizations Name with an extension of PDF.

20 Administration Additions REPORTING TOOL Each of these files can be opened in Adobe Acrobat or your PDF reader of choice.

21 Administration Additions Lets briefly recap the DocuWare enhancements and improvements we have just viewed: SQL Query Statements –Useable in file cabinet profile search criteria, search dialogs and external select lists. Synchronization Workflow Assignment at the client level and the ability for that user to initiate the job.

22 Administration Additions File Cabinet Status Monitors for Document and Page count and Fulltext detailed progress. Saving File Cabinet Settings to XML. Windows System Variables uses in Basket Assignment both on the Network or Local Drives. Workflow Copy Options to simplify creation and maintenance.

23 Administration Additions The ability to Lock fields without having to assign a fixed entry. Exporting DocuWare System Log Files to XML. The System and Organization Reporting Tool.

24 DocuWares New Web Client Well now take a look at the new DocuWare Web Client.

25 DocuWare Web Client Innovative Design Easy Implementation Concise Use Customizable Full Featured Secure

26 DocuWares New Web Client DocuWares web client allows easy implementation from a central Web site. Security is initiated and managed from the DocuWare Administration Utility. No more editing INI files / cut and pasting GUID numbers as in previous version. Web Client is fully integrated into the DocuWare program engine.

27 DocuWares New Web Client We are going to take a quick look at the changes to Web Client in version 5.1B-100. However, for those of our guest that have not seen Web Client we are going to show a quick 5 minute animated demo describing the product.

28 DocuWares New Web Client Retrieve Linked Documents –You can display a list of documents associated with a particular document directly from result lists and task lists, as well as from the Viewer. These other documents can be retrieved from the same or a different file cabinet. You can also open the documents in multiple display windows at the same time.

29 DocuWares New Web Client Set Annotations on Documents –Drawing tools, for creating lines, circles and arrows, and for writing and highlighting text with markers, are now also available in the Web Client for adding annotations to documents directly in the Viewer. You can choose different colors and other properties for the individual tools, such as line weight. Annotations can be hidden or displayed.

30 DocuWares New Web Client Open Documents in Separate Viewer Windows –If you want to look at several documents placed next to each other, you can now open them in separate Viewer windows.

31 DocuWares New Web Client Status Bar in the Viewer –The Viewer in the Web Client has a status bar showing information about the displayed document, for example the file format and number of pages.

32 Web Client In Motion Well now watch a brief video showing the easy of use and some of the features of the Web Client. Please enjoy.


34 Thank you for letting us show you the new and exciting features of DocuWare Version 5.1b-100. During our Administration breakout session this afternoon we will be happy to answer any further questions, setup a time for a more detailed look or assist you in further using DocuWare to make your office as automated and efficient as possible.

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