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Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association November 20, 2013.

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1 Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association November 20, 2013

2 Transit Development and Delivery 2

3 New Starts Management Structure MTA Office of Transit Development and Delivery –Executive Direction and Control –Legal –Real Estate Program Management Consultant per Project General Engineering Consultant per Project Financial and Insurance Advisor Economic Empowerment Program Team 3

4 Economic Empowerment Program Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program –Not M/WBE –Goals set at/for each phase of project –Piloting new USDOT bonding initiative Small Business Enterprise –First major project for MDOT Targeted Worker Hiring Goal –Economically- and socially-disadvantaged persons –Veterans Workforce Development Programs –Targeted to top “in-demand” trades 4

5 Project Delivery Methods

6 Deliberate Project Delivery Analysis Comparison of Delivery Methods Relative to: –Project goals –Technical and financial risks –State and federal legal requirements –Availability/timing of State and Federal funds –Integration with existing operations Value for Money Organizational and Marketplace Capacity Peer Review and Industry Forum

7 7

8 Maryland National Capital Purple Line Improved Connectivity to Major Activity Centers –Links 4 branches of the Metro –Connects to all three MARC lines and Amtrak –Connects to regional and local bus services $2.2B Capital Cost 69,000 Daily Riders 8

9 Purple Line Characteristics Fully Grade-Separated Running Way from Bethesda to Silver Spring In-Street Running in Median, Separate Right-of-Way In-Street Running, Mixed Traffic at 3 Locations Aerial Structures Over Railroads, Silver Spring Transit Center and MD 450 Two Maintenance Facilities, Yard and Shop Includes Capital Crescent Trail and Bethesda Metro South Entrance projects 9

10 Why P3 for Purple Line? Self-Contained from Existing MTA Operations Appropriate Size for Concessionaires to Bid Enough Complexity for Innovation Reasonable Risk Allocation Good Value for Money

11 MTA will Retain Primary Responsibility for Certain Project Elements Public Information, Communications and Involvement General Terms of Third-Party Agreements Right-of-Way Acquisition Fare Policy and Ridership Policing and Security Transit Oriented Development 11

12 P3 Structure Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain Approximately a 30-year O&M term with handback Performance Based Technical Provisions Reference drawings and Basis of Design Report Life Cycle Cost Considerations Responsible for operations, maintenance, replacement Capture Innovation and Cost/Schedule Savings Milestone Payments During Construction Availability Payments O&M costs Capital debt Financing cost Profit/Risk coverage Performance

13 P3 Solicitation/Selection Schedule 13 MilestoneTarget Date Pre-Solicitation Report PublishedJuly 31, 2013 BPW Approval of P-3 DesignationNovember 6, 2013 Request for Qualifications IssuedNovember 8, 2013 Statements of Qualifications DueDecember 10, 2013 Short List Announced and Draft RFP IssuedEarly January 2013 Final Request for Proposals Issued* (*Alternative technical concept dates TBA) Late April 2014 Proposals DueAugust 2014 Preferred BidderSeptember 2014 Commercial CloseOctober 2014 Financial CloseApril 2015

14 14

15 15 Project Alignment

16 16 Project Description Stations: 19 –14 surface, 5 with parking; 5 underground Capital Cost: $2.6+ Billion (Year of Expenditure Dollars) Average Daily Ridership (2035): 54,520 Connections to: –MARC commuter rail at two stations –Central Light Rail (Blue Line) at Lombard Street –Metro (short walk) at Charles Center Frequency of Service: 10-Minute Peak at Opening, 7- Minute Peak by 2035

17 Advance & Associated Contracts ($85M) By MTA… 60” Water Main at MLK/Fremont Off-Site Stormwater Management Reforestation By others… Edmondson Avenue Bridge Reconstruction (City) Utility Relocation and Supply (Comcast, Verizon, BGE, etc.) Brewer’s Hill/Canton Crossing Road Improvements (City)

18 Contract Package Plan ($1.9B) Civil, Bridge and Utilities Contract’s by Geography (5) Downtown Tunnel, Utilities and Station Boxes Cooks Lane Tunnel Surface Station Finishes (Canopy, Architecture, Landscaping, ADA, Signage, etc.) Underground Station Fit-Out, Finish and Surface Restoration (2) Trackwork, Systems and Signals* Elevator and Escalator Operations and Maintenance Facility* Vehicles* Fare Collection * P3 under consideration

19 19

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