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Proposition 1B and the Strategic Growth Plan Randell Iwasaki California Department of Transportation.

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1 Proposition 1B and the Strategic Growth Plan Randell Iwasaki California Department of Transportation

2 Governor Schwarzenegger Announces the Strategic Growth Plan  January 2006 – Governor proposes the California Strategic Growth Plan (SGP) – $222 billion total infrastructure fix over ten years  $107 billion dedicated to transportation – Reduce congestion – Improve connectivity – Improve safety – Reduce air pollution

3 California Voters Support Infrastructure Improvements  November 2006 – California voters approve a $37 billion infrastructure package – Dedicate fuel sales tax to transportation (Prop 1A) – $19.9 billion transportation (Prop 1B) – $2.85 billion housing – $10.4 billion education – $4.0 billion levee and flood  Relevant legislation – AB 1467 authorizes state and regional public- private partnerships – AB 1039 includes legislation to streamline the environmental process

4 Governor Schwarzenegger Announces Strategic Growth Plan II  January 2007 – Governor proposes $43.3 billion in new bonds to fund improvements in correction facilities, education, flood and water, judiciary, etc.  New legislation to leverage private sector investment in California transportation infrastructure  Design-build legislation to ensure that Proposition 1B transportation projects can be delivered more quickly

5 Proposition 1B Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Fund of 2006  State highway safety improvements and repairs  Freeway upgrades to reduce congestion  Local street and road repair  Seismic safety improvements to local bridges  Expansion of public transit  Air pollution reduction  Port anti-terrorism security improvements

6 Corridor Mobility Improvement Account  $4.5 Billion – Performance improvements on highly congested travel corridors – Interregional connectivity between developing rural areas – 55 projects totaling $4.5 billion – Leverages other funds to fully fund projects totaling over $9 billion

7 State Route 99 Corridor  $1.0 Billion – Available to Caltrans for approximately 400 miles of State Route 99 for safety, operational and capacity improvements – SR 99 is a major goods movement corridor through California’s central valley – 14 projects totaling $1 billion – Leverages other funds to fully fund projects totaling $1.4 billion

8 Ports Infrastructure, Security & Air Quality  $3.1 Billion – $ 2.0 Billion for Trade Corridors Improvement Fund Improve goods movement at California’s sea, land, and air ports, as well as major truck corridors – $ 1.0 Billion to Reduce emissions and improve air quality in and around ports – $ 100 Million for port, harbor, and ferry terminal security

9 School Bus Retrofit for Air Quality  $ 200 Million – School bus retrofit and replacement to reduce air pollution and exposure to diesel exhaust (ARB)

10 State Transportation Improvement Program Augmentation  $2.0 Billion – An augmentation to the STIP that has been under-funded for several years – Primary source of construction dollars for California’s major transportation projects – 75% allocated directly to cities and counties to fund regional projects – 25% allocated to Caltrans to fund interregional projects

11 Public Transportation Modernization, Improvement, and Service Enhancement  $4.0 Billion – Rehabilitation, safety or modernization, capital service enhancement or expansion, new capital projects, bus rapid transit improvements, rolling stock procurement, rehabilitation, or replacement

12 Transit System Safety, Security & Disaster Response Account  $1.0 Billion – Allocation process to be determined by legislative statutes for: Capital projects that provide increased protection against a security and safety threat Development of a disaster response transportation system that can move people, goods, emergency personnel and equipment in the aftermath of a disaster

13 State-Local Partnership Program Account  $1.0 Billion – To be allocated over 5 years – Dollar for dollar match with local funds to eligible projects nominated by applicant transportation agencies – Discussion underway as to proper matching requirements – Pending further legislative guidance

14 Local Bridge Seismic Retrofit  $125 Million – To provide an 11.5% required match for federal highway bridge replacement and repair funds available for seismic retrofit of 497 remaining local bridges

15 Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Account  $250 Million – Completion of high-priority grade separations and railroad crossing safety improvements Dollar for dollar match of non-State funds required

16 Local Street and Roads, Congestion Relief, and Traffic Safety Account of 2006  $2.0 Billion – $1.0 Billion to Counties – $1.0 Billion to Cities – Likely source for local road rehabilitation projects – Minimum $400K to each city

17 State Highway Operations and Protection Program  $750 Million – $0.4 billion pavement rehabilitation – $0.1 billion for operational elements such as detection and metering – $0.25 billion for traffic light synchronization and other technology to improve safety, operations, or capacity of local streets and roads

18 System Management Pyramid

19 SHOPP Pavement Rehabilitation  State Highway System consists of approximately 51,000 lane miles  13,845 lane miles need rehabilitation as of the 2006/07 fiscal year  Effect of Proposition 1B funding at $400 million will cause a slight reduction in the increase of rehabilitation needs

20 Pavement Asset Management Strategies  By 2017/2018, maintain 80 percent of pavement in fair to good condition at a cost of $1.45 billion per year  Balance investment between highly distressed pavement and more cost effective pavement treatments  Conduct life cycle costs on all projects to ensure the most effective project at the lowest long-term cost

21 Benefits of $400 million of additional funding from Prop 1B

22 Thank You California Department of Transportation

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