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February 12, 2010 Government Center Station Reconstruction Project Green Line / Blue Line Public Meeting December, 2012.

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1 February 12, 2010 Government Center Station Reconstruction Project Green Line / Blue Line Public Meeting December, 2012

2 Project Purpose Accessibility - AAB - 521 CMR Compliance Modernized, Customer-Friendly Station New Station Entrance and Lobbies Redundant Elevators Upgrade to Current Code Requirements Complete Electrical System Replacement New Station Platforms Improved Lighting New Fare Gates Station Entrance that ties into City Hall Plaza

3 Project Schedule 2009 – BRA Conceptual Design Approval 2012 – Final Design and Bidding 2013 – Begin Construction and Station Closure * 24 month Station Closure & Subway By-pass * 2015 – Anticipated Re-Opening

4 Stakeholder and Public Outreach MBTA System-wide Accessibility Green Line and Blue Line Operations Security Safety Signals Communications Engineering & Maintenance Real Estate Management Environmental Design & Construction Advertising Track Electrical Systems and Maintenance Traction Power Quality Control PLANNED Public Information Meeting October 2012 CITY OF BOSTON Boston Redevelopment Authority Property Management Commission for Person with Disabilities Boston Landmarks Commission Public Works Dept. Boston Transportation Dept. Boston Water and Sewer Commission Public Improvements Commission Mayors Office Parks and Recreation Dept. Street Lighting OTHERS General Services Admin Federal Transit Admin Mass DOT Mass Historical Commission Area Business Groups Project Abutters Private Utilities Architectural Access Board

5 Existing Station Headhouse

6 Proposed Station Entrance

7 Existing City Hall Plaza

8 Proposed City Hall Plaza

9 Project Site – Existing Boston City Hall Cambridge Street Station Entrance JFK Federal Building City Hall Plaza Court Street

10 Proposed Site Plan Proposed Entrance Project Limits Emergency Egress - Only Headhouse City Hall Cambridge Street JFK ``` Accessible Routes

11 Proposed Accessible Routes Proposed Entrance Emergency Egress - Only Headhouse Cambridge Street Accessible Routes

12 Proposed City Hall Plaza

13 Headhouse Plan Six Entrances with Automatic Sliding Doors Fare Collection Redundant Elevators Accessible Restroom Glass Element with Stairs and Escalators

14 Headhouse/Station Cross Section Green Line to Haymarket Green Line Brattle Loop Surface To Green Line Elevs.

15 Headhouse Entry

16 Interior – Entry Lobby

17 Interior – Paid Lobby

18 Proposed Head House - Interior Solid Stair Risers Perforated for Safety and Visibility Redundant Elevators

19 Green Line Station Plan Redundant Elevators to Surface SCOPE OF WORK Raise Entire Station Floor 8-inches Install Redundant Elevators Construct Rescue Assistance Enclosure Replace all Escalators Replace Stairs to Surface Reconstruct Stairs to Blue Line Replace Electrical Substation Replace Electrical Room Rescue Assistance Enclosure Electrical Substation Redundant Elevators to Blue Line

20 Green Line Station Track Clearance Improvements Existing Platform: About 3-feet Wide Proposed Platform: About 10-feet Wide with Tactile Warnings

21 Blue Line Station Plan Move Stairs Construct Redundant Elevators to Green Line Replace Escalator & Vendor Space Construct Area of Rescue Assistance and Stairs for Emergency-Only Egress

22 Blue Line Emergency Egress Blue Line Emergency–only Egress (looking towards Tremont St) Blue Line Emergency–only Egress (from Cambridge Street)

23 Construction Phasing Criteria: Minimize Operational Disruptions Maintain Public and Worker Safety Minimize Risks of Delays Maximize Quality of Workmanship Value Engineering Recommendation: Station Closure & By-pass

24 Construction Phasing Station Open Alternative (Not Selected) - Construct and Maintain Temp. Headhouse - Increased Cost - Longer Schedule - Mainly Nightwork - Increased Passenger Safety Risks - Increased Service Disruptions - Required Minimum 32+ Weekend Diversions - Required Frequent Changes to Accessible Routes - Required Frequent Changes to Boarding Areas Phase 1 Phase 2 Phases 3&4

25 Construction Phasing Advantages: - Safer Operations & Construction - Reduced Travel Impacts - Reduced Project Schedule - Simpler Surface Work - Easier Trip Planning Disadvantages: - Longer walk for some users - Additional transfer time Station Closure and By-pass Alternative (Selected Option)

26 Future Access to Government Center Station

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