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Kyle Thurow, Kyle Neuschaefer, Alexander Matusiak, and Justin Carroll.

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1 Kyle Thurow, Kyle Neuschaefer, Alexander Matusiak, and Justin Carroll

2 Problem Statement File conversion can be a computationally intensive task. Takes up many CPU cycles, rendering some computers inoperable Targets netbooks / weaker computers and power users

3 What is Cloud-file Converter?  A cloud based sand-box with clearly defined exit and entry paths that can be configured for a wide range of uses  Consists of three main portions of code: 1. Windows Server 2008 Uploader (ASP.NET & C#) 2. Linux Head Node (Unix scripting) 3. Black Box  Our black box for this project is a Java MP3 Conversion Algorithm

4 Design Requirements Simple, easy to use Reusable components Little to no communication between components Well defined entry and exit points Take advantage of the algorithm black box

5 Design Specification ASP.NET web pages designed so that limited user input is required AccessID SecretAccessID BucketName An image of the Webserver was made, so anyone now can take the image and boot it on Amazon All communication takes places through S3 storage MP3 algorithm takes advantage of the black box nature of the algorithm

6 Linux computational node, Windows Web server, and Conversion Algorithm

7 Architecture

8 Interplay of Components Everything communicates through Amazon S3 storage MySQL / SQL server option had been explored We would have to integrate it into- Unix scripting C# and.ASHX / jquery Java

9 microsoft/Microsoft Web Platform - Full Web Server Development Stack (04-11-2010) ami-7b6b3a3e C# and ASP.NET

10 The Uploader-Design Choices Written in ASP.NET Code behind in C# All files loaded to the server first By choosing a website all code is executed on the server Files will exist in memory anyway Limited ability to view stored S3 files Instance retrieval gathers files in a class difficult to connect to a gridview

11 The Uploader User access key Secret Access Key Bucket Name Credentials are stored on the server Permanent until next cycle (csv.txt file)

12 The Uploader Open source flash uploader CSS class for button GUI.ASHX script Delegate in the C# code for Amazon upload logic (OnAllComplete) S3 Upload code Create bucket Actual file upload

13 The Uploader Difficulties constructing an instance of a datatable and binding it to a GridView Solution: simply list uploaded files, converted files, and file details according to index

14 The Uploader Initiates a download from the server Any files in the “converted” folder will be downloaded Issues encountered:.NET security settings Solution: open privileges for any user

15 The Image Windows Web Development Server image released by Microsoft, exclusive to US West IIS is already preconfigured to host a web site Remote Desktop provides a simple method to access the computer and change settings on the fly Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides a “web deploy” option for release software A few tweaks to the web.config file, security settings, and server paths and the website is live.


17 MP3 Conversion Algorithm Implementation  SoX  Unavailable in Amazon repos  Lacks mp3 support in fedora repos  Fedora missing media libraries  Compiled from scratch  Converting to ogg vorbis audio

18 Deployment/Usage 1) Boot up web server and Linux head node. 2) Go to Cloud-converter webpage. 3) Upload files. 4) Wait for files to convert. 5) Download files.

19 The Setup The Uploader Formed from base Microsoft Web Server image The Image Based on Amazon Linux Add repos, install software Condor, s3fs

20 Demonstration Visual Studio local copy {stable}

21 Evaluation Cloud Positives Source computations away from your computer Your computer remains useful while important calculations are completed Negatives Reliant on internet connectivity Amazons continuing operation Local Positives Local implementation is more stable, data more secure Negatives May render weaker computers useless for extended periods of time

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