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Nikolay Tomitov Technical Trainer  What are Amazon Web services (AWS) ?  What’s cool when developing with AWS ?  Architecture of AWS 

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Presentation on theme: "Nikolay Tomitov Technical Trainer  What are Amazon Web services (AWS) ?  What’s cool when developing with AWS ?  Architecture of AWS "— Presentation transcript:

1 Nikolay Tomitov Technical Trainer

2  What are Amazon Web services (AWS) ?  What’s cool when developing with AWS ?  Architecture of AWS  Quota & Pricing  Amazon Web Services  Demo application  Deploying Simple Applications

3  Simple Storage Service (S3) ◦ Provides limitless storage of large files in the cloud  Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) ◦ Provides virtual machine instances called Amazon Machine Instances ◦ Ability to create AMI’s on the fly according to demand  Simple Queue Service (SQS) ◦ Provides reliable messaging between any applications using AWS  Amazon EBS  Amazon Cloud Front ◦ Think of this as a simple web server for static content  Amazon SimpleDB, and others …

4  Services are provided over Web  Communication is web-service based  Communication interface API has been designed to be simple and effective  Three kinds of interfaces: REST, Query & SOAP based  Authentication embedded in each message

5 Standard On-Demand Instances Small (Default)$0.090 per Hour$0.115 per Hour Medium$0.180 per Hour$0.230 per Hour Large$0.360 per Hour$0.460 per Hour Extra Large$0.720 per Hour$0.920 per Hour

6  Ability to increase or decrease capacity within minutes  Ability to commission one, hundreds, or even thousands of server instances simultaneously  A web service API to control the scaling of instances depending on your needs  A “pay only for what you use” pricing model

7  Highly available and highly reliable storage volumes ◦ From 1GB to 1TB ◦ Mounted as devices by EC2 instances  Use them as hard drives  Created in specific availability zone  Automatically replicated  Performance metrics (Amazon CloudWatch)  $0.10 per 1 million I/O requests you make to your volume

8  Backups of your data lying in Amazon S3  Incremental  Loaded lazily  Shared



11  Provides reliable messaging between any applications using AWS  Multiple writers and readers ◦ Multiple parts of your system can send or receive messages at the same time  Configurable properties and access control  Messages are stored in distributed environment ◦ To facilitate reliable delivery





16  Web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the AWS cloud ◦ Currently supporting Oracle and MySQL  Simple to deploy  Scalable & reliable  Secure

17  Stores textual information in a simple database structure  Does not mandate schema for database  Indexes information to facilitate faster query  Stores data securely and reliably across multiple data centers  No limits on amount of data

18  Offers secure online storage system for any kind of data  Data is universally accessible over the Web  No limits on amount of data, longevity or bandwith for transfer or publish  Scalable, distributed system ◦ Stores data redundantly across geographically separated data centers

19  A relational database service with minimal administration ? ( Amazon RDS )  A fast, highly scalable NoSQL database service ? ( Amazon DynamoDB )  A NoSQL database service for smaller datasets ? ( Amazon SimpleDB )  A relational database you can manage on your own ( Amazon EC2 + Amazon EBS )

20  Easy setup, operate and send notifications from the cloud !  Highly scalable, flexible, cost-effective  Broad protocol choice (HTTP,email, SMS, etc.)  Best for event-driven workflows  “Pull” mechanism


22  Authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) service  Well documented and easy to setup

23  Web service for content delivery (CDN)  Supports edge locations  Map domain name to distribution  Fast, simple, elastic, reliable, global and cost-effective

24  Supports Adobe’s Flash and Windows Media Services  Benefits to end users – close; easy to pause, rewind; different encodings  Wide variety of formats

25  Hosting your most frequently accessed website components  Distributing software  Publishing popular media files

26  The problem with databases ?  Memcached solution  Implements Memory Caching system by caching repetitive queries  Easy to setup, manage, scale  Each cluster has one or more cache nodes


28  Follow the tutorial at: http://whatiscomingtomyhead.wordpress.c om/2010/11/24/absolute-first-step- tutorial-for-amazon-web-services/ http://whatiscomingtomyhead.wordpress.c om/2010/11/24/absolute-first-step- tutorial-for-amazon-web-services/ 1. Sign up to Amazon AWS 2. Create an EC2 machine with Linux 3. Connect and install Apache Web Server 4. Test the Apache Web Server's Home Page Submit the URL of your Apache Web server in the AWS cloud.

29  Create a simple application in C#, Java, PHP or other language to upload / download a file in Amazon S3. Follow these tutorials: 1. atest/gsg/ atest/gsg/ 2. atest/dev/UploadInSingleOp.html atest/dev/UploadInSingleOp.html 3. atest/dev/GettingObjectsUsingAPIs.html atest/dev/GettingObjectsUsingAPIs.html

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