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Musica: The Music Plaza R91922001 黃振修 R91922015 羅婉琪 R91922034 林弘德 R91922035 葉人豪.

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1 Musica: The Music Plaza R91922001 黃振修 R91922015 羅婉琪 R91922034 林弘德 R91922035 葉人豪

2 Company Overview Musica is a kind of B2C E-tailer. We sell high-quality and legal MP3 in attractive prices for our customers. Our feature: Safe, Fast and Easy Pay once, download anytime Nice pricing Copyright protection

3 Business model Revenue Model Sales revenue model Advertising model Market definition People who are able to listen MP3s and have access to the Internet. We focus on online music serving because MP3’s popularity. Most of them on Internet are illegal while we provide the legal solution. People used to spend lots of time finding their songs. In Musica, you can do it easily. We save your time and effort.

4 Competitors – Kuro (1/2) “Kuro 音樂瀏覽器 ” 飛行網 (

5 Competitors – Kuro (2/2) Charge: 99 NT dollars per month for downloading MP3s without any limits and using all the functionalities in the Kuro application. Pay: Fees are charged alone with their mobile phone or ADSL bills. Credit card is also acceptable. Functionalities: Search, Browse, Talk, Make friends, Play music, Burn CD Others: Users have their account and password, each account can not be used on two computer at the same time. After downloading, users listen those music by the Kuro application.

6 Competitors – iTunes (1/2) "iTunes" Apple Computer Inc. (

7 Competitors – iTunes (2/2) Charge: User can buy an album or only the songs they want. And once they buy the music, they own it — no complicated rules, no clubs to join, and no monthly fees. If they like a song, they buy it for just 99 cents, and it downloads directly to their music library in seconds. Functionalities: Sync with iPod, Import CDs, Browse and Search, Burn CDs, Previews Others: Use AAC (Mpeg4 format) Have a Music Sharing feature that uses Rendezvous to give you remote streaming access to your personal music library from any room in your house.

8 Competitive Advantage Cross platform: System available to all W3C HTML compatible platforms Cross platform: Content available to all MP3 compatible players Pay once, download anytime Copyright protection by digital signature watermarking Ranking and dynamic pricing

9 PayPal IPN User Database Session User Profile Module LoginRegister CreditProfile Functionality Search/ListOrder Trial ListenDownload Database DescriptionOrder MP3 storage Ranking System Site Architecture watermarking Dynamic ranking With all the modules, dynamic pricing is easy to implement!

10 Our Features (1/2) Buy music online. After purchasing, user has rights to download the MP3 anytime, anywhere, forever. Provide online trial listening with widely used player: WinAMP. Dynamic ranking, searching, browsing. Each download copy is signed with user’s email address by watermarking technology so its unique. Integrated with famous online payment system: PayPal, allowing user to pay online with credit card.

11 Our Features (2/2) Features we proposed, but not implemented due to the timing issue: Dynamic pricing The more the song sold, the less you pay for it. Music library via streaming Streaming your purchase everywhere through Internet For these features above, they’re applicable under our architecture and adopted technology.

12 Demonstration

13 Technology Apache ( mod_deflate is adopted PHP ( MySQL ( amp-0.7.6 The MP3 watermarking is based on amp, which is a Unix command line MP3 player. PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) ( bin/webscr?cmd=p/xcl/rec/ipn-intro-outside) bin/webscr?cmd=p/xcl/rec/ipn-intro-outside

14 Compressing HTTP contents HTTP contents can be compressed using Content- Encoding 85% of web hits are text only, and compress them will reduce 71% bandwidth Currently there’re two most widely adopted modules: mod_deflate (built-in Apache2 module) mod_gzip ziped content

15 MP3 Streaming The MP3 streaming technology is used to serve as online trial listening The MP3 streaming is achieved with WinAmp via HTTP protocol. When receiving user’s request, the server returns a play-list with proper content-type so that the client WinAmp can handle this play-list and do the streaming work. Theoretically, only 16 KB/s bandwidth is required to hear a 128 kBits MP3 music.

16 MP3 Watermarking A string with 128 bytes can be embedded in each MP3 file downloaded by user We “signed” the target MP3 with user’s email address, and it’s embedded real-time. If any illegal copy is found, we can check the watermark to find out who has distributed this MP3. We claim that the watermark is not easy for common end- user to remove it, and since its real-time embedding approach, we can change the algorithm frequently. And the watermarked MP3 do not need specific player, its general acceptable. User has his right to choose his player. (It’s very important since changing can be painful)

17 PayPal IPN Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is PayPal's interface for handling real-time purchase confirmation and server-to-server communications.

18 Viewpoint (1/2) In our opinion, with the IT technology growth, the traditional way of music selling in this industry should be changed to stay in profit. Apple iTune has proved that selling music online is possible. Through the dynamic property of Internet, the dynamic ranking / pricing is easy to achieve comparing to the traditional way. The content provider may have better interaction with their customers through the online community.

19 Viewpoint (2/2) The basic unit of music is changed from CD title to single entity and consumers have more freedom to choose. They’re not forced to buy those songs they don’t like now. Users should pay more respect for the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR related issues remain critical).

20 What we made? In our term project we've made an E- Commerce website with: Member system to register and update profile Payment system via PayPalR Search and browse for music content Purchase and download music content Ranking for our download hits and to include foreign rankings

21 What’s different? Our system is different to others with these features: Dynamic pricing, even feedback Pay once download anytime Online preview without charging Digital signature (i.e., Watermarking) System available to all W3C HTML compatible platforms Content available to all MP3 compatible players

22 Future works For future work we have these ideas: Customized CD Burning Advertisements Co-operate more with sites selling non-MP3 medias like CD

23 ~ The End ~

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