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The AwesomO mp3 “The Swiss Army Knife of mp3 Players”

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1 The AwesomO mp3 “The Swiss Army Knife of mp3 Players”
Critical Design Review The AwesomO Corporation: Mike Sells Terrance Sample Greg Russo Kevin Landin Jason Taylor

2 Main Goal Our main goal is to build a fully functional mp3 player that not only plays music, but also includes features not seen on current mp3 players.

3 Primary Objectives Audio Playback Capabilities User Interface Buttons
Mp3 Decoding Headphone Port User Interface Buttons Play & Stop Next Song & Previous Song On/Off Switch Temp Switch Flashlight Button Volume Control LCD Display Display Song & Artist Information Display Song Clock Compact Flash Storage USB 1.1 Interface File Transfer Interface between player and PC

4 Secondary Objectives High-Intensity LED Flashlight Digital Thermometer
Display Temp on LCD Implement FPGA Simplifies Logic Design Process Easily Modified for Debugging Mp3 Digital Voice Recording Encode mp3 Files From Microphone Input Touch Screen Interface on LCD to Perform Button Functions (i.e. Play) FM Transmitter Output Music to an FM Radio Frequency

5 Basic Hardware Diagram
Temp Sensor USB TX/RX To PC Temp. Previous Record Volume + Volume - Priority Encoder Play/Pause Stop Next Mic XT Reset PB CLK RST A/D CompactFlash LCD Mp3 Decoder FM Trans. D/A PA PC PD PE PIC18F452 DATA[0:7] I2C Control Bus ADDR[0:2] To Ears To Eyes SPI High Intensity LED Flashlight with Dual Action Switch ON/OFF


7 8-Bit Microcontroller PIC18LF452
Key Features: Internal Flash Memory – 32kb program memory/ 1.5kb RAM 8 Channel 10 bit ADC 34 In/Out Data Channels (5 Ports A-E) I2C / 3-wire SPI/ EUSART Serial Port Interfaces C compiler optimized Ideal for low power applications Supported by PIC start plus and visualization programmer

8 PIC18LF452 Schematic

9 Mp3 Decoder/Encoder STA015
Decodes mp3 files into stereo, mono, or digital format and extracts ID3 tag info Encodes an external audio source into mp3 format Digital volume, bass, and treble controls Supports I2C and SPI interfaces for communications with the PIC Uses low power CMOS technology for portable applications

10 STA015 Schematic To D/A

11 CS43L42 D/A Converter Built in headphone amplifier
2 Extra audio output lines for use by the FM transmitter 24-bit precision Digital bass and treble boost From mp3 Decoder

12 I2C/SPI Timing Diagrams

13 CompactFlash Storage 8-bit Data Transfers to Conserve Pins
Using Memory Mode for Addressing

14 Software Interface PIC Main Buttons FAT 16 Mp3 LCD USB CF D/A


16 FM Transmitter MAX2606 Designed specifically for wireless communications systems Can be tuned to frequencies between 70 and 150Mhz Provides a secondary output channel Perfect for using mp3 player in a car or over a home stereo

17 MAX2606 Schematic

18 FTDI USB Controller Will allow device to interface with a PC for downloading files to the CompactFlash card at slow speeds Data rate of 12Mb/s Uses RX/TX pins from serial interface on PIC Host side drivers available for main stream operating systems

19 FTDI USB Schematic

20 LCD Display Size is 20x2 dot matrix LCD character display.
Controller is built in using a port on the PIC. LCD will display song and artist name using ID3 tag. LCD will also display track time and temperature.

21 LCD Schematic

22 High-Intensity LED Flashlight
Another useful tool that will increase marketability, commonly seen on key chains – so why not on an mp3 player? Even simpler to implement, can be wired as a separate circuit

23 Digital Thermometer Everyone wants to know what the temperature is outside, making this a very useful marketing tool Simple circuitry, can easily be monitored by the PIC To PIC

24 Milestones Milestone I Milestone II Expo
Basic interfacing with Compact Flash Ability to read data Milestone II Mp3 playback User interface software implemented Expo Complete working “swiss army knife” of mp3 players! Non-essential hardware implemented

25 Projected Schedule

26 Divisions of Labor Kevin: Compact Flash Greg: LCD Display
John: Mp3 Decoder/Encoder Mike: USB Jason: Mp3 Decoder/Encoder All: Software & Documentation

27 Parts List & Cost Total $183.62 Processor: PIC18F452
Mp3 Decoder: STA015T FM Transmitter: MAX2606 D/A: CS43L42 LCD: CFAH2002A-RMI-JT Temp. Sensor: TC1047 USB Chip: FT232BM Volt Level Shifter: 74LVC4245 8-3 Line Priority Encoder: SN54HC148 Mic Amp: MAX9813L High Intensity LED CompactFlash Card PCB (2-layer) Res., Caps., Connectors, etc. $11.88 $19.30 $ 0.90 $ 5.87 $25.00 $ 0.88 $ 5.20 $ 0.39 $ 0.55 $ 0.70 $20.00 $19.95 $33.00 $40.00 Total $183.62

28 Questions?

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