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America Goes Forth. Explain how can you best get along with your neighbors.

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1 America Goes Forth

2 Explain how can you best get along with your neighbors

3 The U.S. has to rethink foreign policy strategy Prior strategy: Neutrality in world affairs Monroe Doctrine (1823) U.S. won’t allow Europeans to reestablish colonies in the Americas

4 TR was an ardent nationalist Disciple of Mahan’s theories of Naval supremacy Promoted Imperialism

5 West African Proverb “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick Use the military to meet foreign policy aims The Navy as the “Big Stick” Panama and the Canal Zone

6 Latin American nations in debt to Europeans Europeans threatened to intervene U.S. occupied several nations to force repayment The U.S. reserved the right to intervene in Latin American affairs

7 Trained as a lawyer Served as a federal judge Military Governor of the Philippines

8 Use trade and investment in conducting policy U.S. firms invest heavily into Latin America Look to the U.S. to protect investments U.S. uses economic pressure to meet aims


10 Son and grandson of Presbyterian ministers Trained as an academic President of Princeton University Governor of New Jersey

11 U.S. to set an example to the world Set a moral tone to policies Promote democracy in Latin America Self-government in the Philippines Voting rights in Puerto Rico

12 Moral Diplomacy tested by Mexico 1913: Mexican government overthrown by Huerta Huerta promised to protect U.S. investments Wilson refused to recognize the Huerta regime U.S. lent support to Carranza in 1914 Huerta fled the country

13 In a short response of one to two sentences, describe one important thing learned in class today.

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