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The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls NEW KS3 Grades.

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1 The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls NEW KS3 Grades

2 1. Assessment Pupils have assessments and tests in every subject There are end of year examinations in some subjects Assessments/examinations/tests help the teachers find out what the pupils can and can’t do. After an assessment the teacher will give your child ways to help you do better next time.

3 2. Current Attainment KS3 From September 2014 the school will use new current attainment grades for Years 7 & 8 for assessments in all subjects Grade D1Distinction 1 D2Distinction 2 D3Distinction 3 M1Merit 1 M2Merit 2 M3Merit 3 P1Pass 1 P2Pass 2 P3Pass 3

4 3. New Targets At KS3 a pupil’s new targets are based on their KS2 results. KS2 ResultOld KS3 Target Grade New KS3 Target Grade D1 D2 68D3 57M1 46M2 35M3 24P1 P2 P3

5 4. KS3 > KS4 The KS3 current attainment grades and targets lead on to KS4 KS4 grades are changing from the old system of A*- G to 9 – 1. New KS3 Target Grade Old GCSE Grade New GCSE Grade D19 D2A*8 D3A7 M1B6 M2C5 M3D4 P1E3 P2F2 P3G1

6 4. Marking KS3 Teachers use comment only marking. They mark the work regularly using RED pen. Pupils receive clear, constructive and detailed feedback as to what they have done well, how they can improve, make progress and how they should manage their own work. Pupils should respond to this feedback using a GREEN pen – My Response Is (MRI) Teacher marks/assesses work regularly Feedback is given to student Student acts upon feedback Teacher checks that students has made progress Teacher sets work for student to complete

7 5.Reports KS3 All pupils receive three reports a year – two interims and one full. Parents can view their child’s reports on the Sims Learning Gateway – make sure you can log in. There is a link to the SLG from the school website. SubjectCurrent AttainmentTarget Grade EnglishMerit3Merit2 MathematicsMerit2Merit1 ScienceMerit2Merit1

8 Any questions? Contact the school:

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