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Customer Service: P2.

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1 Customer Service: P2

2 P2: Explain how customers form their expectations of customer service in the aviation industry.

3 Expectations There are many different types of expectation and ways of forming them: Subjective Through media influences Perceived standards Previous experience

4 Subjective Subjective refers to feelings, beliefs or expectations which are not formed through experience or independent thought. In other words - these are the expectations we have - but can’t say exactly how we got them!

5 Subjective expectations
As subjective expectations of customer service (for a particular airline for example) are not formed from experience or research they may not be realistic. An example could be flying from an airport you have never been to – but presume there will be lots of facilities

6 If the organisation does not meet these expectations it may disappoint the customer and prevent them using the company again. It is also possible to exceed these expectations making the customer feel even happier! This could lead to free advertising if they tell friends

7 Finding out what customer expectations are
There are a number of ways aviation companies use to test what customers expectations are, including: On-board feedback forms Focus groups

8 Media Influences Media influence:
The media influences customer expectations in a number of ways including: Advertising Documentaries e.g. Airline Consumer programmes e.g watchdog Internet reviews e.g trip advisor

9 Advertising Allows the company to show the facilities and services they offer It is important that the company offers the customer service they advertise – if not this could lead to disappointed passengers or action against the company

10 In groups look at an airline to see what facilities and services they provide for customers.
e.g. In flight entertainment Explain what standard of customer service you would expect from the Airline based on the website and other advertising

11 Poster Presentation Present the information you have found and your expectations in a poster presentation.

12 Perceived standards People have ideas of the standards they expect from an aviation company these can come from advertising, word of mouth, internet reviews. Complete the worksheet and write what your perceived expectations of the customer service standards of the company are.

13 It is important that companies ‘don’t over promise and under deliver’
Have a look at the BA customer reviews and find one where the customer believes the company have not met their perceived customer service standard – think about how this made them feel/ what impact do you think it would have had?

14 Previous Experience If a passenger has travelled with a company before they will expect the same standard of customer service again – if they don’t receive this it may cause them to look for another airline to travel with. This is why it is important for companies and employees to ensure they are consistently giving high standards of customer service.

15 Previous Experience of other companies
If a passenger has travelled with another company they may expect similar levels of customer service and will be comparing any difference. It is important that companies are monitoring competitors to ensure they are offering an high level of customer service in order to retain customers.

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