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Mukhtar Ahmed Irene Chandra Shalini Seema Shaveen Lata.

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1 Mukhtar Ahmed Irene Chandra Shalini Seema Shaveen Lata

2 Review Management Team Experience, financial ability; solid knowledge of the aviation industry. Review Purpose Vision, Mission & Strategy Branding / Marketing Intelligent, progressive, and aggressive ‘The World Friendliest airline / the way the world should be ’ Review Operations Cut cuts Increase professionalism Improve efficiency – operational standard Concentration on safety, highly trained, dedicated, and professional personnel. Training Meet service Level commitments Align with company goals Multi-tasking

3 Consistently higher level of service Lives up to its marketing commitments Fulfills the promise of a high level of service, Focus on customer satisfaction, convenience, and safety, at a reasonable, highly competitive fare Improve Packages Competitively priced packages (Tourism /Backpackers) Improve and increase Co- ordination Better collaboration between teams Better communication Improve relationship with local partners (ATS/Courier/Logistic company and other industry players) Partnership Preferred partners Packages for Backpackers Hoteliers / Sports /Govt / Education / Business Industries / Succession Planning Expatriates costs more.

4 Explorer New Markets Align with other industries in Fiji Exploit Hub of the Pacific opportunities Service other busy routes on demand (Add more routes) Loyalty Program Improve and expand Tabua Class Fuel Subsidize / Partnerships / Cost Savings Fleet Improvements Replace aging fleets Inflight entertainments Seats Food Routes Improvement Better flight times Better routes Pro-activeness Checking flight details online for delays and schedules to avoid cost of accommodation and allocations. Proactive reminder to customers.

5 Live Feed Entertainment (Innovative Idea) A buy on board meal service programbuy on board Fun and friendly staff and light-hearted attitude (Is Air Pac an original or copy cat ? New destinations & Alliances - with Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Improve fleets – ‘’WestJet now has leather seats, seat-back TV screens and competes against Air Canada for business travelers.’’ Flight points card & redemption programme– ‘’We'll have a competitive loyalty program. The more you spend, the better your reward rate is ‘’ Corporate culture - We will do code-sharing with a partner that has the best corporate culture, that allows us not to dilute the low-cost model that we have.

6 High seating density and load factors Uniform aircraft types (usually the 737-300) Direct booking (internet/call centre - no sales commissions). No frills such as “free” food/drinks, lounges or ‘air miles’ Simple systems of yield management (pricing) Use of secondary airports to cut charges and turnaround times Low cost carriers are renowned for cheap fares Cheap fare offers are heavily publicised Seats sold first-come first-served, so passengers get cheaper fares by booking earlier; The airline can also adjust the price bands if demand is greater or less than expected


8 » The Rob Interview: : WestJet files new initiatives in flight plan

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