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E-Business for Airlines Unit 11

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1 E-Business for Airlines Unit 11

2 Part A P1 – P2 – M1 – D1 Types of e-business
Current e-technology used by airlines Impacts of e-business on airlines Benefits of e-business for airline customers

3 Definition of e-Business
e- Business (electronic business) is in its simplest form, the conduct of business on the internet. It is a more generic term than e- commerce because it refers to not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners.

4 Business to Consumer

5 Promotions

6 Advertising Virgin Atlantic advertisement- what do you think?

7 Bookings How is it used?

8 Travel Information How is e-business used to provide travel information?

9 Live arrival and departure information
Health advice for passengers Terminal information Airline facilities Latest worldwide travel news Let’s look at Book Flights, Holidays, Hotels, Car Rental with British Airways

10 Business to Business

11 E-Procurement What does procurement mean to you?
Procurement is the action of obtaining goods or services for a business

12 What sort of goods and services does an airline need to procure in order to run efficiently?
LIST In pairs, make a list of goods and services that an airline will need to procure to run efficiently.

13 E-Procurement Electronic methods are used at every stage of procurement: Advertising contracts Managing contracts Evaluating tenders Paying suppliers

14 Benefits of E-Procurement
Reduces paperwork and increases efficiency Helps to process orders more quickly Speeds up payment

15 Advertising Cheap Flights - Book cheap flights to Europe with Ryanair
Why is this of benefit to businesses? Marketing opportunity Reaches mass market Immediate impact

16 In-Flight Internet Access

17 In recent years airlines have had to keep up with emerging technologies and the demand for doing business 24/7. Singapore Airlines British Airways LCY-JFK only (OnAir technology) British Airways - Club World London City: On-board connectivity

18 Current e-Technology used by Airlines

19 Hardware PC’s Laptops Tablets

20 Internet Email Websites Web pages
Can you think ways in which airlines use these?

21 For internal communications
For external communications eg – procurement Marketing Bookings Hyperlinks for customers eg- car hire, etc Informing customers eg- promotions

22 Mobile Phones Smartphones Text applications Can you think how an
airline might use these to their benefit for staff and customers?

23 Social Networking Twitter Facebook Blogs

24 In pairs, through research, find a scheduled airline, a charter airline and a low cost airline that use social networking to conduct business and feedback to the rest of the group.

25 Self Check-In

26 What are the benefits of self check-in to:
Passengers Airlines

27 Barcode readers In what ways are these used in an airport?

28 Scanning boarding passes
Scanning passports Baggage

29 Benefits : Security reasons Speed Organisation

30 For Next Lesson Make a start on P1 – all points must include airline examples to support your assignment. Any questions, please ask me or me if I’m not around. We will look at: Impacts of e-business on airlines Benefits of e-business for airline customers

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