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I love my e-portfolio learning log

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1 I love my e-portfolio learning log

2 Potential functions of a learning log
An electronic note book to record events /learning/learning needs/keep stuff To encourage (life long) reflective practice To record learning needs To allow planning of future learning To pump-prime a PDP To provide information on curriculum coverage Used by the Educational Supervisor and is part of WPBA

3 Rough guide to reflection
Stuff happens We reflect Changes in: Knowledge Skills Attitudes Stuff happens differently

4 What sort of stuff shall we reflect on?
Events Learning Feelings

5 Barriers to reflection
No time No motivation Too much self esteem/ infallibility Too dogmatic/ inflexible Feelings of inadequacy/ loss of respect

6 Task one Help John and Lisa reflect on changes to knowledge, skills or attitudes that may change the way that stuff happens.

7 How do we plan SMART learning?
Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time limited

8 Task 2 Help Alex formulate some SMART learning objectives

9 Task 2 continued Use the learning log entries that you have brought to write some SMART learning objectives.

10 What makes a good learning log entry?
Concise, think note book not text book The entry provides evidence of reflective practice A plan of action is stated Learning needs are expressed in SMART form The chosen curriculum linkage is correct

11 Task 3 Look at the learning log entries and sort them into order of merit Describe why you have chosen your first choice Suggest how one of the less good entries could be improved

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