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Developing the Teaching Portfolio Carol Tresolini, Ph.D. Office of Educational Development.

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1 Developing the Teaching Portfolio Carol Tresolini, Ph.D. Office of Educational Development

2 Objectives Describe the purposes of teaching portfolios Identify required elements of a teaching portfolio Identify sources of information and data for inclusion in a portfolio

3 Why Teaching Portfolios? Institutional accountability Facilitation of promotion processes Source of information for c.v. Individual growth Career assessment and planning

4 Portfolio TypesWorking portfolio –For development/improvement of practiceSummative portfolio –For promotion and tenure decisions

5 Portfolios in Promotion and Tenure Decisions: Areas of Excellence* Leadership of educational programs Quality of teaching, judged by peers Quality of teaching, judged by learners Innovation and scholarship in education National reputation as a teacher Extent of participation in teaching (*Aim: excellence in at least two of six)

6 Portfolio Contents Reflective statement Documentation of teaching and teaching-related activities Materials of teaching (working portfolio only!) Evaluation of teaching –By peers –By learners

7 What Is the Reflective Statement? Key orienting and organizing element Lynchpin for the portfolio argument –What are your opportunities for excellence? Annotation for the evidence and materials presented in the portfolio

8 Planning the Reflective Statement Consider… …teaching philosophy …teaching goals …teaching roles and responsibilities …self-assessment …teaching strengths …plans for improvement

9 Writing the Reflective Statement Answer these questions in 3 pages or less: –What are my teaching roles and responsibilities? –Who are my students/learners? –What are their roles and responsibilities? –How do I teach? –Why do I teach as I do? –What do I expect my learners will achieve as a result of my teaching? –How have I improved/how will I improve?

10 Documenting Teaching: Include All of the Tasks of Teaching Course and curriculum design and development Teaching: large groups, small groups, individuals Assessing learning and teaching Improving instruction Professional development Conducting educational research or program evaluation (grants?) Advising and/or mentoring Educational administration

11 Documenting Teaching List chronologically For each task, concisely describe: –the learners involved (who, how many?) –the content (what?) –the activities involved (how?) –frequency or intensity (when?)

12 The Materials of Teaching Only for the working portfolio! Include samples of: –materials from oneself –materials from others –products of teaching –other evidence

13 Evaluation Data: Evidence of Competence and Excellence Include a summary of: –Peer assessments Quantitative ratings plus comments or Letters from colleagues –Student assessments Ratings of various aspects of teaching Summarize ratings for each course Summary of narrative comments –Systematic self-assessments

14 Evidence of Competence and Excellence: An Expanded View Student outcomes –Performance: knowledge, skills, attitudes –Career paths Institutional outcomes –Curriculum development and change

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