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MUSC Honor Code Lindsay Avery MUSC COP Honor Council President August 19, 2014.

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1 MUSC Honor Code Lindsay Avery MUSC COP Honor Council President August 19, 2014

2 Overview  Importance of the MUSC Honor Code  University Honor Council Organization  Specific Violations  Suspected Honor Code Violations

3 MUSC Honor Code “The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) strives for the total development of the student into a professional. When entering MUSC, students become part of a much larger professional community and therefore are expected to uphold the moral integrity and ethical standards of their profession. ” -MUSC Honor Code Preamble MUSC Honor Council Webpage:

4 Importance of the Honor Code  MUSC Honor Council created and SOLELY administered by students  Professional obligation you assume as an MUSC student in preparation of becoming a licensed professional  Responsibility as a student to monitor who joins your chosen life work

5 Honor Council Organization  University Honor Council  Chair (SGA VP of Academic Affairs), Office of Student Diversity, Student Programs, University Counsel, Staff Support and Recorder  Each College’s Honor Council President and Faculty Advisor  Meets at least once a semester  College of Pharmacy Honor Council  Faculty Advisor  Faculty Representatives  President, Vice President, Secretary  3 Representatives from each class

6 Honor Council Organization College of Pharmacy Honor Council Advisor: Dr. Shannon Drayton President: Lindsay Avery (P3) Vice President: Shabree Roberson (P3) Secretary: Caitlin Smith (P2)

7 Honor Council Organization (COP) P4 Class Representatives: Katherine Kinlaw, Connolly Pigott, Jordan Miller P3 Class Representatives: Shabree Roberson, Anthony DeClue, Lindsay Avery P2 Class Representatives: Erna Kukik, Bruce Lester, Caitlin Smith P1 Class Representatives: TBD (Voted on at beginning of Spring Semester) Faculty Representatives: Dr. Don Wiest, Dr. Jennifer Schnellman

8 Honor Code Violations  The University Honor Code solely addresses academic policies  Does not encompass student conduct outside of the academic arena  Other conduct codes that every MUSC student must adhere to (see MUSC and SCCP student handbooks for more info):  MUSC Arrest Policy  MUSC Drug and Alcohol Policy  Professional Behavior (i.e. Professionalism committee)

9 Specific Violations  Specific Examples of Honor Code Violations  Plagiarism  Lying of any kind (false testimony at an Honor Council hearing)  Receiving supplemental help on graded project  Cheating of any kind on a graded test or quiz (INCLUDING CLICKERS!!!) “ The foundation of the Honor Code depends entirely upon the willingness of every individual to adhere to the basic principles of honesty and agree never to lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. Students or faculty who believe that a breach of the Honor Code has occurred are obligated to report the suspected breach to their college’s Honor Council. A breach of the Honor Code is a serious offense. Such a violation is an affront to each of us independently as well as collectively.”

10 Suspected Violations  One of the hardest things that is expected of you as a student is to report dishonest conduct of a fellow student  This responsibility is put in place to ensure that your hard work, the reputation of your college and your chosen profession will not suffer because of the dishonest conduct from a fellow student

11 Honor Code Violation Reporting  If you witness an Honor Code Violation, it is your duty to report it!....Choosing not to report it is a violation!  “ The failure to report any violation of this Honor Code or the withholding of evidence pertinent to any case under investigation”  Report the violation to: Honor Council Representative or Honor Council President, Honor Council Faculty Advisor, a faculty member, the Dean’s Office, etc.  Formal charges may or may not be brought forth  You WILL NOT be able to remain anonymous if we convene a formal hearing

12 The Process 1.Written formal charges brought forth by accuser 2.Honor Council President initiates investigation 3.Notification Conference 4.Formal Hearing  Within 10 days of written charges 5.Deliberations, decision, recommendation of sanctions to COP Dean 6.Appeal

13 Questions? Email me!

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