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EGNATIA VAE Cross-Border Vertical Axes of Entrepreneurship in support of youth and women.

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1 EGNATIA VAE Cross-Border Vertical Axes of Entrepreneurship in support of youth and women

2 AIMS OF THE EGNATIA VAE PROJECT: – the increase and revitalization of business activities, specially of those in border regions relatively remoted from major urban and economic centers – the human recourses' upgrading, as a valuable mean for the enhancement of employability conditions & the sustainable economic development

3 – the integration of innovation in the business sector, through both networking between academic and business support institutions and the introduction of mechanisms and tools of business management and innovation support – Support alternative forms of entrepreneurship that cope with the reinforcement of local economies and the enhancement of socio- economic life's quality.

4 – Focus on special vulnerable social groups of the population (unemployed, youth, women), aiming at enhancing their equal opportunities in employment and entrepreneurship, through specialized training and the development of innovative business actions, tailored to their own distinctive needs

5 Partners Leader partner: University of Macedonia P2: Decentralized Administration of Macedonia- Thrace P3: Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry P4: South West University ‘Neofit Rilsky’ P5: Blagoevgrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry

6 WORK PACKAGES AND WORK DONE SO FAR: Work Package 1: – Preparation activities: Done – Project coordination meetings: On-going – Project management: Ongoing – Scientific coordination: Ongoing

7 WP 2: INFORMATIONA AND PUBLICITY Communication Plan: Input by LP given to P2. CP in print by P2. P4 translates CP in Bulgarian language. Multilingual Project Communication Package: LP plans and designs the Newsletter in two languages (GR & ENGL). P2 is responsible for the package’s planning, art and design. P4 has 10 entries in local mass media.

8 PROMOTIONAL EVENTS: P4: Study visit in Bulgaria: Done LP: Study visit in Greece: Done Mid-conference(P4): TODAY Final conference (P2): To be done (spring 2013)

9 WP3: STRATEGIC INTERVENTION PLAN Innovative Bussiness Initiatives Proposals (LP & P4): Done Bussinness Situation Analysis: Done

10 WP4: CROSS-BORDER TRAINING PROGRAMMES Training programmes’ planning and development (LP: One 200h seminar): Done Educational material development: Done LP Training programmes’ implementation: Finishes first week of March

11 WP5: ENTERPRENEURSHIP CONSULTING AND SUPPORT CENTERS Enterpreneurship centers’ development (P3 & P5) Face to face mentoring services (LP responsible for overall co-ordination): LP starts Monday March 4, 2013

12 Tele-consulting services (LP responsible for overall co-ordination). LP starts tele- consulting on April 15, 2013 Specialized entrepreneurship portal: In full function (

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