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“Web-based Greek Language Courses for Bulgarian Learners and Entrepreneurs” ILSP/”Athena” R.C., 2013.

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1 “Web-based Greek Language Courses for Bulgarian Learners and Entrepreneurs” ILSP/”Athena” R.C., 2013

2 Brief project description Priority axis 3: Competitiveness & Human Resources Specific objective 3.3: Promotion of Cooperation between research, technological and academic institutions and business organizations Duration: 26 months (start date: 14/3/2011, end date: 14/5/2013) Objectives:  to invest on human capital and on ICT and new technologies in order to break language barriers and facilitate cross-border communication and economic transactions by developing a highly interactive e-learning platform for Bulgarian learners of Modern Greek  to establish networks of cooperation across national boundaries  to develop highly specialized human resources in the field of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)  to link the educational and the business sector Target groups:  Bulgarian learners of Greek (General Greek) Level: beginners (A1-A2)  Bulgarian entrepreneurs (Greek for specific purposes/Business Greek) Level: intermediate (B1-B2)  Possible extension possibilities into larger population groups: Bulgarian immigrants in Greece

3 Partners ILSP/”Athena” R.C. (LP)-Xanthi South-West University “Neofit Rilski”-Blagoevgrad (P2)

4 Innovations Use of Bulgarian as support language Integration of language tools in the platform to facilitate second language acquisition Combination of language learning with culture learning Combination of language with technology literacy Ability to easily add any other support language (apart from Bulgarian) Accessibility to visually impaired people (Text-to-Speech technologies)

5 Users Learners – Greek language students in class guided instruction (by the language teacher) – Autonomous language learners the system acts as tutor (spots errors, corrects them and provides feedback) Teachers

6 Basic structure of the courses General Greek 20 units Business Greek 20 units CommunicationVocabulary CultureGrammar Web 2.0 tools Language tools Language resources

7 e-learning platform

8 WPsACTIONSPARTNERS INVOLVED WP1. Management and Coordination 1.1. Preparation ActionsLP, P2 1.2. Project Management LP 1.3. Project Coordination MeetingsLP, P2 WP2. Information & Publicity 2.1. Information & Dissemination ActionsLP, P2 WP3. User needs analysis 3.1. User needs analysis for general GreekP2 3.2. User needs analysis for business GreekP2 WP4. Design of the web-based platform 4.1. Theoretical framework of the coursesLP, P2 4.2. Linguistic and pedagogical specificationsLP, P2 4.3. Technical and functional specificationsLP WP5. Implementation of the web-based platform 5.1. Implementation of the platformLP 5.2. Development of the language and culture materialLP, P2 5.3. Adaptation of the language tools and development of the multimedia material LP 5.4. Integration of the material and internal quality controlLP, P2 WP6. Teacher-training seminars, pilot application and evaluation 6.1. Teacher-training methodology and materialLP, P2 6.2. Teacher-training seminarsLP, P2 6.3. Pilot application of the platform and evaluationLP, P2 6.4. Corrections based on evaluation findingsLP

9 Timetable

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