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Pig – P4 (a to d) Higher.

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1 Pig – P4 (a to d) Higher

2 Explain what happens to the cloth and the rod when they are rubbed together? (3 marks)

3 Why is static a danger when a plane refuels? (2 points)

4 How is a defibrillator used to restart the heart (3 points)

5 How does a paint sprayer use static electricity, including one advantage (4 points)

6 How is the smoke removed from the chimney smoke (3)

7 Correctly name the wires and their job in the plug

8 Name two uses of ultrasound, other than body scans? (2 marks)

9 How does a fuse work? (2)

10 Which letter shows amplitude and which letter shows wavelength?

11 How does an ultrasound work? (3 points)

12 Which shows a longitudinal wave and what is an area of rarefaction in a sound wave?

13 How do the earth wire and fuse combine to stop you getting an electric shock
Live wire Neutral wire Earth wire

14 If an appliance is double –insulated it does not need an earth wire why?

15 How does a variable resistor affect the current in a circuit?

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